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  1. TomSE12


    I will now post up the "Fantasy" returns, from last night's matches. Firstly, the two "Matches of the Night": GROUP B: INTER 2 TOTTENHAM 1 £10 INTER @ 13/8 - V/W = £26.25. C.ERIKSEN (TOTT) 1 GOAL AGAINST NON-SEEDED TEAM - £1 @ 2/1 = £3. GROUP C LIVERPOOL 3 P.S.G. 2 £10 LIVERPOOL @ 6/5 - V/W = £22. R.FIRMINO (L'POOL) 1 GOAL AGAINST SEEDED TEAM - £2 @ 9/5 = £5.60. K.MBAPPE (PSG) 1 GOAL AGAINST NON-SEEDED TEAM - £1 @ 19/10 = £2.90. GROUP A: MONACO 1 ATLETICO MADRID 2. D.COSTA (A.MAD) 1 GOAL AGAINST NON-SEEDED TEAM - £1 @ 4/5 = £1.80. GROUP B: BARCELONA 4 PSV EINDHOVEN 0. L.MESSI (BARCA) 3 GOALS AGAINST NON-SEEDED TEAM - £1 @ 1/2 = £1.50 x 3 = £4.50. THERE WERE NO OTHER "FANTASY" GOALSCORERS, LAST NIGHT. GROUP PHASE -  PREDICTING RESULT IN SELECTED "MATCHES OF THE NIGHT" - £10 " C/SCORE " " " - £1 Regards, Tom.
  2. TomSE12


    Listed below are Bookmaker's Odds for tonight's "Fantasy" GOALSCORERS: GROUP E: BENFICA v. BAYERN MUNCHEN R.LEWANDOWSKI (B.MUN) 6/10 T.MULLER (B.MUN). 13/8 GROUP F: MAN.CITY v. LYON S.AGUERO (MAN.C) 1/2 R.STERLING (MAN.C) 6/5 D.SILVA (MAN.C) 21/10 GROUP G: REAL MADRID v. ROMA G.BALE (R.MAD) 8/15 K.BENZEMA (R.MAD) 8/11 M.DIAZ (R.MAD) 10/11 E.DZEKO (ROMA) 9/5 S.EL SHAARAWY (ROMA) 17/5 GROUP H: VALENCIA v. JUVENTUS C.RONALDO (JUVE) 23/20 M.MANDZUKIC (JUVE) 15/8 R.MORENO (VALE) 2/1 YOUNG BOYS v. MAN. UTD R.LUKAKU (MAN.U) 21/20 All Odds quoted, are for an "Anytime" "GOALSCORER". Each entrant will have been quoted Odds, for their correct scores, in individual matches. I will post up the "Fantasy" returns, for last night's matches, a little later on. Regards, Tom.
  3. TomSE12


    Here are Bookmaker's Odds for WEIRPIG's (Mark), selections, at the moment. Just awaiting on another 5 "GOALSCORERS" plus 2 SUBSTITUTES: GOALSCORER SELECTIONS TOP: Sadio MANE (LIV) 33/1 2:**Edinson CAVANI** (PSG) 14/1 3: **Antoine GRIEZMANN** (A.MAD) 25/1 4: **Cristiano RONALDO** (JUVE) 7/1 5: **Harry KANE** (TOTT) 14/1 6: **Gareth BALE** (R.MAD) 16/1 7: Thomas MULLER (B.MUN) 66/1  8: 9: 10: 11: 12: SUB.1: SUB.2: Just to clarify then, Mark has to post up another 5 "GOALSCORERS" plus 2 SUBSTITUTES. Mark has also used up his quota of 5 **SUPER STRIKERS** (Those marked with a double asterisk, on the "GOALSCORER" Guides.) Regards, Tom.
  4. TomSE12


    Here are Bookmaker's Odds for WEIRPIG's predictions, in various categories: OUTRIGHT WINNERS: Juventus 13/2 £5 Win. 2 TEAMS TO CONTEST THE FINAL:Bayern Munich/Juventus 25/1 4 SEMI-FINALISTS: B. Munich/Juventus/Liverpool/Atletico Madrid 150/1 PREDICTING THE FIRST & SECOND, IN CORRECT ORDER, IN ALL 8 GROUPS (A,B.C,D,E,F,G,H) - £2. GROUP A:1st. A Madrid 2nd. B. Dortmund 11/8 GROUP B:1st.Barcelona 2nd.Inter milan 4/1 GROUP C 1st. Liverpool 2nd. P.S.G. 9/4 GROUP D 1st. Schalke04 2nd.Porto 5/1 GROUP E:1st. B. Munich 2nd.Benfica 7/4 GROUP F:1st. Man City 2nd.Lyon 9/4 GROUP G:1st.Real Madrid 2nd.Roma 4/6 GROUP H:1st. Juventus 2nd.Valencia 3/1. GROUP B M/D. 1) RESULT: Inter 13/8 C/SCORE:2-0 12/1 GROUP C M/D. 1) RESULT: Liverpool 6/5 C/SCORE:3-1 25/1 GROUP F M/D. 1) RESULT: Man. City 1/6 C/SCORE:2-0 7/1 GROUP G M/D. 1) RESULT: Draw 4/1 C/SCORE:1-1 10/1 GROUP H M/D. 1) RESULT: Man.Utd 4/6 C/SCORE: 3-1 12/1 GROUP H M/D.1) RESULT: Draw 5/2 C/SCORE:1-1 5/1 I will now post up Bookmaker's Odds for WEIRPIG's (MARK) "GOALSCORER" selections, as far as I can. Mark has to get back to me with another 6 "GOALSCORERS", from tonight's matches, as he chose more than 1 GOALSCORER, from a number of teams. Have sent Mark a "sticky note", regarding this. ONLY 1 GOALSCORER allowed, from any 1 team. Regards, Tom.
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  6. TomSE12


    Only four entrants for the Champions League Competition, then. Quite frustrating really, was expecting around about a dozen or so entrants, as there had been over a thousand views of the thread. I have to realise primarily, this is a weather forum and not a sports forum. Perhaps some members find the format too, complicated?? Having worked in the Bookmaking industry for around 25 years or so, using Bookmaker's Odds for the format ,has become second nature to me. Bookmaker's are well versed in creating Odds around sporting events and very rarely make mistakes, over prices offered. Have decided that this will be the last Football Competition I'll be "hosting", I've put in an inordinate amount of time putting this Competition together, for just four entrants. In future, I'll be sticking to Horse-Racing and Golf, the formats for these events are very straight forward and easy to understand!! All being well, I want to put something together for the Cricket World Cup next year, using the Bookmaker's Odds format again. The 4 entrants are: ANTONYBR7, KIRKCALDY WEATHER, TOMSE12 and WEIRPIG. I will post up last night's results, in a short while. Regards, Tom.
  7. TomSE12


    I will post up tonight's results and "Fantasy" returns, in the morning. Regards, Tom.
  8. TomSE12


    Here are the rest of my son ANTONYBR7's predictions, for the Champion's League Competition: GOALSCORER SELECTIONS TOP: **Lionel MESSI** (BARCA) 9/2 £2 WIN. 2: **NEYMAR** (P.S.G.) 10/1 3: David SILVA (MAN.CITY) 200/1 4: **Mariano DIAZ** (R.MAD) 33/1 5: Angel CORREA (A.MAD) 250/1 6: Moussa MAREGA (PORTO) 200/1 7: Thomas MULLER (B.MUN) 66/1 8: Mario MANDZUKIC (JUVE) 175/1 9: Edin DZEKO (ROMA) 66/1 10: **Mohamed SALAH (L'POOL) 14/1 11: Rodrigo MORENO (VALE) 125/1 12: Marco REUS (B.DORT) 125/1 SUB.1: **Harry KANE** (TOTT) 14/1 SUB.2: Ivan PERISIC (INTER) 175/1. "Matches of the night" (Matchday 1) GROUP B M/D. 1) 13/8 INTER MILAN 12/5 DRAW 8/5 TOTTENHAM M/D. 1) RESULT: INTER MILAN 13/8 C/SCORE: 2-0 12/1 GROUP C M/D. 1) 6/5 LIVERPOOL 29/10 DRAW 15/8 P.S.G M/D. 1) RESULT: DRAW 29/10 C/SCORE: 1-1 6/1 GROUP F M/D. 1) 1/6 MAN.CITY 7/1 DRAW 12/1 LYON M/D. 1) RESULT: MAN.CITY 1/6 C/SCORE: 3-1 17/2 GROUP G M/D. 1) 4/9 REAL MADRID 4/1 DRAW 5/1 ROMA M/D. 1) RESULT: REAL MADRID 4/9 C/SCORE: 2-1 15/2 GROUP H M/D. 1) 15/4 YOUNG BOYS 3/1 DRAW 4/6 MAN.UTD M/D. 1) RESULT: MAN.UTD 4/6 C/SCORE: 4-0 25/1 GROUP H M/D.1) 3/1 VALENCIA 5/2 DRAW 10/11 JUVENTUS M/D.1) RESULT: DRAW 5/2 C/SCORE: 0-0 8/1 Regards, Tom.
  9. TomSE12


    Here are my son ANTONYBR7's predictions, for the Champion's League Competition: OUTRIGHT WINNERS: BARCELONA 13/2 £2.50 E.W. 2 TEAMS TO CONTEST THE FINAL: BARCELONA/MAN.CITY 14/1 4 SEMI-FINALISTS: BARCELONA/MAN.CITY/P.S.G/REAL MADRID 50/1. PREDICTING THE FIRST & SECOND, IN CORRECT ORDER, IN ALL 8 GROUPS (A,B.C,D,E,F,G,H) - £2. GROUP A:1st. AT.MADRID 2nd B.DORTMUND 11/8. GROUP B:1st. BARCELONA 2nd P.S.V.EINDHOVEN 16/1. GROUP C:1st. P.S.G.   2nd LIVERPOOL 7/4.  GROUP D:1st. PORTO 2nd LOK.MOSKVA 8/1. GROUP E:1st. BAY. MUNCHEN 2nd BENFICA 7/4. GROUP F:1st. MAN.CITY 2nd LYON 9/4. GROUP G:1st. REAL MADRID 2nd ROMA 4/6. GROUP H:1st. JUVENTUS 2nd VALENCIA 3/1. I'll post up the rest of ANTONYBR7's predictions, in a short while. Regards, Tom.
  10. TomSE12


    I'm over at Chislehurst with my son ANTONYBR7, going through the Champions League Competition. Have all his predictions now. Just got to leave him a copy and we're done. I will post up his entry, when I get home. Regards, Tom. PS. Thanks to weirpig above, for his entry. Cheers Mark. I will post up your Odds, later.
  11. Up early to take my blood pressure medication. A quick browse at Meteociel, reveals Heathrow at 6.33, with a temperature of 19c and dew point of 15c, with relative humidity of 78%, with the wind blowing "stuff" around outside. Reminds me of a day, a few years ago, when I was working in Croydon. High temperature, dew point and strong wind. Can vividly remember going out for my tea-break and being blasted by a very warm "hair-dryer" of a wind but we were still in Summer, then. Wife and I, have had to keep our fan on full blast, in the bedroom. Can't wait for some cooler air, now. Really looking forward to this afternoon. Finally going over to Chislehurst to see my son, who is very poorly with Huntington's Disease. Have stayed away due to a long running feud, with my daughter. We've not spoken for weeks, now. It's crazy and life is way too short. I think she's forgotten I nearly died, three years ago. I try and make allowances for her though, as she's facing the looming "spectre" of this terminal illness, H/D, herself. My son and daughter inherited the faulty H/D gene from their mother, my first wife. My son has a really sweet nature and exhibits no bitterness about his illness, bless him. But my son and daughter are like "chalk and cheese", when it comes to temperament. Myself and my daughter have always clashed and she really is the epitome of little Miss Feisty Knickers, at the moment!! She's insisted on being out, when I arrive over at Chislehurst, with my wife, this afternoon. All very sad!! I'm going to make sure, I enjoy my time with my son, though!! Hope you all have a lovely day. Regards, Tom.
  12. Well that was delicious!! So much nicer than those "ready meal" Carbonaras', you see in Supermarkets, swimming in cream!! Yuck!! Considering it was Colette's first effort in many years at making a Carbonara, it was amazing. Could eat that, every night!! Although Colette used Parmesan, rather than Pecorino cheese and bacon, rather than Pancetta. Too much ""red traffic lights"" , in the other two ingredients and too fatty and salty. Trying to keep our salt intake, down.She did use egg, rather than cream, though!! Looks like another few balmy nights to come, still using our fan, in our "dolls house", bedroom. Can't wait for the end of the week and more typical, Autumnal weather. Regards, Tom.
  13. Felt very warm walking down to Lee this morning, to buy ingredients for tonight's Spaghetti Carbonara. Colette now slaving away in the kitchen. **NB**. No cream!! The authentic Italian way, with whisked egg tipped over the pasta, and cooking on a low heat, at the end of cooking, smells delicious!! Regards, Tom.
  14. TomSE12


    For the final time just posting up the relevant parts of the thread, in the hope of attracting a few more entries. See Format and Rules, for Competition, further up the thread. Please Copy and Paste your predictions/selections, onto the boxes provided, below: OUTRIGHT WINNERS:  2 TEAMS TO CONTEST THE FINAL: 4 SEMI-FINALISTS: GOALSCORER SELECTIONS TOP: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: SUB.1: SUB.2: PREDICTING THE FIRST & SECOND, IN CORRECT ORDER, IN ALL 8 GROUPS (A,B.C,D,E,F,G,H) - £2. GROUP A GROUP B GROUP C GROUP D AT.MADRID BARCELONA P.S.G L.MOSKA B.DORTMUND TOTTENHAM NAPOLI PORTO MONACO PSV EINDHOVEN LIVERPOOL SCHALKE 04 CLUB BRUGGE INTERNAZIONALE C. ZVEDZA GALATASARAY GROUP A:1st. 2nd. GROUP B:1st. 2nd. GROUP C:1st.    2nd.  GROUP D:1st. 2nd. GROUP E  GROUP F GROUP G GROUP H B.MUNCHEN MAN.CITY REAL MADRID JUVENTUS BENFICA S.DONETSK ROMA MAN.UNITED AJAX LYON CSKA MOSKVA VALENCIA AEK ATHENS HOFFENHEIM V.PLZEN YOUNG BOYS GROUP E:1st. 2nd. GROUP F:1st. 2nd. GROUP G:1st. 2nd. GROUP H:1st. 2nd. GROUP B M/D. 1) 13/8 INTER MILAN 12/5 DRAW 8/5 TOTTENHAM M/D. 1) RESULT: C/SCORE: GROUP C M/D. 1) 6/5 LIVERPOOL 29/10 DRAW 15/8 P.S.G M/D. 1) RESULT: C/SCORE: GROUP F M/D. 1) 1/6 MAN.CITY 7/1 DRAW 12/1 LYON M/D. 1) RESULT: C/SCORE: GROUP G M/D. 1) 4/9 REAL MADRID 4/1 DRAW 5/1 ROMA M/D. 1) RESULT: C/SCORE: GROUP H M/D. 1) 15/4 YOUNG BOYS 3/1 DRAW 4/6 MAN.UTD M/D. 1) RESULT: C/SCORE: GROUP H M/D.1) 3/1 VALENCIA 5/2 DRAW 10/11 JUVENTUS M/D.1) RESULT: C/SCORE: **NB** Entries MUST be posted on this thread by 5 PM, on TUES. 18th SEPT ( Matchday 1), a few hours before the start, of the first few Group matches. Regards, Tom.
  15. Up early with my wife, before she started her 12 hour shift, at a Residential Care Home in Chislehurst. Weird feeling day for myself and Colette, exactly 3 years ago on this date, I became violently ill in the early hours of the morning. I thought I was suffering from food poisoning but I was experiencing a brain haemorrhage/stroke. I can vividly remember having an excruciating headache and pain, at the back of neck. Evidently, the bleed had pushed my brain down into the cavity, in my neck. Colette and I were separated at the time and I was living with my son, daughter and her boyfriend in Chislehurst. My younger sister and her daughter, were also staying with us .My sister's fiance was self-employed and hadn't been paying his tax, correctly (tut, tut) and they were evicted. I gave up my bedroom to my sister and niece and I was sleeping on a mattress, in the lounge. I can remember crawling on all fours to the downstairs bathroom and was violently ill. I called out to my daughter's boyfriend and he came downstairs, cleaned me up and got me back on the mattress. My daughter and her boyfriend came downstairs in the morning to find me unconscious. They quickly called an ambulance and I was whisked away to Bromley's PRU, hospital. The same day I was transferred to King's College (Denmark Hill) and underwent emergency brain surgery. Evidently I "died" twice, once in front of my poor wife, caught two lots of Meningitis and Encephalitis and a surgeon caused a tear to a ventricle, when removing a drain from my brain. After spending much time in a high dependency unit I was transferred to a rehabilitation ward in Lewisham hospital, in Dec.2015. Then transferred to Orpington hospital for the last ten days, of my hospitalisation. I returned back home with Colette on Feb.8th 2016. I have nothing but praise for our NHS staff who saved my life and have facilitated my excellent recovery. My illness had completely wiped my long term and short term memories, so much so that I'd completely forgotten my hobby was Meteorology and I was a member of Netweather!! Fortunately both long term and short term memories, are pretty much restored now. I must also give praise to my darling wife, Colette, without whose love care and attention to detail, has made my excellent recovery, possible. I owe her so much!! She has valiantly fought my corner with Benefit Agencies and Hospital departments, to gain me extra Physio sessions. Despite my excellent recovery, still have compromised balance issues and cannot venture out, without an adult. I stated on a thread the other day, that I had finally realised where my Brontophobia had come from. My highly superstitious Italian mother, would make the sign of the cross and invoking Santa Barbara, the Patron Saint of lightning and storms in general, in Italy. So as a young lad I developed a fear of lightning and thunder, unwittingly my lovely Italian mother had passed this on to me. We have to be so careful, as parents, not to pass on our on fears and implant them on our children. My son and daughter would often see Dad with pillow over his head and cotton wool in his ears and putting lights on, all over the house, when lightning and thunder, were about!! I've been so lucky that my children havn't developed the same fear. My brain haemorrhage/stroke, was partly due to my own phobia regarding health issues, implanted by my Hypochondriac of a Father. Every little twinge with him, was the "big C"!! He didn't do too bad, he died last October, aged 95, bless him(R.I.P.). But no doubt would still have had put on his tombstone that famous Spike Milligan-ism, "I told you I was ill", had he had the chance!! Consequently when I moved in with Colette had to change GP's. Knowing I would have to undergo a raft of tests and thinking that severe headaches I was suffering, was something serious, kept putting off an appointment and kept referring to Colette as a "drama queen" (poor thing), for wanting to make me go to a doctor!! The headaches were probably due to extremely high blood pressure, which almost led to my demise!! When I lived in Anerley, S.E.20 (Some of you may remember me as TOMSE20), I was on medication for high blood pressure. In fact my GP informed me that should I not control my blood pressure I had a 15% chance of a stroke/heart attack (how she arrived at that figure, I have no idea!!) So by not registering with Colette's GP, I stopped taking my medication and the stroke, came to pass!! So those of you on similar medication, please be warned, don't suddenly stop taking it, please learn from my stupidity!! To keep it weather related, I attended our local church's over 50's community group on Friday. I had a chat with our Vicar, who informed me that the church (St. Mildred's Lee, on the South Circular), had been struck by lightning on a Friday afternoon, sometime during July, I think. Can vividly remember an almighty "gun-shot" crash of thunder, didn't see the lightning, as was in full Brontophobe mode, with lights on all over the house. Colette hearing the thunder, at work in Chislehurst, decided to come home early to sit with her panicky husband, fearing my blood-pressure would go through the roof!! Our Vicar said all the electrics were "blown", in the Church. Can remember thinking that our own house had been struck, as the thunder seemed so close and the house was shaking (we're only ten minutes walking distance, from the Church) Sorry about the "War and Peace" post, just wanted to share what today, means to me. I'm going to spend the afternoon with my sister, who lives around the corner and rejoice in the fact that I'm still "here"!! Hope you all enjoy, your Sunday. I'll make sure I will. Very Best Wishes, Tom.