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  1. A distant short lived storm was all N.I managed this morning.... Still nice to see though...
  2. Met office warning reissued for N.I..... Holding on to that little bit of hope after being insanely jealous of the show some of you guys are getting over the water!
  3. Although nothing major is forecast for Belfast, there's some interesting looking elevated cloud bases around.
  4. I live in Lisburn and whilst we have had some decent storms, the last memorable lightning show during the night was back in June 2016,, but even then it wasn't forecast, it was an import from Wales that made its way across the Irish Sea and intensified over land, was a stifling hot day beforehand.
  5. Thurs night/early hours of Fri looking good for north of Ireland, Been ages from we've had a decent night time storm,,, June 2016 was the last memorable one.... Fingers crossed
  6. I've to go and sit in the unairconditioned cab of a bus for 8 hours, I feel your pain.
  7. Hopefully so, I'm near Belfast, I'd even settle for something over the Irish Sea.
  8. Hi all, currently located in Lisburn, N. Ireland. Think our chances are pretty much scuppered here, interesting skies all the same, hanging on to a bit of hope during the early hours.
  9. Hi all,,just recently joined. I must say I'm insanely jealous of the show alot of yous got last night, was glued to to the charts and lightning maps all night hoping that something may head up towards n.Ireland.....but it wasn't to be!
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