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  1. Shouldn't be too long. https://www.buienradar.nl/ Regards, Tom
  2. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Bb, for winning the inaugural running of the Cheltenham Tipping Competition, I'd like to present you, with the following: A Steve Murr, Chocolate Teapot - And, an Ian Brown, "WTF" box of "Close but no cigars" - Many congratulations, Bb. Regards, Tom.
  3. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Hi Bb, glad you backed those winners. Yes as I stated before, Hayley is a big fan of Davy Russell and backs a lot of "Giggys" horses ( as she calls them!! ). So she had a very profitable, Cheltenham. My daughter certainly put her boyfriend, PaulBR7, to shame!! Paul was Racing Manager, at Sunderland;s and is usually, a very good "judge". So his form, is all wrong, probably being "got ready", for something, further down the line!! Fancy a re-match, at Aintree? Regards, Tom.
  4. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    What a tremendous finish to the inaugural running of the NETWEATHER CHELTENHAM TIPPING CUP, A very small but select field of eight gathered at Cheltenham, for the event. The small field no doubt due to the fact that no prize money, was on offer!! The invited foreign gelding,AntonyBR7, soon led and jumping boldly, headed the field , on the first day but blundered away his chance on the 2nd day and weakened rapidly, thereafter .Antony has form ,in similar events, making the early running, only to drop away rapidly, soon after. Certainly one to note, if connections can find a 2 day festival or the 3 day Festival at Aintree, rather than the stamina sapping, four days of Cheltenham!! TomSE12 looked threatening, when making rapid headway, through the field, on Wednesday but his run, soon petered out. Perhaps would also do better, over a shorter Festival, like Aintree, perhaps. JennyJane1, that game mare, from the SE thread, made a move on the 3rd day but ran on through beaten entrants on Friday. Perhaps one to note, if turning out for the longer trip, of the 5 day, Royal Ascot Festival. MattNeal, prominent in the early stages, started to fade, on the final two days. Perhaps another one to note, over a shorter trip. Kirkcaldy Weather, ran in snatches but the Scottish gelding is possibly being "laid out" for his local festival, at the Ayr Grand National meeting. PaulBR7, ran no sort of race at all, this form is all wrong and should be ignored. Won quite a few events, over various trips, when trained at Sunderland's, this smart gelding, can be excused this baffling performance. Now the principals, invited mare HayleyBR7 , multiple event winner when trained at Sunderlands, started to make headway, late on Wednesday and improving her position, on Thursday, got herself into a challenging position, throughout Friday, indeed taking up the running and hitting the front, one race out. Seemingly going better than the leader, blundered her chance away. A very eye-catching performance, though. Bristleboy, made some headway, late on Tuesday and nothing was going better, throughout Thursday. came under strong pressure from HayleyBR7 but that mare, blundered her chance away, late on the last day. Bristleboy stayed on well, up the run in, to land the spoils.Will the West country trained gelding be as effective over the day shorter trip, if turning out, for the 3 day. Aintree Grand National meeting? RESULT OF THE NETWEATHER CHELTENHAM TIPPING COMPETITION 1st - BRISTLEBOY - £94.55 ( prominent throughout, led but headed, regained lead, near finish, ran on well. ) 2nd - HAYLEYBR7 - £92.26 ( rapid late headway, moving like the winner, when blundered her chance, away. Unlucky. ) 3rd - TOMSE12 - £56.93 (Promonent early but run soon petered out. Would benefit from shorter trip) 4th - JENNYJANE1 - £54.77 ( Made eye-catching late headway, perhaps would benefit, from longer trip ) 5th - MATTNEAL - £49.37 6th - ANTONYBR7 - £48.83 7th - KIRKCALDYWEATHER - £44.42 LAST - PAULBR7 - £34.33
  5. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    RESULT OF THE NETWEATHER CHELTENHAM TIPPING COMPETITION 1st - BRISTLEBOY - £94.55 2nd - HAYLEYBR7 - £92.26 3rd - TOMSE12 - £56.93 4th - JENNYJANE1 - £54.77 5th - MATTNEAL - £49.37 6th - ANTONYBR7 - £48.83 7th - KIRKCALDYWEATHER - £44.42 LAST - PAULBR7 - £34.33 Full report later. Regards, Tom.
  6. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    5.30 Chelt Gino Trail returns - £7.25 Top Gamble returns - £3.00 Tom.
  7. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    4.50 Chelt. ( 5 places ) Blow By Blow returns - £15.75 Diese Des Bieffes (5th) £2.13 Tom.
  8. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    4.10 Chelt. NO RETURNS. Tom.
  9. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    3.30 Chelt. (Gold Cup) Native River returns - £8.25 Might Bite returns - £2.00 What a terrific race!! Tom.
  10. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    2.50 Chelt. Santini returns - £1.69 Tom.
  11. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    2.10 Chelt. Whiskey Sour returns - £2.75 Lagostovegas returns - £6.00 Tom.
  12. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Sorry, was just having lunch. Wow, the Irish band wagon rolls on!! 1.30 Chelt. Farclas returns - £13.25 Mr. Adjudicator returns - £3.00. Tom.
  13. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    Mattneal's selections. Final Day. V/W Bal. £44.37 1:30 Apples Shakira 2:10 Flying Tiger 2:50 Poetic Rythm 3:30 Might Bite 4:10 Unioniste 4:50 Cater Mckay 5:30 Top Gamble
  14. Cheltenham Tipping Competition

    PaulBR7s selections. Final Day. V/W Bal. £15.33 1.30 - Farclas 2.10 - Whiskey Sour 2.50 - Dortmund Park 3.30 - Our Duke 4.10 - Foxrock 4.50 - Flawless Escaoe 5.30 - Top Gamble. Phew, just got back in time!! Good luck to everyone!! Regards, Tom