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  1. Wintry looking sunrise today with shower clouds highlighted in pink on the horizon. Clear skies here, calm, and 2c with a ground frost. Nice start to an autumn day
  2. With all the SW winds of late we have claimed back our reputation for dry weather up here in the rain shadow of the mountains to the south and west. The autumn has had more dry days than the summer although it can be very dewy in the mornings when we have little wind and humidities are only low enough in the afternoons to give good soil drying conditions. The local potato farmers are working all hours to lift the crop while ground conditions remain good.and our cattle are still out eating fresh grass
  3. Finally into a spell of prevailing SW winds which in our neck of the woods means mostly dry .So in spite of the wind outside working conditions are improving all the time and its neither too warm or too cool for physical work. Just over half the cows calved so its better for the calves too stay dry. The wind can really wind the calves up sending them racing down the field.followed in hot persuit by their mothers. Currenlly a strong wind and 11c
  4. Don"t see much liquid lime being applied in my neck of the woods but know it exists and as this is a liquid tanker it must be assumed that it is liquid lime.Think it acts faster in the soil especially as the soil temperature falls so they will probably plant a crop in this field fairly soon
  5. 5c early first thing then a cool sunny morning with a maximum of 10c this afternoon when it clouded over to give a few light showers. Twins making progress inside on a nice dry bed of straw,
  6. Single figure maximum today at 9c with a fresh northerly wind and light showers.Quite a wintry looking sky across the Firth late in the afternoon. Twin calves inside for a couple of days to bond with mum and allow slighly smaller one to put some weight on. On the radar can see some pinks and greens in the showers over the higher hills so will look out in the morning to see if Ben Wyvis has a wintry cap.
  7. Not that rare as around 5% of cows will have twins .Somtimes the use of a new bull will give an even higher percentage.
  8. First day that really felt like autumn with a northerly breeze bringing light showers across the Firth to us. A photo of the first wintry looking shower cloud. Curently 8c. The countryside is rapidly taking on the colours of autumn too. Pleasant surprise down the field this afternoon.After two calves born in the early morning we had twins born in the late afternoon. The nursery in the middle of the field is growing too.
  9. Wet day here till late pm but not as heavy as further east. Started off cool at 7c but got up to 15c late pm when sun maaged to come out. Cattle starting to look at the supplementary feed we have put out for them as grass growth slows after what has been a great summer for grass growth.
  10. A question for all the experts on the Scottish thread. Is it possible to find archive charts for the rainfall radar ? The date I am looking for is the 6th of August when we had a very localised thunderstorm between 11.00pm and midnight on the south side of the Moray Firth.Picture of the River Dulnain in full flood at Carrbridge on the following day showing the old bridge made the national news
  11. Harvest Home .Finished taking in the last of the straw bales today in great conditions. Temperature made it up to 20c today the fourth day of such conditions.
  12. Just been woken up by the heat of the bedroom .Its currently 16.5c outside and the warmth of the air hits as you go out the door.. A lot of cows lying flat out snoring in the field behind the house. Going round them with a torch its a strange sight at this time of year.
  13. A fine start to the day but with the first of the frontal cloud making for a for a spectacular sunrise. Currently 8.5c Cattle have been lying flat out in the sun these last few days. They will probably be looking for shelter in the next week at times.
  14. Another fabulous day unbroken sunshine.I spent the day in garden digging up the weeds from this summers downpours and watching them shrivel in the sun and wind. Reached 21c here this afternoon. Young Mr Northenlights cleared another field of bales and almost finished the last one so bare stubble fields look wintry on a summer like day.
  15. It always amuses me as someone living in a draughty cold old farmhouse why people want to walk around their homes in winter in shorts with their heating systems maintaining a high temperature.I wear wool jerseys and thermals in the winter to keep warm in the huse as trying to keep the whole house warm would be an astronomical cost.. We have open fires but they are all in the gable ends of the house so 50% of the heat goes out through the wall. No thought for energy conservation given when this house was built as there was a maid then who kept 10 open fires going most of the day even in the bedrooms.
  16. Fabulous almost cloud free sunset here too probably the best of the summer!!!! spoilt only by the criss crossing of contrails in the sky. Gave the longest amount of daylight to cart in 160 round bales of straw.today in perfect conditions
  17. Very damp misty day now its currently thick fog .Opened back door just now and a frog hopped in. Feels quite mild out there at 11c. Into calving season again.Last night had one that calved in front of me and then walked off ignoring the calf to graze at other end of field. Spent the evening bringing cow and calf in to let them bond.Milked cow and fed calf by hand with bottle and teat. This morning tied up cow and put calf on with assistence from me. This afternoon saw wagging tail and calf drinking from cow in pen Yes!!!!! so they will go out tomorrow. Must just have been the shock of birth which happened very quickly as I watched.
  18. Finished taking in the small bales of hay so here is the photo. Very chilly now as well at 7c
  19. Fabulous hay day for mid September very windy for the last two days and today sunny with very low humidity and wind although a bit cool in the wind. In spite of yesterday evenings heavy rain the hay was dry again by this morning in the strong overnight wind and got better all day. Hay season finally over and this last batch is very good .Will post a photo tomorrow.
  20. Agree about the Autumn starting about the 23rd of September but with the wind,rain and thousands of geese passing overhead (two weeks earlier than average snow down to sea level in Svalbard in the last few days possibly chasing them south)in the last few days it has certainly felt like the end of September.
  21. Just seen the first combine out tonight after 8 days of no go because of rain cutting standing wheat,flat crops to wet. Read on another farmers twitter tonight feed that the Agricutural and Horticultural Development Board have just published figures and graphs to suggest that August in Scotland has been the wettest since 1910.Still half of Scotlands cereal crop to cut a lot of which is flat to the ground and needs strong dryng winds to rescue it. Certainly feels like that here especially the first half with fields again too wet to travel over this last week. Some very heavy showers overnight last night but slowly drying out today in the fresh wind..
  22. Cool start today at 7c still dull and rain not far away.No combines have moved for about a week now and there is still about half the cereal crop to cut in the area.
  23. Lots more geese today.See quite a bit of fresh snow in Svalbard.Possibly a trigger for sending them south although a north wind this afternoon helps as well.Very changeble today blue skies one minute then very dark moody skies with showery rain as it is just now Definitely cooler at 9c
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