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  1. It's this years buzzword - last years was "shortwave" ;-)
  2. Sorry Ian, but that is simply not true and is very misleading.
  3. GFS blows up the odd superstorm or three in FI so no luck this time.....well until the 18z when it can have another go with its RPG (random pressure generator).
  4. Have you ever seen the build up to a Scandinavian High before? This is what often happens synoptically where the winds are mild southerlies for a time until they move gradually east of south.At this time of year, once any winds come from the continent, we'll start to cool down.
  5. Ahh found it, it's the drop down menu at the top right of the page...manage ignore users just enter his name.

  6. I have no idea I'm afraid I'd like to know too...you can try adding him as a friend...lol!

  7. Yes that PE is really good at taking the left trouser leg lol.

  8. Where is the ignore button?

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