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  1. Hmmm. UKV seems very bullish for Friday. Will probably shift east again though.
  2. LOOOL and just as I said this I saw a faint flash of lightning to my ESE. I should try reverse psychology in the future.
  3. Latest EURO4 run just looks like pure insanity for Thursday afternoon.
  4. Looks like the 06z UKV gives another round of thunderstorms to more western areas on Thursday morning.
  5. UKV is still looking alright for most areas of southern England. If it was believed then there would be a second round of activity on Friday evening and night.
  6. Looks like the UKMO has gone absolutely bonkers again. Yes - that's the 22/23c isotherm getting into the SE. Pretty sure it showed something similar yesterday.
  7. And a snapshot from NW Extra posted to Twitter by @Thunder and Lightning.
  8. 15z UKV is a very good run for storms on Wednesday and into Thursday.
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