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  1. Starting to post here again! This thunderstorm was on the same date as the 'Florida Thunderstorm Timelapse' video, and some of the clips were used in this video too. A multi-cell thunderstorm produced frequent lightning and thunder. Some close strikes are seen in this video, as well as some clear air strikes (not positive I think). Also, if anyone can tell me what the ominous cloud at 0:23 is in the video, please let me know
  2. Earthquake in NE England?

  3. The squall line just went through here. Was battered with strong winds and torrential rain. Felt like I was in a tornado!
  4. Plenty of thunderstorms are expected to hit eastern parts of Australia late this week into next week, producing lots of rain. Some good news!
  5. Zak M

    Lightning Strike.png

    Positive CG Strike taken on the evening of the 30th July 2019 in Haines City, Florida.
  6. This is one of my favourite videos from the storm on the 29th July. Very close lightning strikes and torrential rain can be seen. The closest strikes are at 1:18, 1:59 and 4:23. I headed inside after the strike at 4:23 because it was that close! Some of the audio in the video was used in the video 'Florida Thunderstorm Timelapse'.
  7. Nice. How long did you go for and what month? Because usually July is where the Florida storms peak, other months like June and August don't see a storm every single day.
  8. That's remarkable. I assume it's most likely down to the Foehn effect, where high humidity air over mountains is pushed over high ground by strong winds, with one side of the mountain cool and wet, and the other side warm and dry. The warm and dry air then surges down the mountain, picking up heat as it goes down. It's quite extraordinary to say the least.
  9. Happy New Year everyone! Very cloudy and overcast as usual here
  10. Happy New Year to the Netweather members and staff!

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      @lassie23 Hehe thanks. The pain has reduced since I've broken it so I think it's healing well.

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      Happy New Year Zak M.😃

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      happy new year katrine

  11. Searched up pyrocumulonimbus clouds on YouTube, and I found this video. It's jaw dropping and deadly at the same time.
  12. The closest strike I have ever caught on camera in Florida is now on YouTube! It still bugs me to this day to not have caught the actual bolt of the lightning strike. It was to the right of the camera (as you can tell from the light) and struck beside a house about 50 meters away from me. Mad stuff!
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