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  1. 27 Nov 2010 and 28 Feb 2018 be my favourite cold ones (considering what I've experienced anyway). Meanwhile, for summer... 8 July 2013 and 28 June 2018.
  2. Can look at average days of snow falling/lying per month in different regions of the UK here: UK regional climates WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Summaries of the climate characteristics of 11 regions of the UK In general, I find that March tends to have more days of snow falling than December but less days of snow lying which makes sense given solar radiation. December is my favourite month to be wintry and cold as a result but unfortunately it rarely works out for cold/snow compared to the other winter months.
  3. Bumping this so @Weather Monkey can read about Winter 1995-96 for his curiosity. It's also the most recent solar minimum winter with a transitioning west to east QBO.
  4. Cool and sunny any day. Couldn't care about temperature as long as it's sunny. Cloudy and cool, warm and cloudy... muck!
  5. Probably another ridiculously warm autumn like every other. 1993 was the last true cold autumn. I wouldn't regard 2012 as a particularly cold autumn especially in the frost department.
  6. Whilst some models continue to churn out some extraordinarily warm synoptics for next week (in terms of 850hPa temperatures), here's some of the warmest 850hPa temperature synoptics for the UK from the past. Thanks to @WorldClimateSvc on Twitter in helping me find some of these! Have you discovered any others? Feel free to post them. 7th Sep 1988 19th Jun 2000 5th Aug 2003 10th Aug 2003
  7. Winter Best: 2010/11 Worst: 2012/13 Spring Best: 2011 Worst: 2013 Summer Best: 2018 Worst: 2012 Autumn Best: 2010 Worst: 2017 January Best: 2010 Worst: 2013 February Best: 2019 Worst: 2012 March Best: 2012 Worst: 2013 April Best: 2011 Worst: 2017 May Best: 2017 Worst: 2015 June Best: 2018 Worst: 2012 July Best: 2013 Worst: 2012 August Best: 2010 Worst: 2011 September Best: 2015 Worst: 2017 October Best: 2018 Worst: 2011 November Best: 2010 Worst: 2018 December Best: 2010 Worst: 2018 Annual Best: 2010 Worst: 2015
  8. Here in Dublin, Ireland (figures from Dublin Airport data by Met Éireann), it hasn't been exceptionally sunny due to a few dull months. May 2018: 224.0 hrs (116%) - May 2017 was a little sunnier Jun 2018: 268.6 hrs (155%) - sunniest June since 1957 (third sunniest on record) and month since August 1995 Jul 2018: 182.5 hrs (111%) - on par with July 2014 (182.8 hrs) but not as sunny as July 2013 (237.0 hrs) for recent comparisons Aug 2018: 121.5 hrs (77%) - August 2017 was relatively duller. August 2010 was my last sunnier than average August (with 216.0 hrs) and also most recent August to record at least 200 hrs. Sep 2018: 136.2 hrs (106%) Oct 2018: 120.6 hrs (117%) - sunniest October since 2010 Nov 2018: 50.2 hrs (71%) - dullest November since 2007 Dec 2018: 30.5 hrs (59%) - dullest December on record, bet 2002 by 0.1 hrs (30.6 hrs) Jan 2019: 46.8 hrs (79%) Feb 2019: 112.4 hrs (149%) - third sunniest February on record behind 2004 and 1968 Mar 2019: 132.6 hrs (122%) - sunniest March only since 2015 That in total is 1,425.9 hrs which is not too far off what you'd see in an average year here though still sunnier than average (as there is no April total included). My sunniest observed was 2010 with 1,717.7 hrs which had every month bar February and July recording above average sunshine (though February was very sunny for some parts of the country just not Dublin due to easterly winds I would think). 1959 holds the record for most amount of sunshine in a year at an Irish station with Rosslare having 1996.4 hrs of sun that year. Dublin Airport saw 1,740 hrs - not a bad total at all for here and not far off 2010's total.
  9. I'd say 2016 or 2017, maybe 2017, was most boring for me. A very boring dry and mild Winter. A very mild Spring with an exceptionally dry but dull April (dullest on record for parts of Ireland). A crap Summer that was about as forgettable as it gets outside of June 17th-21st. A very forgettable and crap Autumn with little interest bar Ophelia.
  10. Yes, November has shown one of the clearest warming trends (at least in terms of the CET) I've found along with October as you say and maybe April too. Haven't looked at the Novembers named besides 1919 and 1965 to judge on how wintry they were outside of the fact they were quite cold.
  11. That was the road near me on the Friday night and the best quality pic I took of it. The pics I took don't give justification to the amount of snow on the road though, was difficult to take one. Kildare was a different matter however.....
  12. Totally agreed. Kudos to you Quicksilver1989 on that intriguing read. Will certainly be of help to the evaluation of my Winter forecast when I do it at the beginning of March! Some interesting comments here too.
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