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  1. There's a chance of some thunderstorms moving NE on Monday night and early Tuesday morning.
  2. This was the most memorable storm I had in Florida. I have never seen so many close strikes in my entire lifetime, one in which struck near a house 50 meters away from me. There was a storm that I was observing 20 miles away. In front of that storm, behind me, a line of very convective cumulus clouds stretching from Lakeland to Kissimmee starting to drop very heavy rain, in which at one point it was partly cloudy with a storm 20 miles away, and less than 5 minutes later, you could see nothing but rain and close lightning bolts. Haines City (my location) was right underneath this which resulted in very close bolts striking all over the place. Apart from the strikes, this storm produced significant rainfall. Half a foot of rain was recorded in an hour, and it overflowed my swimming pool and flooded the front yard of my house. I seriously recommend watching this. (You don't have to if you don't want to ) I edited the boring parts and included all the close bolts, so that you don't have to wait a long time to see one. There are timestamps in the descriptions if you want to see the CLOSEST bolts, including the one that nearly struck a house.
  3. I have decided to post this as I think this is one of the best storms on my trip to Florida. This storm happened the day after the supercell thunderstorm. This storm also happens to have a lot of CG strikes, as usual in Florida. If you haven't noticed already, this is part 1. I would of made it longer but about 5 minutes after the video ends a big bunch of very convective cumulus clouds starts dropping rain right above me, eventually producing some VERY close lightning bolts, in fact, the closest bolts I have ever seen, which is why I have decided to put them all in a different video.
  4. I don't blame Manchester United, this is absolutely disgusting. They are your own players too. The same thing happened with Abraham, after he missed that penalty in the UEFA Super Cup, they started racially abusing him, in the stadium and out of the stadium. What is it with some fans these days? It's like they have a mind of their own, I'm a Spurs fan but I think Pogba is a fantastic player, in some games he doesn't show his top quality but he is a spectacular midfielder when he wants to be. Manchester United are lucky to have him in my opinion, but he is probably going to leave if all this stuff continues.
  5. That Cambridge storm has only been around for less than 5 minutes and has a very frequent strike rate
  6. I went to Portugal in August 2016 and one evening a storm started brewing in Morocco and the storm made it's way to the south coast of Portugal. There was a spectacular lightning display at night when it moved towards us, a lot of lightning in that storm - and a lot of forks too.
  7. This is another angle of the supercell thunderstorm on the 28th July 2019. This produced loads of CG lightning, especially the first 5 minutes of the vid (which I recommend you watch!) This is one of the best storm videos I have ever recorded, if not, the best I have ever recorded.
  8. If that cell didn't electrify then probably other sharp sporadic showers probably won't electrify. Those showers in Scotland look like they could.
  9. The cell south of Oxford could actually electrify. I can see it from here and it's rapidly developing.
  10. Not this Monday... next Monday. Windy.com showing some nighttime storms travelling over SE/E England before reaching parts of NE England in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, the heat could spark off some storms over Northern France and the channel and could take almost the exact same path as the nighttime one. Yes - I know this is far away, but these charts are nice to look at. In about two months time, you most likely won't see charts like this. @Flash bang flash bang etc Thursday doesn't look promising now for convective activity (I could've guessed) but I assume sometime around late August/early September will be a time to see some nice lightning displays.
  11. As there is no convective activity happening here at the moment, I wanted to share this. This strike was at Busch Gardens in Tampa, on my holiday in Florida. I said about this a few weeks ago. This strike struck around 300-400 meters away, and the thunder was so loud that everyone around me was screaming. This is a close strike, but not as close as some of the other strikes I have witnessed on my holiday.
  12. Keep an eye out for Thursday next week. It's quite far away at the moment so it could change although it looks like a convective day.
  13. Tbh there's a much more chance of thundery rain in Florida being in the summer then in the winter. I was told by a local in Florida that in their winters it's usually around 16 degrees with sunshine.
  14. Anyone know if there is a chance of thundery rain overnight tonight? Some sites like the BBC are forecasting some thundery rain.
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