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  1. https://www.lehavretourisme.com/en/live-webcam bit of lightning on this coming from 2 different directions
  2. we don't get any either, although it does seem to be veering more westerly now
  3. N Shrewsbury cell has suddenly intensified, think it is heading NE towards Stoke and Macclesfield?
  4. are those cells in Wales still producing lightning? looks like they heading NNE
  5. I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad we are literally in the gap between the cells to east and west. it was only after it passed my town where it developed. and they always die before they reach us too and then rebuild after its passed. you couldnt make it up.
  6. looks like once again we will miss the storms despite being in the 60% severe storm zone. looks like they will be to the west and east of us and we in the middle of just drizzle. happens. every. single. time
  7. No lightning at all in the UK, and it isn't going tonight I'm afraid. We in Cheshire, started the day with 60% chance of severe storms, this went down to 30% and now has been cancelled.
  8. Late august and still a loyal member of this club
  9. Cgs goin off everywhere... https://m.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/toscana/lucca/marina-pietrasanta
  10. MASSIVE storm here.... https://www.whatsupcams.com/en/webcams/slovenia/coastal-karst/secovlje/ secovlje-salina-nature-park/
  11. Still absolutely sod all here except dull greyness...no thunder for 2 years and no rain at all for a few weeks...not really sunny either, just dull day in day out
  12. Well yet another thunderstorm warning today...and once again absolutely nothing, not even a drop of drizzle let alone anything decent...still no storm since sept 2016...its literally incredible how we always miss them, incredible.
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