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  1. Neglectedchicken

    Storm Bronagh- Atlantic Storm 2

    Torrential wind gusts already here in the east of England so am not sure why you think its weakening ? lol
  2. South lincoln getting a fair battering
  3. Im to the south , we missed it all must be very,very localised, sunny here still!
  4. Can see the storm sadly pass to the east to greedy wisbech/march
  5. Hoping your storm comes down to me
  6. It looks incredible there it keeps growing
  7. Indeed, wish we'd be under them though
  8. Everything today has passed east which is annoying, it has too much of a south westerly move
  9. In the eye it looks very similar lol
  10. Never seen a cloud so close to the ground
  11. Wouldn't be suprised if it formed a tornado the rotation was insane!!!
  12. Purple colours showing!