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  1. I am book on tour 1 2020 hopeful I will see some good storm
  2. Hi there, I went on tour 3 last year, me and my sister (Mark and Anna) we didn't see any tornadoes but some nice storm structures and lighting. We went from Texas up to the northern states including Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska as well as some southern states. If you don't see any storms you get to see some nice places and good food. I am booked on Tour 1 next year so hopefully I will see my first Tornado Regards Mark
  3. Cool looking forward to the trip we will be getting to T5 around 8am hopefully see you tomorrow
  4. Hi there, OK we will see you at the Crown rivers pub First time storm chasing but looking forward to trip
  5. Hi there we are on BA0193 at 11.25 staying at Best western Irving Inn
  6. Hi there Me and my sister Anna are on tour 3 and arrive tomorrow afternoon
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