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  1. I know but I'd extend the warning because of the rain if anything. Just the 5 minutes of heavy rain I got today caused flooding on the road at the front of my house.
  2. Someone else said Friday, I'm talking about tomorrow.
  3. I saw CAPE charts for tomorrow and other charts like that, that someone posted and they showed nothing in that spot. They showed more central.
  4. I did get thunder and lightning and I wasn't in the warning. In fact the most intense part was never in the warning
  5. I'm not saying it's rubbish or anything. I got a thunderstorm this morning with intense rainfall and I wasn't in the warning area at all. I also saw those guys who do those convective forecasts taking about North and Central UK. They also said birmingham is a good spot. I swear you just want to argue with me and cause things to go off topic. I'm just saying what I've seen I don't need or want a response from you everytime.
  6. It's raining again. It's that really light stuff though that looks like fog.
  7. The warning for Thursday looks wrong as well. I believe both Thursday and Friday the storms form more north and central UK. At least that's what I'm seeing so far. Met office always seems to contradict what everyone else is saying. It's very strange.
  8. What ever that is, it doesn't work.
  9. It's trying to brighten up here.
  10. Yup, really good set up for really intense thunderstorms. I wonder if they'll do the conveyor belt thing like they did in past days.
  11. I have a good feeling about tomorrow.
  12. I got a storm lol. Before it all weakened.
  13. Yup, although Friday and Saturday don't look too bad.
  14. Yup. I'm going to catch up on some sleep tonight.