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  1. What is meant by 'more organised'? I see people mention it but I don't really understand it? (To be fair I understand relatively little about storms but am trying to learn!). Thanks.
  2. NE Hants (Fleet) and light rain has just started...feels so cooling in this sticky air. 😊
  3. Blimey!!! NE Hants and it's properly snowing! Whirling around in the wind it almost looks like a soft southern blizzard 😂
  4. Wowsers. Snow flakes in Fleet ( NE Hants). Wasn't really expecting that! Spent the whole winter watching the snow avoid us on all sides and come April my patience has been rewarded 😂❄❄
  5. @Cold Winter Night and @zubzero thank you for those great tips, much appreciated. 😊
  6. As one who is slowly learning I like to check the models, decide what I think it means and then check in here to see if my interpretation was correct. Tonight I see this! What would this FI weather be because I can't work it out.
  7. I do hope this year's storm season is better than last year: just the one event when in previous years I've managed a Hants chase a handful of times. 🤞⚡
  8. I have a feeling after spending the last week being too far West, NE Hants is now too far East 🙄
  9. Returned from a gorgeously cold and sunny walk with the dogs and thought I'd share these lovely ice pics.
  10. Anyone in Winchester seeing snow? Just checked my forecast for NE Hants and I have a 50% chance of snow in tje next couole of hours. Checked the radar and the pink appears to be mov8ng East! 😮
  11. I've seen a few of those crystal showers during this event, but no full on snow. It just doesnt have the oomph to get to me; literally dissolves about 5 miles to my East 😶😂
  12. Noticed the IOW look to be getting snow....and Truro & St Austell according to the radar. Hope it looks pretty 😊
  13. Would be my current luck that if I go to sleep, said storm shields would collapse. Because despite most believing the weather is grounded in science, it is in fact decided on in direct contrast to my wishes. 😁
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