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  1. to be honest this alone is the worth the amber for us its hazardous its small stuff but the visibility on the roads for driving is dangerous
  2. it is im watching it come in on the netherlands radar is small flakes but heavy and the wind is blowing it everywhere cant imagine it will add much to the total but its replacing what my daughter used for her snowman earlier
  3. proper blizzards in gorleston really fine stuff but heavy and blowing everywhere
  4. really picked up here in last few mins still small flakes but its intesified starting to cover the floor in places now
  5. i know we all say the apps etc are wrong but mine has said last few days light snow all day and thats exactly what we have , nothing heavy or even large flakes , were in the amber zone too im hoping this picks up for us not enough to even think about my daughter making her first snowman
  6. ignore the apps there pointless there automaticaly generated using generaly 12 hour old information look at the radar not the apps
  7. look at this Buienradar.nl - Sneeuwradar WWW.BUIENRADAR.NL Waar sneeuwt het in Nederland? Volg de sneeuwradar! its halfway across the sea on the way to me on the coast isnt going to miss the uk
  8. im in yarmouth well gorleston so i should be the first it hits will keep people up to date
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