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  1. Some lightning over south-western Wales currently. Is it just me or does this precipitation look like a rocket that's flying west?
  2. I highly doubt that there will be storms over Ireland and Western Wales in the morning. There is a lot of humidity around there although not much in terms of CAPE. There will probably just be sporadic lightning strikes.
  3. Haha that could happen actually, so I might be lucky and might not be at the same time
  4. I don't even know why I'm complaining, I'm heading to Gatwick Airport in the early hours of Saturday so I could get lucky.
  5. My hope now for late Friday is starting to ease away now. Wouldn't the Met Office issue a warning of thunderstorms for this period?
  6. According to BBC Weather, Tuesday night into Wednesday next week is looking juicy.
  7. It honestly won't surprise me tomorrow if the storms are downgraded to patchy drizzle.
  8. The webcamtaxi.com cam in Barcelona facing the Sagrada Familia looks like it's going in for a round 2.
  9. That was one almighty CG that struck the beach just now. Edit: Another big CG almost in the exact same place. Looked like it struck a building.
  10. This is a good one as well https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/cataluna/barcelona/port-vell.html
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