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  1. Exactly the same here full on winter conditions. In spite of this ground was dry enough to absorb the showers allowing us to lift some of the last neeps this afternoon before a bracket on the machine broke.
  2. Still breezy this morning, sunny and chilly at 6c. Very windy yesterday but mostly dry. I know this is equinoxtial gale time but I am getting weary of the wind which makes opening of gates and doors very hard work. We have had a lot of wind this last autumn and winter mostly from a southerly direction. Ground surface very dry again with mini dust devils on the farm road..
  3. After the last few days heavy rain/sleet/ snow showers most of the field drains are running full again but having said that the sun came out today and with no rain it started to dry very fast. Another two days like this and we should be able to cross the fields again but that is more in hope than expectation as it looks like we will get some rain again.
  4. I know I sound like a stuck record but afer viewing the model thread which is hinting at some cold N winds in early April I thought I would just reiterate that the frequency of N and E winds is at its highest in the spring,sea tempeatures are at thair lowest so less moderation of the cold and particularly up here we are nearer the Noth Pole than Moscow and its why we in the north of Scotland often have snowy springs with mountain snow all the way to mid summers day in June. Its also statistically more likely to snow at Easter than Christmas and Easter is later this year as well. The plus side is that Arctic air is usually fairly low humidity so the ground dries up very quickly after snow and we can continue to sow into it. Photo taken on the 25th of April 2016 showing a snow shower coming in from the north across the Firth with a temperature of 1c so a very cold day for the end of April. On the farm we budget for feed to keep the cattle inside to the third week of April on average when there is usually enough grass to feed them outside but with enough back up to keep them in till mid May in a very cold spring. So we are talking about a seven month winter in the north of Scotland as far as the livestock are concerned
  5. Very wet breezy cold start to the day again and currently 4c
  6. Snowing now with it just starting to settle on the grass but just one mile to the south and a hundred feet higher it is very white.Currently 1c
  7. Miserable cold day with light rain this morning. Getting heavier this afternoon and trying to turn to snow with a temperature of 2c. Cows to neeps and back again in an hour. Did"nt want to stay out in that sort of weather.
  8. Probably the worst day of the winter with torrential showers of rain/sleet/snow. Mud everywhere. Must remember not to complain when things looking to dry. Between showers just now so bright and 4c.
  9. Yes some fierce showers earlier though having said that the local forecast on here said they would ease after 9.00am and they did allowing us to dress the barley seed . One shower gave us a glancing blow as mobile dresser was working but most of it crossed the Cawdor hills which combined with the sudden drop in temperature left them looking very white above about 600 feet.. Currently 4.5c with sleet and hail showers passing. Update last shower has now turned to snow and it is 2c
  10. Very windy this afternoon with some violent gusts.Fair old wind chill too at 6c. Very tiring working out in that wind. Cows out to neeps then ran home to steading to ly on their fresh straw bed. Can never understand why people go to the hills on days like this but presume its because they only have this day off to go and can"t postpone it till the forecast is better.
  11. Radar showing lots of snow round us. There are pulses of snow coming through on a strong WNW wind at 1c.Starting to stick on the grass.
  12. A bit of blue sky in the middle of the day but a very stormy looking sky started to roll in from the west about an hour ago so its now very windy and dark with bursts of wet snow at 3c. Sky to the south and west just looks full of snow.
  13. A bit of a dusting overnight. Pheasant helping himself to spills from the bird feeders just outside the kitchen window. Currently 1c and overcast
  14. Thinking of the statement that there is more chance of snow at Easter than Christmas we still have 6 weeks of potential snow events especially up here. I remember there was two weeks of snowcover around Easter 1968 which was at the begining of April. Just a dusting on the grass here now at 0.5c
  15. Snowing just now at 1.5c with a little sticking to the grass. Bit surreal today shifting wintering sheep to a fresh field with a couple of inches of new grass growth. Not looking at neeps that we have put out for them.
  16. Some passing flakes just now.A real chill to the wind as well.
  17. Hills round about white too over 800 feet. We have the merest of dustings with blue skies, a fresh breeze and a temperature of 1.5c just now
  18. Yes cold wind here too. Mostly dull with a few spots of rain in the morning.Currently 5.5c
  19. Cold wet day with a NE wind off the Firth. Currently 5c
  20. Yes most winter crops are a month ahead of normal in terms of growth. Woud be looking for these flowers to be pollinated by bees just now so if it turns cold/frosty then they won"t so these flowerheads will not produce a lot of seed but having said that oilseed rape has tremendous powers of recovery so will probably set more flowers in April. Another problem for winter wheat /barley is that fungal diseases started to appear on new growth in the last two weeks which would have needed controlling if the weather stayed warm and my agronomist was worried that he would have to convince farmers to spray five times for these diseases between now and July instead of the usual three or four times. Cold weather will halt these diseases.Severe bare frost would be the worst weather now for all crops including grass as growth was soft and easily damaged or killed. Currently overcast and 5c
  21. Down to Perth yesterday for farm dinner at Perth and there was just a dusting on Braeriach but today on the return journey there was good covering of snow down to about 2000 feet Had a bit of rain over the weekend at home but soil still dry. Currently 6c and clear.
  22. Quite interesting to watch all the farmers round about refrain from sowing into ideal ground conditions and weather. Probably all saying to themselves its still February but I suspect there will be some that will start. In fact the ground is so dry now it might be slow to germinate. Pigeons still eating tops on neeps so a sign to me that they are still short of other food. Wintering sheep getting fresh grass and not needing neeps so far. High cloud cleared this afternoon so fabulous blue skies and very mild this afternoon but feels like it will be a cooler night ,currently 7c
  23. In shirtsleeves bedding the cattle yesterday.Will indeed be a shock to the system for all creatures next week. Nature really out of tune now.Will be some nasty viruses that will take advantage of this next week. Hearing from some horse owners that laminitis is braking out rendering a lot of horses very lame caused by the sudden lush growth of grass in their fields and paddocks. Their feet swell and become very sore. Currently overcast ,dry and 13c
  24. Normal service has resumed back down to 2c this morning though with wall to wall blue skies, sunshine and no wind.
  25. Yes a very mild night but we still have the wind which has howled round the house all night. Not easy to sleep never thought I would say that in February. Currently 13.5c
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