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  1. It will be interesting to read the post mortem on this one: everything pointed to a good storm as I understand it. And yet wow, what a bust! Guess the unknown factors are what keeps it interesting .
  2. Indeed. And an underwhelming night of watching too. Well we live and learn
  3. I was so excited about That Hatched Area. However. That Hatched Area appears to have been a storm shield. Can't even get any decent rain. And I still daren't sleep in case I miss something! Regards. Mizzle. (Sulking). NE Hants.
  4. I refuse to give up. And I'm not even in the Hatched Area! Just slightly West of it in NE Hants. Can't take the pro-plus because fingers are all busy being crossed. Eerily still here. Just the sound of heavy individual raindrops falling through the trees and shrubs. Think I am getting false returns in my ears because I keep hearing distant rolls of thunder. That surely can't be right.
  5. Seriously off topic...but if you have any cloves then soften it with a little chew and hold it on the pain if you can. Contains stuff that is mildly anaesthetic and worked for me when I broke a molar.
  6. I have the same issue. Have to click on the avatars pic to go to their page.
  7. I had a look for a local weather station for you. Wunderground.com (i.e. not the app) appears to have a link for a local weather station - https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/ICALNE10?cm_ven=localwx_pwsdash I would guess that if the app is driven by this data it should be ok.
  8. I am sure there were some earlier posts explaining which direction would be best to view the storms from to avoid view being more hindered by rain/cloud. Can anyone explain this again please - I can't find the posts.
  9. Would be interested to know where in London. My father in law also tells me a about the ball lightning he saw in London as a child - 1950s.
  10. I keep watching the rain appear to back build and it reminds me of a Thames Streamer...is that possible with rain rather than snow?
  11. 25mm here in North Hampshire. Been relentless since about 3pm.
  12. There has been a major increase in Ash tree disease - lots of ash trees coming down, and maybe prioritised due to incoming Gareth?
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