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  1. Is that a low top super cell storm over Milton Keynes, that looks to be going north very very slowly. Or just a powerful storm?
  2. The storm cell to the south of here decayed in the last 20mins but there is still the storm cell moving north from Milton Keynes, might hit us, might not. What will tomorrow bring higher temperatures and higher humidity forecast 30c across SE England or unless its changed. What an interesting day the UK has had.
  3. Northwest storms slowly decaying. But the Bedfordshire and the tail end storm over Northamptonshire look to be converging this could be a spectacular light show tonight peeps. High anvil tops looking South and SE just a matter of time. No wind at all, gone very quiet!
  4. More storm development SE England maybe another bite at the cherry tonight, across the East Midlands. I do feel sorry for the people of Northwest England. For lack of storm activity.
  5. Saw alot of thunder activity last night over Market Harborough just constant sheet lightning hardly no precipitation very loud thunder and only 9c which was weird. Then a small convective storm around 6am just a few rumbles of thunder before moving away. Now a distant storm to the West, but weakening as its moving Northeasterly. 3 storms in one day, just like the good old 1990s. But I can never forget the thunderstorms over Great Yarmouth of the summer of 1997 them storms produce so much lightning it was every second for several hours, the best thunderstorm I have ever seen.
  6. Are the Thunderstorms moving Northeast? Just constant rumbling Market Harborough.
  7. Watching the skies to the SW its getting closer sky is looking dark. #sigh Going to miss us. How do you upload pictures? Just as I wrote the above I hear a crack of Thunder. Yes maybe.
  8. Lots of cloud developing over Market Harborough, sky looking hazy possible shower/storm development South East, North and North West direction's from my location. My thermometer reads 28.4c very little wind, very humid. Looking Northwest looks good for you guys across Northwest England. Maybe!?
  9. Cheshire and North Wales could get one or two brief Thundery showers soon, If there is enough convection. Some heavy thundery rain across southern wales, might intensify but weakening. I might be wrong it's just my instinct.
  10. Are there more storms forecast for East Midlands? Early evening and tonight will be cool just like last night.
  11. First storm to hit Market Harborough in May since 2004, and we get two on Sunday 27th May 2018. First storm was the best in the early hours lasted nearly an hour, lots of lightning, lets hope this set up continues NE Wind feeding in from the North Sea, Storms moving out of Southeast England on a NW direction heading towards Cheshire. Thanks to the NE winds its producing convective storms across the Midlands. More Storms forecast for later today and Monday, fingers crossed.
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    Seen a few of these earlier, over Market Harborough, About time we had some decent storms across Midlands.
  13. This is my first time posting on here but want to add that storms in my area seem to be increasing and becoming more intense of late in the East Midland, particularly along the Northamptonshire Leicestershire border I live in Leicestershire. Here are some memorable storms, which I have seen in recent years, I don't have exact dates apart from one or two. June 2002, strong locally severe thunderstorms head North from the SW W/large hail, frequent lightning. May 2004 strong overnight thunderstorms moved in from the SE frequent lightning there were some spectacular CG lightning.
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