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  1. Couple of rumbles down in Southampton...thought it looked thundery and lo and behold the thunder replied!
  2. Realised it was Brize soon after I sent that ? Flashes are crazy though! Heading straight for us!
  3. Can see distant but frequent flashes looking south from up here in Oxfordshire...and a constant distant rumbling like planes. Weird! Should get good later on!
  4. Was too far east for the original predictions, and now too far west for SE storm...I can't win ?
  5. Expecting storms from midnight onwards - simply because it's my birthday then and I was born in a thunderstorm. It's a running joke in my family that it's always thunder and lightning on my birthday! (Which it frequently is!)
  6. Hi all, am looking to purchase a lightning detector - or other weather recording device - for a reasonable price. Was wondering what you would all recommend! Thanks
  7. Watching storms develop counts as revising for an exam on atmospheric processes right??
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