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  1. Lucas

    Tour 2 2019

    Hi guys, I'm not going on any tours this year so if this thread is only for people on tours feel free to tell me where I could post. I was following you last year almost every chase from the UK on my computer and had a few late nights watching radar and your live stream:-) I really like the fact I could see your live video and your live position together with the radar, feels like I was there with you, but obviously I'd love to try the real thing. I just want to ask if you don't mind, do you know about any publicly available radar (free of charge) that would show storm rotation (the storm relative Doppler winds)? I assume there is no way in your map with the position of your vehicle to show this. The best radar I found is: https://www.weatherradioapp.com/imap-weather It shows if a storm rotates, but it's just a computer generated symbol that shows where a rotation was detected, but no actual Doppler Radar. I'd also love to join you next year if all goes well, the main problem for me in the last years was Uni and the fact that exams coincide with tornadoes, but I'm finishing this year (hopefully) so should be fine timewise for the next. Finances was other thing, but I'm making a savings plan for going stormchasing so want to ask how soon I'd have to book if I wanted to go next year and when is the deadline for full payment? Also, other than flights, ESTA, etc. are there any other costs while in the US and would $500 cash with me be enough to have for food, downdays, etc. or would you recommend more? (feel free to direct me to some FAQ page, etc. if this is all explained somewhere). I'm hoping to follow you online again this year. The only thing was that I'm having trouble loading your live stream. When I went to the live stream page (even at times when I thought you were chasing) it says "Event Has Been Deleted". I could see your posts, but no live video and your position is showing up in SW Kansas where I think you finished last year. Do I need to reset my browser somehow or is it just that you haven't been streaming this year? Anyway, fingers crossed for you and I hope you get many successful days and see loads of tornadoes!
  2. Thanks very much for all your answers! Would be great to see your live stream if you get it back up and running. Just wonder, if a chaser wanted to escape a tornado and the only escape route was to cross the border, could they get into trouble by just running through the border (if that's possible) and explaining why later on? Or would they be in serious trouble even if e.g. EF5 was there and the only option to get out of the way was crossing the border quick?
  3. Incredible videos!!! That's amazing you actually intercepted a tornado and the hail! I have two questions if I can ask here (feel free to direct me elsewhere as I don't want to disturb your chase description with unrelated questions). 1) Are you doing tours and is this website https://www.weatherholidays.com/stormchase-usa/book.html where I could book to travel with you (the tour that streams, posts the photos/videos here and is on the GPS tracker)? I know it may be too difficult to say, but what period is statistically best to see tornadoes? Is May better than June? How soon does the best tornado season get booked up? 2) Are you still streaming videos? I thought you weren't chasing for the last week as your GPS is still shown in Spearfish. I was watching the huge supercells on the border on radar yesterday and only just found you were chasing them. I couldn't access your live streaming at any time last week. Is it my computer or is the GPS not working? If not, is there some way like a discussion which may say at what time you may be streaming live? Sorry if I'm sending too many questions in the wrong place, wish you guys good luck and fingers crossed that you still get some good tornadoes if you are still chasing. Lucas
  4. I still see you in Jamestown, ND. Do I need to set my browser to follow you or is there -an issue with the radar tracker? I've been follwoing you for the last couple of days on the radar and it worked fine, but my Chrome updated and since then I see you as stationary.
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