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  1. I understand that, but they can say its going to be hot and sunny with a very slight risk of a few drops of rain, that would be much more appropriate. And if it does storm that's an added bonus. But all these Amber warnings of stormaggedon that amount to nothing is so annoying coz as I said it means you have to plan accordingly ie not going on days out etc.
  2. Can you believe it? Yet ANOTHER bust for this area of Cheshire. 8th time in a row where we have had massive storms forecasted and we haven't even had a drop of rain. Absolute bull. I will no longer be looking at the forecast anymore as you change plans for nothing. They categorically said this morning that there would be dangerous amounts of rainfall and lightning this afternoon or evening. But as I said for the 8th time nothing has happened. Rubbish.
  3. So my town had a orange warning today with unprecedented rainfall, intense lightning and 90mph gusts... Yet we haven't even had a drop of drizzle. What the hell, how can every forecast get this so wrong again. Last week was the same, be prepared for extreme storms. And again nothing. And I'm in Cheshire by the way.
  4. Think the NW and Cheshire area is done now for today, everything else good will go southeast northwards
  5. Well we haven't had any storms at all in Cheshire since September 2016, nearly 3 years now since I last heard thunder...
  6. well once AGAIN Cheshire dont get any storms. had lightning as it came over wales, just turned into mild drizzle over where I live and then as soon as it goes east of here produces sferics again..happens. every. single. time.
  7. https://www.lehavretourisme.com/en/live-webcam bit of lightning on this coming from 2 different directions
  8. we don't get any either, although it does seem to be veering more westerly now
  9. N Shrewsbury cell has suddenly intensified, think it is heading NE towards Stoke and Macclesfield?
  10. are those cells in Wales still producing lightning? looks like they heading NNE
  11. I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad we are literally in the gap between the cells to east and west. it was only after it passed my town where it developed. and they always die before they reach us too and then rebuild after its passed. you couldnt make it up.
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