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  1. Have I ever talked about my hidden talent on this site? If not, I'll let this video do the talking...

    PS. Rewatching that video back, I noticed how young I looked. The video was taken in 2018 so I was 15 at that time but I look a few years younger. I also looked very skinny back then. Lol


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    2. cheeky_monkey


      i used to sit next to David Jones at school..when the original Rubik cube was the big craze in the early 80s he could do it in under 30 seconds..i could do it in under a minute if i smashed it and put it back together again ?..there were no rules saying you couldn't..job done

    3. D.V.R


      Impressive.. My youngest (12) can do the original in just over a minute. 

    4. 2010cold


      That's fantastic Zak! A great combination of speed and intellect. ?

      I'd probably have to shut myself away and become a speedcubing monk for at least 10 years to speedcube half as well as that. ? 

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