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  1. So for most of us there'll be no lamppost watching during the festive countdown. Fortunately, NORAD satellites have picked up something else worth tracking Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all fellow weather geeks and huge thanks to one and all for a great forum. Official NORAD Santa Tracker WWW.NORADSANTA.ORG Follow Santa Claus as he makes his magical journey around the...
  2. Ever the optimist, I can see the angel fish reforming in FI.
  3. New thread just in time as the GFS 06z rolls out. Will it continue with interesting eye-candy charts for the cold hunters?
  4. Just want to say how much your updates are appreciated @jordan smith. Really helpful for those of us still learning: nice model image selections with easy to understand interpretations. Cheers!
  5. Could I put in a request for this kind of distinctly unexpected please?
  6. As we near 11am I hope it's ok to post this Weeping Window remembrance image of poppies in the snow by Ed Matysiak. Seems appropriate.
  7. Thank you @DiagonalRedLine for the info and diagrams on the shortwaves - I have been wondering how/why they caused issues but didn't like to ask. And thanks to all of you who help us lurkers learn, especially with the explanations and helpful graphics. Currently learning loads with the interesting model outputs!
  8. Being a novice with the charts, I did a double take with this one. Being so used to seeing the blues/purples sitting centrally (ish) I don't quite know how to read it. Obviously its fl, but what would the weather implications be?
  9. On a break in New Forest and just heard two deep rumbles to our SW - around Wimborne Minster showing a few strikes on lightning maps. Just wondering weather to go for a drive to see if we can catch a strike or two from a vantage point: or just stay in and eat chocolate truffles
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