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  1. Flooding yesterday but only a little rain at times today, its been mostly dry with a fantastic looking sky. All kinds of stuff going on and seeming threatening at times.
  2. You can here thunder now clearly on the Big Jet TV livestream at Heathrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKyKmOVI8mM
  3. Thanks. Just thought I'd post the link as this live stream will be looking at the sky a lot around Heathrow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKyKmOVI8mM
  4. Look how far west the high temps are reaching. There's 30C+ all the way down to near Plymouth. Private weather stations in Devon are the highest I've ever seen them today.
  5. Its the hottest day of the year here with 30C+ temperatures all the way down to Plymouth. There's a station in Torquay that's reported almost 33C and another station keeps going between 29C-31C. The one reporting near 33C is next to two retail parks, a smaller trade park, offices, then another trade park and supermarket, plus a dual carriageway so there's a lot of concrete and tarmac in that area. It's stifling and when I got home earlier I was wet through. Although its nice seeing temps like in the picture.😎
  6. Lows were 16C-18C and 18C-19C near the water. Some storms passing by this morning with a couple of direct hits in Torquay but it wasn't much compared to other parts of Devon. Not much rain though in my neighbourhood less than 1mm but some stations in NE Torbay reporting 5-8mm so it was very localised. Suns now coming out after a cloudy morning and early afternoon with temperatures 23C-24C across Brixham and Paignton, and 23C-25C across Torquay. Looking at the radar the sun might be out for a good few hours.
  7. Hearing thunder again in Torquay from some strikes south of Dartmouth.
  8. There's a live Dawlish webcam on youtube, may be able to see something on there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKQJEL-xjjc
  9. A few more strikes and more thunder now with large drops of rain. Strikes are moving north of me up towards Dawlish and Exmouth.
  10. I thought I could here some thunder and there is activity but a bit far away, the sounds may have been something else. Getting closer though. This cam looks east into North Lyme Bay so something may pop up on there. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/Camsecure3/broad.html
  11. Its the mild winters that makes it pretty safe to grow things like that. I'm not sure what the August average is for Torquay but July is 21C and January is 9C. Although I have seen ice here right by the seafront where I live its still pretty rare. They have a lovely sub tropical garden in the Scilly Isles where the August average is 19C and January 10C! A nine degree difference, not much land to generate cold or heat, permanently mild there. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/TrescoAbbeyGarden.html
  12. A few stations here in Torquay reporting 29C with most around 25C-27C+ around the bay. Its not inconcievable that some places in Torquay reached 29C today as the whole place is hills and valleys. A bit too hot for me though, the ENE breeze was welcome but the air was too warm.
  13. 25C here on the coast moving up to 27C-28C a mile or two inland, and some 27C-30C+ as you head into inland Devon. Its been sunny all day here with some high cloud earlier that has gone now. Wind is light ENE. Totnes looks to be 30c+ as I can only see two stations there and one is at 30C and the other at 32C. There's also a 31C just north of Newton Abbot.
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