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  1. Many thanks to K/WEATHER and FOZ. ^^^^^^^ Apologies, I'm a day out in the dates of Part 1, of the Competition. Dates should be as follows: LATE AUTUMN/EARLY WINTER "FANTASY"COMPETITION (PART 1). CHELTENHAM FRI.16th NOV. 1.15 - SELECTION: 1.50 - SELECTION: 3.00 - SELECTION: CHELTENHAM SAT.17th NOV. 12.40 - SELECTION: 1.50 - SELECTION: 2.25 - SELECTION: 3.00 - SELECTION: CHELTENHAM SUN.18th NOV. 1.50 - SELECTION: 2.25 - SELECTION: 3.00 - SELECTION: 3.30 - SELECTION: I will post up the Racing Post link to the racecards for Fri.16th, later tomorrow morning. Regards, Tom.
  2. Listed below are the races I've chosen for Part 1, of the Late Autumn/Early Winter "Fantasy" Competition: LATE AUTUMN/EARLY WINTER "FANTASY"COMPETITION (PART 1). CHELTENHAM FRI.17th NOV. 1.15 - SELECTION: 1.50 - SELECTION: 3.00 - SELECTION: CHELTENHAM SAT.18th NOV. 12.40 - SELECTION: 1.50 - SELECTION: 2.25 - SELECTION: 3.00 - SELECTION: CHELTENHAM SUN.19th NOV. 1.50 - SELECTION: 2.25 - SELECTION: 3.00 - SELECTION: 3.30 - SELECTION: I will post up the Racing Post links to the 48 hour declarations for Fridays races, tomorrow morning. Listed below, are the Format and Rules for the "Fantasy" Competition. 1. You will be placed a "virtual" £1 each way, on each selection, at the horses, S.P.(Starting Price) or TOTE ODDS, you decide which . Your stakes will be returned, in your "virtual" winnings. E.g A 10/1 winner will give you a profit of £14.50, £11 for the win and £3.50, for the place part. A 20/1 winner, will give you a "virtual" win of £27, £21 for the win and £6, for the place part. A 16/1, placed horse, will give you £5, etc, etc. E.g A winner on the TOTE may pay £4.20 for the win and £1.50, for the place, giving a total return of £5.70. A winner on the TOTE may pay £9.50 for the win and £2.60, for the place, giving a total return of £12.10 (Including your "virtual" stakes, included.) A placed horse on the TOTE, may pay £5.70, your return will be £5.70 ("virtual" stakes, included.) 2. Losing stakes will NOT be deducted, from your total. Your "virtual" profit, will accumulate, throughout the Competition. 3. Place terms will be as follows: 4 or less runners (All up to win S,P, and TOTE), 5,6,7 runners S.P.,1/4 the odds, 1st and 2nd.TOTE WIN and PLACE, 1st and 2nd Races with 8 or more runners,S.P 1/4 the odds 1st,2nd,3rd. TOTE WIN and PLACE, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.Handicaps of 16 to 21 runners, S.P. 1/4 odds 1st,2nd,3rd,4th.TOTE WIN and PLACE 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th. Handicaps of 22 or more runners, 5th place will also be paid at S.P., NO TOTE returns for 5th. There will also be extended place terms, on larger fields but NO TOTE returns, for extended places.  4. Any dead-heat occurring, will NOT, result in your stakes, being split!! 5. Rule 4 deductions of less than 15p in the £, will NOT be enforced. 6. You must post p your selections by MIDDAY, on a daily basis. 7. You will be asked to nominate a daily "NAP". Please indicate your NAP as follows: **ENABLE**. Your winning "NAP", will have it's SP or TOTE ODDS enhanced by 1 pt. E.G,S.P. Evens, will become 2/1,  6/4 >10/4 (5/2), 9/4 > 13/4, 5/2 > 7/2, 11/4 > 15/4 and so on. TOTE ODDS. £1.70, will become £2.70, £2.20 > £3.20, £3.20 > £4.20, £4.20 > £5.20, etc,etc. 8. You must indicate, on a daily basis, whether you want your selections to be settled at S.P/TOTE ODDS. Regards, Tom.
  3. Hi Mapantz, No sorry, I selected it out of photos of these clouds. I wanted to post up an example for those members, who hadn't seen these clouds before. A rather extreme example, I know.I should've mentioned that in my post. Regards, Tom.
  4. Morning Katrine and everyone, Beautiful morning here in S.E.London and what a difference to this time yesterday. We were in the middle of that first thundery "train" of showers. My thoughts and prayers are with my Nephew, his American wife and their baby daughter. They live at Sherman Oaks, a little way N.W. of Los Angeles, just off the Ventura Highway. When I heard Thousand Oaks mentioned the other day, with regard to that shooting and then the outbreak of forest fires, my blood ran cold, until I realised it was a different place. They are surrounded by forest fires. As some of you are aware, exactly a year ago, California was badly affected by forest fires, again. Fortunately they escaped unharmed but it was a close run thing!! Also by mid-December, they had come to stay with his mother/father, my sister/brother-in-law, on the Kent/S.E.London border, for Xmas. You can imagine my sister's relief. She must be frantic with worry again. I've just been reading Jo Farrow's blog about the event and the forecast, Santa Ana winds. They really could have done with the rainfall that we've had, over the past few days. Really worrying times, for our family. Regards, Tom.
  5. Up very early, cold annoying me and preventing me from sleeping. A quick glance at the radar reveals that the conveyor belt of heavy showers, has finally been turned off. The last of the thundery "trains" departing the E.Kent coast, a short while ago. So here in Lee yesterday we experienced three separate, thundery showers, albeit no more than a few rumbles in each. Still pretty noteworthy and something I've rarely experienced in my lifetime, in Summer months, let alone November. Rang local weatherman Ian Currie last night, down in Storrington, West Sussex and we even "out-thundered! him. Although it has been very wet, down there. Since Fri/Sat's, frontal rain, Ian's weather station has recorded 33+ mms of rainfall. Well over an inch of rain, in old money, to add to the heavy rain, of Fri/Sat!! I mentioned the growing excitement on the MOD thread re. a cold spell in 7/10 days time. He did indeed confirm that he thought it would turn much colder, than of late but that it was too premature to be talking about the "S" word. I mentioned to him that, back in my mid-teens, I can vividly remember watching Grandstand on a Saturday afternoon (for those of you too young to remember, a Sports programme.), one late November. Quick as a flash. he came up with the date, Sat.29th Nov.1969. Mr.Currie has an amazing memory, for extreme weather events!!The "Grandstand" programme was interrupted to give out a "flash" weather warning!! Disruptive snow was expected to move into Eastern districts, from the east coast and give a few inches in places, I was living in Bromley, Kent at the time. By mid-afternoon it started to snow and we had a decent covering, in Bromley. Very rarely have I seen a TV programme interrupted to give out a severe weather warning, perhaps only once before. See below for archive chart, of that event: SAT.29th NOV.1969. A brief foretaste of Winter but the high "toppled, a day later!! This from the November segment of, Trevor Harley's excellent British Weather, website: Quote: "1969 Fairly sunny, but very unsettled, and quite cool overall. 21C recorded at Totnes on the 3rd. 100 mm of rain fell in Country Antrim on the 21st. There was a severe cold snap at the end, with heavy snowfalls and strong northerly winds." Looked at a recording for, "Weather for the Week ahead", when I came downstairs. A much quieter day today, dry with sunny spells and still a mild 14c, in the London area. Remaining mild and dry for the rest of the week (Thurs. warmest day, poss.16c/17c for London area) and on into the weekend, with the likelihood of some overnight mist and fog, by the end of the week/weekend, which may be stubborn and slow to clear, as winds fall light, making it murky and gloomy. The forecaster then made a reference to the likelihood of colder air encroaching from the east, as we head into the following week. That's my interpretation of the week ahead, for our region. Just seen some superb photos of "mammatus" clouds taken by "weather watchers" during yesterday's thundery showers, on the latest forecast. Hope you all have a good, drying out day!! Regards, Tom.
  6. I see excitement is growing on the MAD thread for some much colder weather in 7-10 days, time. What an incredible turnaround that would be and quite a shock to the system!! Regards, Tom.
  7. Have forgiven Colette after her, "weather geek" comment of this morning. Back on kitchen duties tonight after having yesterday off, due to it being her birthday, she has just served up a delicious lamb roast!! Lots of sferics to the south of London now but that conveyor belt of showers should soon be turned off. As Ben L stated above, the weather about to settle down, with a ridge of high pressure building in. Perhaps fog becoming more of an issue, as winds eventually fall light. Regards, Tom.
  8. Probably some "orographic lift" over the Downs, aiding the situation too. Both North and South!! Regards, Tom.
  9. Must have been what I heard in Lee, Steve. Not quite as loud as that crash at the end of July, when St. Mildred's Church got struck, on the Sth Circular. Regards, Tom.
  10. Just arrived downstairs from my "obligatory " afternoon nap and all "hell has broken loose". Torrential rain, vivid lightning and "gunshot" thunder Easy this forecasting lark .Pfft!! Did I say earlier, "November not normally associated with thunder"!! Get the angle of flow right and the ingredients are there. That's a pretty long sea track, from the north coast of the Brest Peninsula, N.E. to the Isle of Wight. Can we please have the same sort of dynamics in place for a ENE flow, a few weeks further down the line. Agree with Angela above, probably as much thunder as we've had all Summer, in the past few days. Heat doesn't necessarily equate to thunder, if a trigger isn't there!! Regards, Tom.
  11. Yes, Angela and possibly a 3rd train on the "tracks" now, departing the Isle of Wight perhaps all stations to Victoria. It's certainly very turbulent at the moment, with all the ingredients there for these Autumnal thundery showers. Regards, Tom.
  12. Absolutely chucked it down about 25 mins ago with some very noisy hail. Only heard one rumble of thunder, though. It's been fascinating watching the radar returns of these two shower trains. Both initiated around about the Isle of Wight and behaved very similarly, tracking N.E. As Badger reported this morning, the first "train" produced quite a few sferics, to the S.W. of London. This then transferred gradually eastwards with the electrical activity diminishing, quite rapidly. This second "train" has behaved, very similarly. Quite a lot of sferics S.W. of London, tailing off as it tracked away to the N.E. Both "trains" seemed to have moved in the same direction as that main band of rain, that sat over N.E.France, earlier on this morning. Regards, Tom.
  13. Yep, Shower train No.2 just landing here in S.E.London. Had to get cab home from Sainsbury's, Lee Green. There were very ominous skies, just to the west of us. Pouring with rain, as I type. This will probably transfer eastwards, with time. Stunning walk down to Lee Green earlier, after that first shower train had moved away. Regards, Tom.
  14. Skies now turning brighter here in S.E.London. Will leave for my walk down to Lee Green, soon. Just had a back-handed compliment from the wife!! Quote: "I'm glad a married a weather "geek". It prevents me from getting wet, SOMETIMES"(emphasised) Charming!! Regards, Tom.
  15. Think it was a wise decision to delay my walk, thunder here in Lee, accompanied by heavy rain!! Hoping this "train" will gradually transfer eastwards, in a short while. Regards, Tom.