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  1. What is this "dome" y'all refer to? Apologies, I haven't been here very long, want to know what to blame the lack of storms on.
  2. Today.. not a heatwave at all. Worst weather i've seen for a long time. Lots of rain and mist. Thick mist and barely above 14°C this evening.
  3. I've been wondering why some sites like the BBC has been forecasting temperatures for my area at least 3+ degrees below what they have been. The most extreme case was last Thursday they only preducted a high of 21° yet it ended up being 26°, even at the beach. Does this have to do with the fact that their station is situated on Portland? I remember when Emma hit, there was a significant difference in temperature between Portland and Weymouth yet that apparently wasn't the case. It just bugs me, seeing places like Bournemouth and Lyme Regis in the high twenties but poor Weymouth having forecast temps similar to the Hebrides.
  4. Very light rain shower this morning. Thank god most of that stuff to the west has missed me. Wanted a good thunderstorm but most certainly don't want what's over Devon and Cornwall right now.
  5. Well.. the fog's lifted in the past half hour (Weymouth)
  6. First post, hi all! Not a bad start in Weymouth this morning
  7. Sunny with little cloud in Weymouth area.