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  1. Hopefully taken a afternoon stroll while it stayed dry here just shocked how much Damage Dennis done
  2. Flooding on railways already roads are tricky in places where is this rain going to go everywhere is sodden ?
  3. River taff getting high again daughter sent home from college ??
  4. Had a dry day quite windy nice in the sun actually saw some one mowing there lawn go's down hill again now the weekend is here ?
  5. Got thunder again lashing down more now than last summer crazy
  6. Send my regards to those that's been effected by this weather event been watching the taff this morning never seen this high for years ??????????????
  7. It's chaos in South Wales rivers very swollen railway roads under water the taff this afternoon bet it will be worse come tomorrow
  8. It would certainly cause damage if it comes off got to be a red warning.
  9. What a groty day just saw on twitter snow fall in India something gone wrong big time this season been like it since September.
  10. Rain band is here hamming down not that windy yet see the squall line behind the front
  11. Huge flash of lightning and thunder in Cardiff now even me jump
  12. We are here in thrope Park very wet here came from Cardiff yesterday from a deluge guest it followed me here
  13. lashing down here it's coming in fast now sky TV gone down already wife is moaning ?
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