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  1. Flew along the leading edge of the cold front this morning from Exeter to Cardiff. Was a chilly -10 at 8,000ft - yet we picked up very little icing (only in the lower levels during climbout). Icy "dry" snowflakes don't stick to us, they do blow in through the air vents though, and did!!
  2. Brothers just come back across Salisbury plain and reported lightning, Lightningmaps.org seems to agree with him, yet the radar has no records. The shower that I'd expect it to have come from has only just arrived on scene too? Anyone in that area able to confirm?
  3. Some pretty impressive cloud structures today. Spent two hours fly down canyons SFC-8000ft. Tried to get above it but was hemmed not by controlled airspace. Photo was from down over Exmoor
  4. If I was being picky... the TAF (Terminal Area Forecast) is showing storms into the night, the METAR is the actual conditions at the time of the report, usually updated every 30 minutes or more frequently if special conditions are reached: That's called a METAR SPECI. (60 degree change in wind, 10kts change in wind, CB in vicinity, etc etc will get a METAR SPECI produced) Sorry to pick up on it, I've just finished the Airline Transport Pilot License exams so am being particularly specific
  5. Lucky you 27 at the moment with a mid level blanket of 'scud'. 31% humidity but with rain supposedly on the way. Im in the red square, but no sign of any of the rain on the radar? Does virga get picked up?
  6. We’ve just had a thunderstorm wanting issued to the airfield. The most recent TAFs for the area: Exeter PROB30 TSGR Bristol PROB40 TSGR Cardiff PROB30 TSGR PROB40 is the highest probability you can get on a TAF, so smile if you are in Bristol, and cross your toes All TEMPO so ‘lasting less than one hour’
  7. Faintest hints of blue through the cloud in Exeter at the moment, unfortunately radar looks like rain will arrive soon and stick around for a while! That will please the 9 pointy red things we are expecting later! Interesting how sharp the showers look in the stuff drifting up from the SE
  8. Heavy blanket of apparently ‘broken’ cloud here (Exeter) according to the METAR. Definitely OVC. Doubt will get much GA later on as the embedded CB’s pop up above the blanket. Very interesting to see the Met Office Ammended their low level forecast! Haven’t seen seen that happen in a while!
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