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  1. Hey everyone just wanted to know if the rain beforehand will prevent snow from settling?
  2. High ceilings in buildings.... heat rises up with cooler air below at ground level. Lot of architecture was built like that. In the UK we dont really have homes of that nature.
  3. Well they have the facilities to deal with these types of conditions whereas most of us don't.
  4. This heat is ridiculous. Think I'll stay home tomorrow. High 30s and possible 40C is unbearable. Dread to think this will become more common in the future. Don't quite understand people celebrating 40C being breached. very dangerous being out and about in those temp.
  5. Saw this on twitter hope its just a joke. Isnt this a bit too close to the runway? For me at least.
  6. I'm usually not very good with heat and humidity so next week's forecast is making me nervous. Using the central line during rush hour will be hell. If we get some great thunderstorms then it will be worth it. I just hope this event does not last too long. 40°C is just too much for me I can handle 30°C fine.
  7. I have read that we could get a few storms with this set up next week but was wondering what the weather would be like in general with those uppers and humidity........ hot and dry or wet with cloud cover? or a mix of the two.
  8. Well I think ramping gets out of hand for both sides but it's more understandable for coldies since southern england can go years without lying snow so most ppl become desperate. Just saying that warm weather lovers have it better.
  9. Main difference is that we rarely get prolonged cold whereas heat is always guaranteed in the summer be it 2 weeks or 2 months long. Coldies aren't as greedy imo a short lived easterly satisfies everyone. I dont understand why anyone would want months on end of high 20s to low 30s like last summer.
  10. A cool start to May seems likely. It will still feel warm in any sunshine though 15C feels more like 20C in May when there's no cloud cover.
  11. Nothing significantly warm showing up on the models for the foreseeable future.
  12. Is it ever going to rain again here in London? Just light showers that lasted 5 minutes around here. Rhetorical question......... thankfully it seems as if this weekend will bring some rain around these ends.
  13. The onset of rain and cooler weather this week is much needed. Past couple of days have been nice but before heading into summer proper a bit of rain is welcomed. Days on end of blue skies gets boring after a while as do overcast gloom fests in November. What I love about our climate is that nothing hangs around for too long. Last summer was brutal.
  14. Could you elaborate on that for newbies like me ? thanks
  15. That just shows how difficult it is to get cold over here. Such an awkward position to be in.
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