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  1. Getting the odd rumble of thunder..But checking the radar I see nothing near me..
  2. I am starting to hear the odd rumble, but nothing on the radar, near me.
  3. It's look like it they may heading more for Winchester., but again I have a feel it will fizzle out.
  4. There is a nice looking cell heading for eastleigh just north of emsworth, but hard to say if it will stay that way.
  5. We have just had around 45mins of heavy rain, nothing special. Thought we might of had a couple of rumbles but nope.
  6. Looks like two more cells, just over Worthing. Could be one cell but looks like two..
  7. Good morning, Seems to be a nice line of cells stretching from kent to hampshire this morning. Seems as the though stronger ones are over north Kent. Nothing here this morning, over cast.
  8. Very quite around here, I was hoping the patch of something hovering around Worthing might turn it something but looks to be fading away to nothing now.
  9. Sorry south coast, west Sussex. Very small chance but you never know
  10. I have been watching them, too. I wounder if those two will combine?
  11. Horsham cell seems to be drifting west, plus I watch the maybe cell just over Worthing seems to be drifting west as well...
  12. Breeze is picking up again here in chichester but nothing on the radar,
  13. Looking south towards northern France, have you seen the weather over there,?
  14. Anyone seen the cell just north of Newhaven, not sure it's a new one or a piece of the Brighton cell?
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