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  1. I am only young so the only "classic" Summers that I've experience are 2003, 2006, 2013 and 2018. I can't remember 2003 as I was only two years of age. 2006 I remember very vividly and it felt like endless heat or sunshine whilst on holidays in a mobile. July 2006 was my favourite Summer month I have experienced so far. 2013 I found alright, July was stunning but don't know, something just makes it not a favourite of mine for some reason; I preferred July 2014 over July 2013, maybe because I did more in 2014. Summer 2018 until August was easily my favourite because of the almost constant sunshine (June 2018 was Dublin's third sunniest June on record and one of the sunniest months on record) and perfect feel to the weather. It never got too warm here because of the sea breezes I had. Therefore, it was absolutely perfect..... until August came in like the usual damp squib it is. August wasn't terrible like 2011 but it was extremely boring; little rain, little sun, no remarkable temperatures after the first week here. This was one of my favourite pictures I took during this Summer at Howth Head on 30th June. May to July was probably among the best you could find in this country though for this part of Ireland, it was slightly beaten by 1989 going by the stats due to July 1989 being sunnier and warmer than July 2018 here.
  2. Meanwhile, this was my area on 2 March and Kildare on the same day. The east of Ireland was spoiled for snow during that spell. Could have shared with a lot of people and still have a good dusting. What you described sounds like March 2013 here.
  3. Kind of a combination of both along with the fact it was so dull. The maximum daily sunshine I had throughout the entire month was only 6 hours which was a new record low for Dublin (using Dublin Airport records). March is a time of year when I hope for calm, Spring days with good sunny spells and severe frost overnight (2010 and 2011 were perfect examples here). March 2013 was just persistently cold, wet, dull, awful mess. I was really unlucky in terms of the snow; I barely got anything in January 2013 either. March 2018 gave me A LOT of snow though.
  4. They have not released (provisional) stats yet for September. You can view the sunniest Septembers on record (back to 1929) for different regions of the UK here: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/datasets Here's a table I did of Heathrow, UK and England's top 10 sunniest Septembers.
  5. March 2013.... no other competition even comes close to that for me.
  6. Don't have 5 on each side but my favourites and least favourite: Favourites 2011 - Lots of sunshine and lots of warmth. March was one of the sunniest on record and April was the warmest on record. 2010 - Like 2011 lots of sunshine with many nights of severe frosts. Long dry spells in early March and mid-April. A very warm spell near late May which contained my warmest May day on record. Least favourite 2013 - Cold, dull and wet. Yuck! Worst season of my life and I particularly loathe March. All the rest are pretty mediocre for Springs as a whole - individual months like May 2017 were stunning though. Spring 2018 belongs in the interesting category for me than favourite.
  7. The JMA is not ideal for delivering cold to the UK and Ireland. Looks like a knife edge to me between a 2009-10 or a 2013-14, closer to a 2013-14 type scenario of all the cold being delivered to North America.
  8. QBO vs CET for every Winter from 1949-50 to 2017-18. Easterly QBO years relatively favour colder Winters especially to severe levels but notice 1978-79 had very weak westerly QBO. Late 2010 had quite strong westerly QBO too.
  9. I wonder who that was. Nice to see you read my posts on other sources Sundog! But seriously, a mad update from the ECM (I thought last month's was epic enough for cold and snow!) with a lot of blocking especially during December and January on this September update. I'd like to point out a comparison between the ECM update of November 2017 (from Gav's Weather vid) for Winter 2017-18 vs what actually happened. Uncanny resemblance here. Displaced Azores High. Troughing through UK/Ireland into Europe. Blocking to the north and northeast of Europe. You'll never get a complete perfect match but I think this was amazing for a long range forecast. Will see how the ECM fares this Winter. Weak Polar Vortex as suggested by the CFS and its ensembles would suggest the possibility of what the latest ECM long range update shows.
  10. 2002 was and still is the wettest year on record in Dublin with scenes like below (taken on 1 February 2002 when strong winds and heavy rain coincided with a high tide) in February and November 2002. Other than that, it just seemed like a dull and mild fest, little cold. Yuck!
  11. A repeat of Autumn 2010 in every way from an unremarkable, wet and sunny September to a relatively cool but very sunny October with some notable frosts to a beauty of a November that contains a severe cold and snowy end. Or a 1919.
  12. Sorry to be slightly off topic but where did you get this from by any chance (or the ensemble data)? It would be very appreciative, thanks.
  13. If El Nino even occurs. El Nino Modoki would be good though.
  14. Thing that's holding it back if you ask me is the Atlantic sea surface temperatures.
  15. Spring 2013 was my most hated season, I'd rather not remember it. As I mentioned in another thread, I got barely any snow. I didn't reach 10c throughout March, it was just consistently cold and awful with dull cloudy skies and during the Northern Ireland blizzard on the 22nd, I just got heavy rain. My luck was not there for early 2013, disaster after disaster.
  16. The theory (better coined as hypothesis though) is behind unsettled Septembers, not necessarily cool ones (2010 was unsettled but fairly mild for instance). For the most part, September 2015 was settled in spite of being cool. I think it's coincidence. You'll find lots of exceptions. 1986 was very cool but also dry and was followed by a mixed Winter including a freezing January but December was very wet and mild.
  17. Historically, there aren't many dry and especially warm Septembers followed by cold Winters. Unsettled Septembers are a different story such as 1946, 1962, 1981, 1995 and 2010. Not impossible to have a dry settled September and a cold Winter following though, 2009 was a recent example.
  18. This August has just been perfectly forgettable to me, not exceptionally poor nor really great.
  19. Wasn't alive but statistically wise, 1988 seems very boring and forgettable. All that seemed "nice" about it was a chilly, sunny and frosty November but other than that, cool and unsettled Summer, mild Winters and becoming exceptionally so in 1988-89. 1980 doesn't seem particularly amazing either especially for how dull the Summer was.
  20. I quite liked August 2008 because I love extreme rainfall and that's pretty much what the month delivered. After the thunderstorm on the 9th August 2008 in Dublin (which became the wettest August day on record, now 2nd as of 2014), these were the scenes: I hated August 2011 a lot more because it had no extreme rainfall and it was cold/dull.
  21. I had very little snow here in the east of Ireland by the coast. On the 18 January 2013, I had heavy rain which was frustration looking at other places especially in the UK buried. This was the exact same scenario with the March 21st/22nd blizzard, I had no snow just heavy rain and even spot flooding. They were cold, raw, dull and wet months. In the January 2013 spell, I had 5 minutes of a very light snow shower on the 22nd, that was it. It was the dullest January I've experienced to this day. In contrast to March 2013, March 2018 gave me a lot of snow.
  22. January: 2013 February: 2017 March: 2013 April: 2017 May: 2015 June: 2012 July: 2015 (2012 is a contender) August: 2011 September: 2016..... probably unpopular October: 2017 November: 2015 December: 2015 They are all duller than normal (though September 2016 was fairly close to average here)! I loathe the months in bold in particular.
  23. January: 2011 February: 2018 March: 2011 April: 2011 May: 2017 June: 2018 July: 2013 August: 2010 September: 2010 October: 2010 November: 2010 (2016 is a close contender if it weren't for the snow and cold in 2010) December: 2010 Absolute favourites in bold.
  24. Looking at Glosea5 for November-January is useless. The only year it did show northern blocking in its August update for that tri-monthly period was 2013-14....... and we all know how that turned out. To me, this Winter provides a lot of conflict and complications.
  25. One of my favourite Aprils (2011 was my favourite) because of it being so sunny. May though was utterly atrocious.
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