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  1. Looks like that cell is going right up the heart of the county, with the eastern side just missing the action.
  2. Hey guys! Just got in from work, remarkable just how quickly the sun went and the rain started on the first crack of thunder.
  3. Morning all. So this is interesting. I thought it was suppose to be changing to rain down here in Folkestone and around the South Kent coast - but still it comes down as Snow. What has changed?
  4. Coming down nicely now. Didn't even need to go close to the window to check. Lovely.
  5. I'm not too bothered about this week, as one of the things I have learnt over my many years on here is - once the cold is in place and here - then its easier to see a more sustain period of cold and snowy weather coming in - whether in two days or two weeks. Remember we got a fair bit not just at the end of February, start of March last year but also in the middle of March. Relax. I'm gonna crack open a beer and watch the rest of the footy.
  6. Gotta be honest, wouldn't mind a quick thaw by Saturday as I'm due to be heading into London from Folkestone for an all-dayer! Went to a party the day after last year's entertainment in early March which went OK ultimately though.
  7. Morning all, A bit of snizzle down here in the centre of Folkestone right now.
  8. Snow keeps falling. That pivot is definitely happening. Going to be interesting
  9. There is definitely some wintriness in what's coming down here right now.
  10. Er. Just checked the weather on the iPhone and it's saying a chance of snow down here this evening? Folkestone.
  11. Evening all, Gorgeous evening down here in Folky, breeze coming off the channel - absolutely beautiful. Need a breakdown though, I do however have a gig tomorrow evening in Thanet, so am in two minds what I want.
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