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  1. Couple of rumbles down in Southampton...thought it looked thundery and lo and behold the thunder replied!
  2. Realised it was Brize soon after I sent that Flashes are crazy though! Heading straight for us!
  3. Can see distant but frequent flashes looking south from up here in Oxfordshire...and a constant distant rumbling like planes. Weird! Should get good later on!
  4. Was too far east for the original predictions, and now too far west for SE storm...I can't win
  5. Expecting storms from midnight onwards - simply because it's my birthday then and I was born in a thunderstorm. It's a running joke in my family that it's always thunder and lightning on my birthday! (Which it frequently is!)
  6. Hi all, am looking to purchase a lightning detector - or other weather recording device - for a reasonable price. Was wondering what you would all recommend! Thanks
  7. Watching storms develop counts as revising for an exam on atmospheric processes right??
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