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  1. How many storms have you had in your area throughout 2018? I've had 9 within a 15 mile radius, and around 4 within a 50 mile radius.
  2. Not any snow in my area at the moment
  3. I really miss summer here. The heatwave, humidity and most of all, convection and thunderstorms
  4. zmstorm

    What are you planning to eat on Christmas Day?

    Move on Christmas Dinner, I'm still having McDonald's!
  5. Saw an evil-looking cumulonimbus at 3pm this afternoon. The cloud came to my area and produced hail.
  6. This is going to be my last post of the day. Looking at what I posted and what everyone has posted, I'm kind of excited tomorrow. All I like is thunder and lightning really, although I think I could catch a storm or something. I have got no idea why I think this, it's just a weird thought in my head that I wanted to spill out. However, even if the storms come within 100 miles of my location, I can still see them. I live on a hill, and I can see thunderheads all the way to the English Channel. Is this normal?
  7. It looks like a mini squall line through all that band of rain. Don't know what's happening there in Northern Ireland...
  8. Looking at all the radars from every possible website, it looks like we all could get something nasty tomorrow morning. Very high wind gusts, 50mph+ possibly, very heavy rain, perhaps an odd rumble of thunder and even hail is possible.
  9. Thursday morning: Cloudy and overcast. Temp: 10C Thursday afternoon: Grey and dull making some way to some spots of light rain/drizzle. Temp: 12C Thursday evening: Cloud clearing, feels mild. Temp: 12C
  10. Imagine that on Christmas Day!
  11. BBC Weather for East Anglia tomorrow: "Showery rain will push eastwards tomorrow morning, with some heavy bursts of rain possible, perhaps with thunder."
  12. zmstorm

    Top of a Cumulonimbus

    Top of a Cumulonimbus, with a possible Pileus cloud to the right.