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  1. What are the wind speeds at the frying pan platform at the moment?
  2. Great storm just rolled through here. Didn’t know they were forecast as the outlook has been too boring to be checking each day! Noticed some flashes in the distance at the start of a run I just left on, got halfway and had to head back home as the CGs were getting too close for comfort. Was near enough sprinting to get back before it hit properly
  3. Looking east, sun back out now. Towers shooting up and maturing in minutes
  4. Thunder and a few flashes in Stevenage, the smell is incredible
  5. Skies are looking very unstable now, humidity feels like it's gone up as well.
  6. Have the day off today as I'm preparing to go to Dorset for a week tomorrow. Lovely hot day again here in North Herts. Glad to see things have kicked off on the south coast. Will have to put the sunnies on and look south in a bit to see if there are any other developments.
  7. Just stepped out of work and it’s really humid. Few towers going up to my south east through the haze.
  8. Thunder heard but must be very elevated as its relatively quiet for how close the strikes were. Real deep booms though, could almost feel the vibrations
  9. Looks like something trying to develop east of Cambridge on radar, Sat image shows cumulus building too.
  10. Storm over stevenage died off so thought it was over for the night. But now there is frequent lightning from the cell just past Luton. Gutted it’s not overhead but at least theres a nice storm to watch
  11. It's just to my south mate, deep booming thunder and just started raining. FAT rain as well
  12. Incredibly humid at the moment, feels like its going to kick off around here. Cells gone up just to the north west with thunder heard and a few sferics to the south picked up.
  13. Feel like I’m on a mini storm chase at the moment. About half hour away from getting home and this is what (my mum) is driving towards. Phone pic doesn’t do it justice.
  14. In the car back to stevenage from peterborough at the moment. Can just about see the towers building over north London through the haze. Hoping I’m back in time for a direct hit.
  15. Lightning in all directions here even thought most isn't getting picked up.
  16. Not sure if it'll reach this far north but can see the odd flash on the horizon towards London
  17. It's been a real challenge today, flicking channels between the play off final and the cricket...and the radar/sat/lightning maps and forums on my laptop. That storm over France is an absolute monster..
  18. Been virtually cloudless all afternoon but have some of this passing through now which looks promising
  19. Sun broken through here now, starting to warm up a bit. Still quite a breeze from the E/NE so not feeling too sweaty yet. Looking forward to hopefully seeing the first storms break out over the channel this evening. Think I may be too far north and east of the risk zone but you never know with these kind of conditions. Good luck all
  20. Felt much more humid this evening, what's on the cards for tonight/tomorrow or is it just messy rain forecast?
  21. Looking forward to the potential later this week with the bonus it being a bank holiday weekend. Booked next Tuesday off work on the off chance it will be either hot or thundery. In the shorter term, will be keeping an eye on the radar this evening to see if any elevated activity pops up. Looks like it could be fairly similar to a night in April a few years back where elevated storms kicked off over the thames estuary/North Sea and drifted west into the South east. Could see the Anvil of a cell lighting up over Chelmsford way and watched it get closer before more developed overhead.
  22. As quickly as that developed its gone completely quiet again Edit: huge fork just came down in front of me from nowhere lol
  23. Thunder heard just now out of nowhere, cell electrified over welwyn
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