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  1. Sunny and 13C at the marina. 14C-15C half a mile inland. UV is 5 already, we do have a forecast from the meto for UV to be 7 by 13:00. Sea temp in Torbay is 11.9C. Live feed: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/torquay/torquay.html
  2. UV6.6 may well have been accurate as I've just checked the meto forecast for Torquay today and its now saying UV7 for 13:00.
  3. Reached 18C here just before 3pm and is currently 17C. UV must have been strong as meto predicted UV6 for here and the station reported UV9 which may be innacurate but it has to have been very strong to get that kind of reading. We've had mostly blue skies and plenty of fair weather clouds.
  4. Sunny and 11C here at the marina with a few 12C's and 13C's already popping up at stations around the bay at 9am. Pressure is shooting up and only a light breeze. UV at 9am is UV3 with a meto prediction of UV6 by 13:00, and a top temp of 17C by 16:00. An absolutely cracking day ahead here I think. Current live feed is beautiful: https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/torquay/torquay.html
  5. The sky this afternoon was the most beautiful I've seen it for a long time. The sky itself was a perfect blue and the fluffy clouds as white as snow against it. And that was all set against green with most of the trees approaching full leaf now. I hope storm Hannah tracks north from me as I wouldn't like to think what 50 to 60 mph gusts would do to the neighbourhood. Take a look at the trees now:
  6. Sunny all day again in Torquay. I could see some high cloud and mist out in the channel by late afternoon. After a low of 11C it reached 21C by midday, 23C at 3pm, and a high of 26C between 4pm and 4:45pm. Its currently 13C at 11:30pm.
  7. Got up to 25C here in Torquay yesterday under full blue skies all day, it was as busy as it is in the summer which really surprised me. Currently 21C and sunny. Some pictures from yesterday:
  8. Reached 24C yesterday and already up to 19C today at 10am! The sea temp here in the Bay is currently 10.9C and should rise further over the weekend. The average for April last year was only 9.3C so we are doing quite nicely as we start the 2019 spring/summer season. A lovely live street level view of Torquay inner harbour right now: http://www.skylinewebcams.com/webcam/united-kingdom/england/torquay/torquay.html
  9. I'm not buying into any wintry weather for my location. The lowest daytime temperatures are 10C on Monday and Tuesday. Also looks like there will be plenty of sunshine and the sun is really packing a punch now. And its hard to compete with the sun!
  10. Greetings from the SW board. A couple of personal weather stations here in Torquay are already at 18C. Most stations depending on location are between 55F and 65F just before 11am! Sorry to hear its been bad over there which really surprises me. Its been sunny here since Sunday and looks like we might squeeze in one more day tomorrow. Flowers are everywhere now and the trees are coming into leaf so I hope we don't get any cold next week although its unlikely this far south and west.
  11. After reading some of yesterdays posts I'm glad I was in Torquay as it was clear blue sky all day. Looks like a repeat today and it will probably be the warmest day this month. Looking at some personal weather stations near me there are some now into the low 60's at 10:30am! . The UV as been good this week too, I've got a lovely glow! You can see in the picture that some people are still wearing jackets here, I must really stand out in my Hawaiian shirt! People must think I'm Scottish!
  12. I'm surprised that there are no warm weather reports from yesterday. There were some pretty high temps recorded by personal weather stations accross a wide area. Here in Torbay a lot of stations were reporting 13C by 2pm with some reporting 14C and 2 had 15C. The nearest PWS near me right by Torquay Marina eventually got up yo 15.2C while a nearby station about half a mile away had a high of 14.7C. We had clear blue skies so I headed out at 3pm and in Torquay there's a screen with the time and temperature and it said 15C. I went off to the big park on the seafront took my jacket off and fed the birds. It was only at 16:45pm when the sun was getting very low that I could feel a bit of a chill. A lovely experience so early in the year and something that was not forecast.
  13. Coast of South Devon this morning currently between 6C-7C in places like Salcombe, Brixham, Torquay. Here at Torquay Marina its 6.7C. Despite the radar its only just started lightly raining.
  14. When I went outside to put something in the bin at 2:45am it was so light it was like dawn. I could see for miles and can't remember ever seeing a night as bright as this one. Temp at 6am 5.1C with a Dew Point of 3C. That's a bit milder than expected although it is mostly cloudy.
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