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  1. Not weather related, but this is heartbreaking & devastating..............
  2. Heavy Hail showers here in Croydon....Temp 5.6C
  3. I would not be at all surprised if the weather makes a sudden change to much colder conditions during March in Europe/UK where the models have to play catch up
  4. Wouldn't be crazy if the weather surprises all with a record breaking March Freeze
  5. CFS 12Z Is Still Going For Colder Conditions Late Feb Into March
  6. GFS 18Z Is Also Going For Colder Conditions Late Feb Into March
  7. Milder temps of roughly 14C during the next few days and then slightly cooler from Sunday pm into Monday. There is a possibility of even warmer temps from the 21st/23rd Feb lasting a week It will be sods law we get very cold periods during March.
  8. Let's hope the weather pattern holds out with good heights & produces the goods which will allow the models to be right
  9. Very windy here in Croydon. One of my recycle bins went flying across the road with bottles etc coming out. All cleared now. Temp is 9.7C and raining
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