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  1. After weeks of below average temperatures and above average rainfall the sun has finally shown up and it has hit 30.2c here in North Lincs. Hardly a record though, considering we had 36c this time last year and a single day of hot weather does not make a 'heatwave'. The media hype about a heatwave is typical 'express' style gutter press nonsense. As I've just had to explain to our children, it feels hotter than normal simply because we've had no time to acclimatise to the temperature due to a prolonged cool period for last few months. Normally the temperature builds up over spring/early
  2. I think you have been 'lucky' in that the band of heavy rain has been further south than Leeds. We've had 5" of rain since Sunday morning here (near Barnetby Top) in North Lincs. It is still raining here, so that is nearly 60 hours almost continuous although a lot of that was light rain. We've had no flooding yet but the ground was pretty dry so will soak up quite a lot. Our spring fed well was actually really low last week, lowest I've seen it in years, water level was down about 4 feet compared to where it would normally be at this time of year. It has now risen about 2 feet
  3. It has been raining almost non stop since sunday here, including torrential most of the day today but the worst thing is the cold. It has been quite breezy here which hasn't helped and max temp today was 12c, with no heating on in the house it is getting uncomfortably cool. Hope this isn't going to be another 2007! At this rate I'll need to light a fire soon.
  4. We've had rain pretty much every day for weeks, very changeable with lovely sunny spells lasting an hour or two then followed by heavy showers. It has been pretty cool too, a few nights last week drop down to 6c which is pretty cool for June. We had torrential rain this morning. Certainly no water shortage here. The lawn has grown phenomenally fast this last week, and the garden as a whole is looking lush and green, very different to this time last year.
  5. It has been a pretty cold week here. Max daytime temps of just 7c, nights getting as low as zero. Worst thing has been the relentless wind which seems to have been going on for ages, would be really warm in the sun if it wasn't for the cold breeze. Have been trying to spray paint some models in the garden and it has been a nightmare, not super windy but just enough of a gusty breeze to make spraying difficult and has been blowing dust everywhere too. Thankfully no rain in the last couple of days. Hoping for this wind go away next week. It feels like we are on the cusp of a change to a longer w
  6. Bit of a strange weekend for weather (for early March). It was freezing overnight friday, only +3c at 7am yesterday morning (Saturday), then it stayed dry and got warmer as the day progressed and reached a heady +20c by 6pm! A very pleasant day indeed except for the gusty winds that arrived later in the evening after dark. It remained warm overnight into Sunday and was +10c at 7am this morning. However by lunchtime the wind got stronger, very gusty at times and temperature started to drop. It then started to rain and that remained for the rest of the afternoon., quite heavy at times
  7. Is it just me being jinxed or does anybody else notice this, we often get gorgeous weather during the week when we're at work and then the weather is awful at the weekends when we're off work. ?
  8. Big change in weather today, only got up to 9c, has been grey and dismal all day.
  9. Got up to +16.7 here today, warm for time of year but not a record for my location. It was warmer here back in January 2014 when I spray painted my Land Rover outside. Night time temps still dropping to near freezing most nights and we have had a few frosts over the last week along with dense fog that has lasted through till late morning or even lunchtime. I find it very amusing when media says things like '16c warmer than this time last year = global warming', um, so when it is just +1c on the same day next year or the year after will they claim we are in global cooling?? I'll wage
  10. What a glorious morning! We had a light frost with temp dropping to zero overnight and still just +2c now at 8am but had no fog, sun is out and we have a lovely clear blue sky.
  11. We had a second day on a row that started with thick fog, cleared by late morning and then had nice sunny afternoon. Temp got up to max of 14.6c again (identical max to yesterday). Dropped back down to 6c here now. Very pleasant weather. ?
  12. Today started very foggy here (3rd day of fog this week), then a bit of light rain but by lunchtime it was bright and sunny. Only got to +14.6c, not exactly heatwave but still very pleasant. Evenings have been quite cold this week though and we even had to light a fire the other day as house had got a bit cold due to low overnight temps and heavy frost. I can't see us getting any proper cold weather now although looks like frosts may still be a threat to my wifes vegetable gardening for a while longer despite the warmer than average daytime temps.
  13. We've had a nice run of sunny days here but not seen daytime temps much higher than 12c, still getting down near freezing most nights. Also been a cool breeze blowing last few days. Was working outside most of the weekend cutting up timber and still needed a thick rigger shirt on because of that nippy breeze. Bit deceptive as it looked like t-shirt weather. At least we never got any rain though. My wife now starting off her seeds in the propagators so she doesn't want any more cold weather now, she's hoping to start planting out earlier this year, last year was a very late start and
  14. Nice day today, sun out and managed to get upto +11c here. ? However mother nature still likes to remind us that we are still in winter, last few days have got very cold overnight, we had -2c here a couple of nights ago and even this morning the house was very cold, was only +2c at 9am. Had to de-ice the cars a couple of times the last week. Not exactly 'warm' as some have claimed in the model thread! I guess if you have a thermostatically controlled centrally heated modern home then you may not be fully aware of how cold it is outside overnight. Ours is a Victorian cottage and entir
  15. Hehe, yep, I think some people in the model thread need to moderate their use of 'mild' or 'warm' ? It has only just got up to +4.7c here and there is still frost on the grass and garden furniture in the shade. My definition of temperatures would be roughly: 'Hot' = I can work outside in shorts and no shirt 'warm' = I can work outside in shorts and a t-shirt 'mild' = I can work outside in jeans and a t-shirt 'cool' = I can just about drag myself outdoors as long as I have a thick jumper on and I'm not out there long (current situation) 'Cold' = I avoid worki
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