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  1. Late august and still a loyal member of this club
  2. Cgs goin off everywhere... https://m.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/toscana/lucca/marina-pietrasanta
  3. MASSIVE storm here.... https://www.whatsupcams.com/en/webcams/slovenia/coastal-karst/secovlje/ secovlje-salina-nature-park/
  4. Still absolutely sod all here except dull greyness...no thunder for 2 years and no rain at all for a few weeks...not really sunny either, just dull day in day out
  5. Well yet another thunderstorm warning today...and once again absolutely nothing, not even a drop of drizzle let alone anything decent...still no storm since sept 2016...its literally incredible how we always miss them, incredible.
  6. Even though we was in the green warning area for thunderstorms today we got warm sunshine all day. Nice in a way but still no thunder at all since Sept 2016...nearly 2 years now...
  7. I love how everyday people come on here and ask 'will my area get a thunderstorm today'? Nobody knows, just wait and see. If you do you do, if you dont you dont. My town hasnt had a single thunderclap or flash since september 2016 so dont worry bout it. Some places get more than others. enjoy the great summer we are having Rant over
  8. My live weather app says its thundering outside but its just cloudy and absolutely nothing on radar...strange
  9. Its quite incredible how we still havn't had a single thunderstorm or even a thundery shower in whole of 2018! yesterday all the storms were east and west of us, today they were all north and south...we had a brief 2 min rain shower today and yesterday...there were some lovely cloudscapes though but the storms were too far away for anything to be seen or heard or felt...Cheshire must be the only place that hasn't had thundery weather this summer i bet
  10. and the weather in Cheshire???? hot and sunny, both yesterday and today....a brief 5 min moderate shower around 9pm but other than nothing at all storm wise...nothing all summer actually...pretty much anything exciting always goes bout 50 miles to the east over yorkshire and derbyshire
  11. https://www.viewsurf.com/univers/ville/vue/13398-france-aquitaine-bordeaux-les-quais beautiful storm in Bordeaux right now, probably too far south to reach here but even so...
  12. blazing sunshine in Congleton again...still not a single rumble of thunder in 2018
  13. well once again in Cheshire wall-to-wall sunshine all day...had this 2 weeks running which I guess is good but when you consider every storm goes 20 miles north, east, south or west of us its quite annoying
  14. We have had no storms whatsoever in Cheshire, just hot and sunny weather for 2 weeks now which I guess I cant complain about lol