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  1. That just shows how difficult it is to get cold over here. Such an awkward position to be in.
  2. Being a weather enthusiast in the UK is frustrating. Nothing much happening again this week. But the sun is out which is all I ask for if it's not cold and snowy. Better than cloudy overcast gloom.
  3. Looks like I can go out next week wearing a light jumper. 14C in the sun will feel nice. Won't be surprised if we get colder weather in March but for now I'll put my winter coat away!
  4. Very poor here in East London. No lying snow unfortunately. My university in the west of the city had a good 4cm on the ground yesterday. Seems like west and south London did pretty well. Next week shows temperatures up to 11C. As a cold lover I prefer frigid easterlies for proper cold so I welcome the mild weather next week. Better than 5C and a slush fest. Glad some folk got a good snow event though.
  5. Your posts give me a good laugh keep it up. So much effort and hype over a dusting for most I bet. But let's see where this goes might surprise a few people.
  6. What does it mean for the jet stream with much of the eastern seaboard to be mild? Good news for us I hope.
  7. Meanwhile in America........ not jealous at all ! Feels pretty mild out there. Hoping for the return of cold on Sunday
  8. Couple of milder days ahead then back to cold. Not bad. My first winter model watching and its a rather hectic one. Hopefully not every winter is like this. Quite opposite to earlier last year with the summer being predicted quite comfortably by the models with those 6-8 weeks of prolonged hot weather. Learning a lot through this forum.It's nice
  9. Why do people prefer powder snow more than wet snow/larger snowflakes most of the time? What are the main differences between them?
  10. Hey guys any chance any snow accumulated will last till tomorrow morning? Would like to wake up and see the snow on the ground in day light
  11. Snowfall is getting heavier now. How long will it last ? lol
  12. Been snowing for 30 minutes straight starting to settle on cars. Pavement is still to wet
  13. Big snowflakes here in low land East London now! Was raining so the ground is wet. Now replaced with wet snow
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