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  1. The nation's max temp from the July heatwave was 26.6C on the 22nd when the wind was initially southwest. The max on the 25th was 25.0C. Ireland is too far west to be directly impacted by southerly flows as low pressure sets up shop close to us. We need an easterly tilt to the wind. Years that 30C was achieved: 2018, 2016, 2013, 2006, 2005, 2003, 1995, 1990, 1989, 1983, 1976, 1975. To keep on topic with this thread, personally I have not found it to be a bad or great June so far. Almost bone dry, not cold and often humid but not a lot of sunshine. Distinctly forgettable and boring.
  2. 1965 was not. 28.9C (the highest temp of the year) was achieved in May. The March and April maxima were equal in 1968 (25.6C was achieved at Santon Downham and Camden Square on 21st April). 1968 is the closest it has come since at least 1961 so 2021 would be extremely notable if this were the case.
  3. Been getting away with murder here this May besides temperature which have no doubt been dreadful. Sunshine is above average for this point in the month (58% of average and is in fact sunnier than the entirety of July and August 2020 now) and much of the rain has come overnight or early morning hours whilst vast majority of showers have been avoided. Certainly could be worse locally in Dublin given the synoptic pattern. This May is on par with 2019 right now for me which I did poorly that month. Worlds away from the great Mays of 2016-18 and 2020. I prefer this May quite a lot to now ove
  4. We had it significantly worse than England. I personally hate 2020 more than 2012 because the former was quite significantly duller than the latter whilst not being as wet as 2012. Both were fairly cooler than average but not exceptionally so. August 2012 was enjoyable to an extent at least too, all of the 2020 months were absolute rubbish regardless of the spring before it. Got no benefit from the August 2020 heatwave, no storms and no very warm days. My percentage of average sunshine for spring/summer in 2020 was 101%, almost bang on average. The record sunny spring very very slightly
  5. Been a sunny spring here so far compared to most with solidly above average sunshine following on from an average Nov-Feb, sunny Sep/Oct and record dull summer. No complaints from me, it's been very nice with lots of fine days since the last week of February besides the cloudy but dry first 2 weeks of March.
  6. Well I've been very wrong with 'paying the price for last spring'. Been a lovely one so far yet again in Dublin. Soil moisture deficits running similar to same time last year too around 20mm although it got warmer this time last year which probably helped evaporation rates and not likely to see same increase now with these colder conditions.
  7. Indeed, official max in May 2013 was also 23.7C as far as I'm aware.
  8. 2015? Official max was only 23.8C at Faversham.
  9. Some of the warmest March days of past 120 years in the UK 29 Mar 1968 25.6C 29 Mar 1965 25.0C 09 Mar 1948 23.9C 30 Mar 1929 23.9C 27 Mar 2012 23.6C 12 Mar 1957 23.3C 28 Mar 1965 23.3C 26 Mar 1907 23.2C 25 Mar 2012 22.9C 11 Mar 1957 22.8C 16 Mar 1961 22.8C 18 Mar 1990 22.3C Not a complete list but gives you an idea. Years that have reached 20C in March this century as of now include 2003, 2004, 2005, 2012, 2014 and 2017.
  10. Have seen no white Easters in my time (and 1 technical white Christmas in 2004 although 2010 had deep cover lying). 2013 probably closest but all lying snow, that occurred on Wednesday 27th March, was well gone before the Sunday. Good Friday 1975 on 28 March was a white one here going by the archive below, following a pretty snowless and exceptionally mild winter. Unstable north to northeasterly flow that day. Snow In The Phoenix Park WWW.RTE.IE Scenes of a snow covered Phoenix Park in Dublin.
  11. Solid 0. A lot of graupel but very little snow, 1 frost and very dull. Nothing to take from it here. It wasn't looking good for the east coast of Ireland a week prior and indeed that's what it ended up as. The frontal events completely flopped too. Pathetic
  12. Better than many I've seen at the least with a fair amount of frosts in Dublin, 6 days of snow falling (1 of which was mainly sleet) and all the other 5 days had snow laying but each of them a dusting at best with the exception of one 4-5cm on Sunday just gone. If winters weren't so poor in past decade since 2013 then this winter wouldn't feel in any way special or memorable at all but the fact that it has occurred that way, it has been ok. It's been relatively wet but nothing like some of those poor winters such as 2013-14, 2015-16 or 2019-20.
  13. Looks to me like standard Atlantic muck conditions here for the next while in the east - in spite of such an intriguing hemispheric profile. Frustrating to have the easterlies far north of our trough. Ah well, roll on summer.
  14. God I hate winter, I actually do. 

    1. lassie23


      it's a depressing drizzle fest these days

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      Aye me too, but enjoyed 28th Dec to 2 Jan

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