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  1. Welcome. It's a great forum with experts, super amateurs, learners, newbies and lurkers all enjoying that strangely exciting interest call meteorology. You certainly picked a great day to join - scorching here in NE Hants.
  2. A strike in Southampton showing on lightning maps. Is that a false one?
  3. Sleety snow in Fleet: that is, essentially sleet but with a dusting of light, fluffy flakes mingled amongst it. ? Edit: Now it's snowy snow ?
  4. Lamppost watching was a non-starter imby so I've been watching the 00z GFS runs: and to my still learning eyes, March looks to be opening with some eventful weather. Is that Storm Ellen I spy? With a couple of channel lows in the following days? #BeKind
  5. We had an AMAZING snow day on that day in NE Hants - some 15cm with snow falling all day. It was I recall due to a 'mesoscale event' embedded within a channel low ( way above my knowledge base, just how I recall it being explained as such after the unexpected dumping).
  6. We have a similar problem in the front garden: water runs off the raised farmland across the road and heads our way. ? That flowing water sound...? Rain~2.mp4
  7. I think my location enhances the gusty effect - but yes, early hours was stronger. Dennis has outperformed Ciara for me.
  8. Squall line passing over now. Wowsers! Torrential rain and impressive gusts.
  9. So for most of us there'll be no lamppost watching during the festive countdown. Fortunately, NORAD satellites have picked up something else worth tracking ?? Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to all fellow weather geeks and huge thanks to one and all for a great forum. Official NORAD Santa Tracker WWW.NORADSANTA.ORG Follow Santa Claus as he makes his magical journey around the...
  10. Ever the optimist, I can see the angel fish reforming in FI.
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