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  1. About last night... 081A14B4-2A4D-4207-9A0B-AED80C90D15A.MP4
  2. Not here. But, holy crap, this is one hell of a storm i’m having.
  3. Well, I got woken up by what sounded like a positive CG strike and got treated to a spectacular lightning display outside! There’s even some hail falling too!!
  4. Why are the storms travelling east? An unusual path to take.
  5. Just had another little storm. This one produced 4 lightning strikes and there was only one close strike.
  6. Looks like the storms in the SW are just slightly going to miss me. Just hoping that another one develops near me.
  7. There has just been a flash of lightning here. Didn’t hear any thunder.
  8. I guess, but I think the storms will be in the early hours of Tuesday. It’s absolutely chucking it down here though. No lightning yet.
  9. Looks like Majorca has got an orange warning for storms tomorrow!
  10. Yes I have actually! I’ve only seen one though.
  11. Took a picture of a cumulonimbus forming in the distance about an hour ago. You can make it the pileus cloud on top of it too.
  12. Currently in Alcúdia in Spain. It’s looking pretty convective here at the moment.
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