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  1. Anyone able to make sense of the radar and prospects for the Portsmouth area? I hear it's moving SE but it seems to be spinning around and not over my location.
  2. Weymouth where my family is right now. Nothing on the ground in Portsmouth. Lucky buggers, it was only half an hour ago that I was telling them about our snow whilst they had rain! received_1152823068233142.mp4
  3. How's the south coast looking for tomorrow? Both bbc and meto are jumping between heavy snow and sleet for the Portsmouth area.
  4. Sleeting quite hard Portsmouth. Didn't know until I came inside and my black coat was covered in it.
  5. Loud claps of thunder and a few flashes of lightning in Weymouth Only just got here too, what a treat 🌩
  6. Precip on radar but nothing falling here in Portsmouth. Isle of Wight has dissapeared from view so I suspect there's something out there...
  7. Do you think it will be predominantly overcast this week? Meto are keen on going with bits of sun but lots of cloud. Anyhow, at least the rain's holding off for my plans up to midweek.
  8. Thanks, yeah Portland is known to be significantly cooler than surrounding areas because of it's location sticking out into the channel. Still don't understand why temperature forecasts for Weymouth are so varied and close and if not the same as Portland, as that's dead wrong!
  9. Can someone explain why there's usually a 5 - 10 degree variation in temps between different forecasters for my area? I believe we reached 26° here today. Met office not far out. I'm blaming the fact the weather station is at Portland bill? bbc wants to believe that the temperature there is the same as here. So irritating, i've had people message me saying the weather here is crap - no.. it's actually pretty hot!
  10. Eclipse has been visible here since it began to pass out of the shadow, probably couldn't see it earlier because the haze blocked it out. Budget smartphone camera provides the evidence!
  11. After it rained last night there appears to spots of sand/dust all over the cars! Instead of cleaning anything off it made it dirtier!
  12. Looked like it would rain for a few hours but had about 40 seconds of rain and the chances of anything more extreme than that are diminishing.
  13. Quite right! Even the most recent forecast has no mention of it down in the SE. I'm wondering this too. Meanwhile, showers are appearing in the Winchester area.
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