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  1. Hi there, i am looking to book my flights for tour 1 that I am booked on. I am planning to arrive on Monday 4th May but with the return what time flight should I book for and can you recommend any airlines. When I went last time I flew with British Airways and American Airlines.
  2. Well I wish I was in Canada and Northern USA at the mo. The heat back here is unbearable At 5am it was still 25c in Kent and there is the chance we could hit the all time record tomorrow There is the chance of some big storms being set of tomorrow evening Enjoy the last few days in Canada hope you see some big storms before you come home
  3. Looks like a lot of the good storms are going to break out around the Billings area later today
  4. Just had a look at the models over the next few days and it looks like there is a small risk of severe storms in around the the eastern side of Saskatchewan and Manitoba with most of the activity in the Dakota and Montana area especially on Monday. Storm Barry could help in the next few days as it tracks North with it large amount of humidity to help develop severe storms
  5. Have a great time next week I will be following this trip as I have registered my interest in the storm chasing in Canadian Prairies next year
  6. lots of nice storms at the moment and by the look of thing more bad weather today
  7. Is there a chance of seeing a Tornado or two in the next few days?
  8. Hi Tom Thanks for the update nice just to see where they are and if they are likely to see any tornado.
  9. Hi Tom I am not storm chasing this year but I am booked on tour 1 next year Have a good time in the states this year regards Mark
  10. I am book on tour 1 2020 hopeful I will see some good storm
  11. Hi there, I went on tour 3 last year, me and my sister (Mark and Anna) we didn't see any tornadoes but some nice storm structures and lighting. We went from Texas up to the northern states including Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska as well as some southern states. If you don't see any storms you get to see some nice places and good food. I am booked on Tour 1 next year so hopefully I will see my first Tornado Regards Mark
  12. Cool looking forward to the trip we will be getting to T5 around 8am hopefully see you tomorrow
  13. Hi there, OK we will see you at the Crown rivers pub First time storm chasing but looking forward to trip
  14. Hi there we are on BA0193 at 11.25 staying at Best western Irving Inn
  15. Hi there Me and my sister Anna are on tour 3 and arrive tomorrow afternoon
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