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  1. lashing down here it's coming in fast now sky TV gone down already wife is moaning
  2. Sun came out briefly but the wind is very gusty this evening
  3. At Alton towers good weather Sunday rain hitting now for a wet Monday after noon
  4. Sun's out today very gusty winds here brilliant storm yesterday evening hopefully more to come over the summer feels like autumn today
  5. Showers building down south very warm in the sun clouds are building
  6. Rain clearing here it shows 14 but feels warm showers building down south now
  7. Been watching the Blackpool live cam couple of bright flashes on there lashing down now seeing people running for cover on the prom
  8. Got heavy rain here nice to see freshen things up hopefully dampen the ground to stop the mountain fires
  9. What a day seen snow this morning on a470 hail sun 5 claps of thunder now rain again sun out now mad April day
  10. Just had a mad hail Storm went down to 3 degrees crazy
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