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  1. Up to 1.8C here after a low of -5.3C, but that should be good for snow as long as it doesn't creep up much further
  2. Can confirm heavy wet snow at my house and proper snow on the top of the hills in Blackdowns. Chances of settling...zero
  3. Work up to about two inches this morning and been snowing non stop since 10am here. Very heavy around lunch time. Hard to get a level as it is blowing around in drifts, but best estimate 15-20cm. Max temp -0.7, so the third ice day in two and a bit weeks...crazy! Hopefully a bit more to come tonight as well to ensure a snow day tmw...Yay!
  4. Horizontal snow means no accumulation to speak of yet. I wonder where it's all getting blown to...?
  5. Grade A Baloney... Might be a thing on their commercial policy re liability, but this is not a general thing for all car insurance So feel free to go out and stick your car in a ditch if you like...
  6. The question is will we better this by the end of next week? "By the 14th March, the strong winds had abated and a thaw of the snow began. Reports from the time spoke of up to 4 feet of snow in parts of the south-west and the deep ravine, Tavy Cleave by Dartmoor, had apparently filled with snow to depths of 300 feet as snow was driven in by the gales." Now that's a lot of snowmen...
  7. Having lived in Kent until 2012 I have first hand experience of Steve Murr's giddiness when it comes to predicting snow depths, which never come even close to happening. If he was right even half the time then we would all be living in igloos...
  8. Down from 5.1 to 3.7 in an hour here...at this rate will turn to snow around half four... Just as the precipitation stops
  9. Looking at the radar there is a big lump of rain which needs to push through first, behind this there is some less well organised precipitation, this is what we need to look out for as this is the area which may get undercut by the cold air and turn to the white stuff... Behind this there seem to be a lot of heavy showers pushing across Ireland, which if they stay intact should be snow by the time they reach the south west, but it would be hit and miss if you got one.
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