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  1. Just back from a snow walk , got a good few cm's in the end , nice to see everything turn white, happy with that:)
  2. still snowing here , starting to turn everything white , turning into a good evening , bout to walk the dog out in it!
  3. just went up shop with the dog , came down heavy for a bit , all snow , like a mini blizzard! tried to settle.
  4. I saw some talk from the MO of low pressure tracking towards biscay , would this be too far south?
  5. What a difference a day makes! blue sky /sun /cold, ideal for the mid morning dog walk
  6. Just though I would say a quick hello Have been watching these forums for about a year now , enjoy watching the views of posters who clearly know alot more than me about whats going on! Hopefully some interesting weather to come over the next few weeks and the rest of winter (seems to be alot of confusion at the moment) and I can learn a thing or 2 along the way:)
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