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  1. Much fresher this morning at 9c with bright sunshine. two more calves in the field this morning.
  2. Another very humid day broken by a wall of very black cloud advancing from the NW in late afternoon with wet evening.Was a maximum of 21c in early afternoon. Fairly keeping the grass and clover growing.
  3. The humidity returned yesterday in time for the first autumn calf. Today was a bit fresher and just as sunny .Mrs Northernlights was working in the garden and I was servicing /cleaning tractors .
  4. Fallow still part of rules today but as my young agronomist said you can still see the farms in our area practising a rotation usually with grass /clover in it as their cereal crops came through the very cold spring and then the hot dry summer in much better condition. I am a bit of a dinosaur with an old fashioned 7 course rotation including fallow but one which this year has allowed threee cuts of grass without any artificial nitrogen on the grass.
  5. I wonder if this is what all the geese that came south in the last few days of August could sense. Quite a lot of farmers round the Firth commented on Twitter that they were three weeks early and they had never seen this before. On the other hand quite usual to see snow on high tops of Scottish mountains at the equinoxial gale time.
  6. Getting my leg pulled rotten by family tonight after Aurora Storm looked at my profile on here and saw I had a Maestro rating. They all think I will be stuck in the house with such a big head. Is this new as I hadn"t seen it before?
  7. Had a lazy sunday today after seeing all the animals and slept for most of it very deeply catching up on all of the broken sleep of last week Feeling much better for it this evening.
  8. Not much fresher this morning but very wet. At least the dust and biting insects will be less.Currently 16.5c
  9. Another broken nights sleep beckons with this humidity. Hope it turns fresher over the weekend.
  10. 36 hours now of thick fog and mist with patches of light rain. Very dreich but already 17.5c.
  11. Yes very humid and warm here today with lots of midges this evening. Cow with mastitis a result of all the flies around.Harvest drawing to close all round .Grass and clover growth absolutely astounding with a third cut likely off one field that was not grazed. Cattle very happy in the sun. Made it to 24c here too this afternoon. Been chatting to kids on phone out in the garden all evening in shirt slleves under the stars.
  12. Damp first thing this morning here too but a bit of a breeze got up from a southerly direction clearing mist and low cloud to give a bright afternoon with sunny intervels and 20c. My two big estate neighbours got their big combines going at lunch time and are still working as I type with cloud cover keeping the dew away. Looks like an early finish to harvest for everyone in Scotland if we get some more heat next week.
  13. Fine clear evening with the first wintry looking sunset of the autumn as patchy cloud comes in off the Firth from the north. More geese coming south too a really early start to their migration..Swallows /house martins begining to go too. Bare stubble fields just adding to the wintry look. Currently 12c Should have posted last night. This morning is clear and cold at 6c. Could be a ground frost in some of the sheltered glens just now.
  14. More geese heading south today taking advantage of the gentle northerly breeze,much better cooler conditions for physical work outside Also think we have more defined seasons this past year with an old fashioned cold Scottish spring and still believe part of it is due to less aircraft in the sky. Any breaks we get allow superb visbility to the north making it look and feel very autumnal .Tree leaves turning fast with the dry conditions.
  15. First geese heard this morning but not seen as they passed overhead in the low cloud. Cool and dull today mostly dry apart from a bit of drizzle now and then.Good day for weeding garden after harvest distraction.
  16. Finally lost the misty drizzly nights and today turned into a warm sunny afternoon allowing us to cut the last field of spring barley which was undersown with grass making it very slow to dry. Harvest 2021 is done in August. Maximum 17c
  17. Put this in the Scottish Thread Earlier today "Fabulous blue sky day now although barley grains still soft so no combining today . Just been speaking to my wintering sheep man in Skye and he was saying that they have had a better summer than 1976 and I had to say we are the same here. Not often the north of Scotland has the best summer weather.Currently 23c"
  18. Fabulous blue sky day now although barley grains still soft so no combining today . Just been speaking to my wintering sheep man in Skye and he was saying that they have had a better summer than 1976 and I had to say we are the same here. Not often the north of Scotland has the best summer weather.Currently 23c
  19. Sun tryed to come out here mid afternoonbut very humid and warm at 24c maximum. Harvest lice and midges in abundance but very little drying up going on with grass still wet from dew this morning.
  20. Yes April and May saw a lot of cold air from the Arctic coming down to us with a freezing gale on the 6th of April(-2c) damaging a lot of trees in bud. A very short growing season too with just over four months from sowing spring barley to harvest. Still think that a cooler northern hemisphere has a lot to do with lack of aircraft movement /ground based exhausts and the loss of the brown ring of pollution for over ayear at the edge of the earths atmosphere as after 9/11. ( Not popular I know even with Mrs Northernlights)
  21. Just for info we had an awful dry very cold April and wet cold May with lots of fresh snow on the mountains in both months.Cherries produced nothing with blossom frosted and most fruit trees have smaller crops Many trees had buds blackened in -2c gale around the 6th of April.But a switch was flicked about the 1st of June and we had a fabulous June and July (on a par with 1976 with only one overnight period of severe thundrstorms on the 27/28th July ) with drought eventually taking hold resulting in high quality hay and silage crops and this last week some high quality spring barley harvested. Neeps have developed long tap roots as they grew down the soil profile looking for water . August has been a bit more mixed but not exccessively wet still with enough dry days to make progress on the farm. Had one meal a day outside in most of June and July a bit unheard of up here.Cattle did extremely well as they were lying flat out in the sun a lot of the time even today in light showery rain when it reached 23c in mid afternoon.
  22. Tropical today with a maximum of 23c ,very humid with rain on and off all day so glad we got a good bit of harvest done in the last three days. Lots of fresh grass growth now with the rain and humidity.
  23. A dull dewy start but brightened up in the afternoon to allow 2 combines to devour another two fields,
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