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  1. Yup and same is true for Ireland. It's sad May/June is often the peak of our summer with average monthly sunshine dropping from 196 hrs in May to 156 hours by August. Need a complete reverse of the normal flow to get a half decent summer. I'm in one of the "sunnier" places of the country too so don't know how on earth the north and northwest manage with even less sunshine.
  2. Country averages for July 2020 UK - 142.4 hrs, dullest since 2012 England - 163.9 hrs, dullest since 2012 Wales - 140.7 hrs, dullest since 2010 Scotland - 136.7 hrs, dullest since 2017 Northern Ireland - 83.0 hrs, second dullest on record (1986 - 82.8 hrs)
  3. It's been 133 years since Ireland recorded its highest temperature of 33.3C on 26th June 1887!
  4. Finished with 102.5 hrs, third dullest on record, following the dullest June since 1993.
  5. Dublin Apt dullest Julys 2020 (to 26th): 84.1 hrs 1944: 89.9 hrs 1986: 93.4 hrs 2002: 106.8 hrs 1957: 108.7 hrs 1981: 119.8 hrs
  6. 48.2 hrs of sun in the 20-day period at Dublin Airport from June 27 to July 16 2020. For comparison, the first 20 days of December 2019 (1st-20th) had 49.1 hrs.. and that was with shorter daylight...
  7. Hope to never see the likes of Nov 2019 ever again. Damp type cold with Dublin being in the firing line for a lot of slow moving weather fronts and the dullest Nov since 1983. Was duller and wetter than Nov 2018 somehow. Only slightest bit of interest was the snow event that hit the peaks on 13th/14th which was decent for so early in the season. Enjoyed October for the most part whilst September despite a superb middle third was mediocre. I'd like an autumn akin to 1919, 2010 or 2016.
  8. Thomastown (Co. Fermanagh) on only 23.3 hrs to 13th July..
  9. I did prefer April 2015 over April 2020 though the latter was still a great month, just not quite as sunny here in Ireland in contrast to UK. I'd rather erase May 2015 from memory.. I would think we're due such a May soon.
  10. I only really hated July from this summer and the last week of August was very poor too in Dublin. June was decent with good sunshine and largely dry. The main theme of the summer was the cool nature of it than a washout or notably dull here. Pretty forgettable all around really. Was much worse out west. April 2015 was our "summer". Much prefer it over "Summer" 2020 so far anyway though the second half of 2015 was much worse.
  11. Certainly the worst start to July I have experienced here in Dublin. 16.5 hrs of sunshine in 8 days in July is atrocious, really is no getting away from that. I've had December weeks sunnier than that. Have had 45.2mm of rain too with mean max over 2C below avg around 17C. I had low expectations coming into this summer after spring but it still has managed to go below those expectations.
  12. Often regarded as the best Irish summer since 1995 but I preferred 2018 over it. A pleasant June with a lot of usable weather, possibly the best July the country has had for overall combined warm and sunny weather (July 1955 was sunnier) whilst August was mediocre but passable.
  13. 1993. 2007 and 2008 were close but just about reached the magic 30.0.
  14. I have rose tinted glasses for Summer 2010 being one of my personal favourites because of June and August - the latter was my sunniest since 1995 and haven't beaten since! August was on the cool side ending in grass frost but didn't bother me too much with it being sunny. July was ok, I've seen worse. I did enjoy 2009 too for another great June, August was indifferent whilst July being very wet but also of a convective nature so wasn't without interest.
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