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  1. Sun coming out in the far south now already up to 23C. Clearing quicker than forecast. @DaveL it looks like your station record of 31.8C is seriously under threat on Saturday - looks like a full day of northeasterly winds.
  2. Yes, as you say, maintaining an offshore wind seems to be the key to really high temperatures here, rather than the intensity of the heatwave. If I remember correctly the other time it got to 31.8C, we weren't in a particularly hot airmass, but just under high pressure with a northeasterly wind. Southamptonweather.co.uk also recorded an all time high today (since 2008), so we weren't alone (even though that station horribly overestimates sometimes!)
  3. Do you run Locks Heath NW by any chance? I always look at that station as it seems to be the only accurate one near Whiteley - those numbers look very familiar! I believe today was the hottest morning (any month) as well as the hottest June day in the station's history.
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