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  1. To add weight to not taking the CFSv2 that serious. Look at the temperature anomalies the model was showing for July 2013 this time 5 years ago. I don't usually post here but just thought I'd say that. Think this afternoon and this evening's model runs are great with the south and southeast being favoured in both Ireland and the UK for earlier in the week then the west is best for the end of the week (if tonight's runs are correct) as in sun and warmth though everywhere will be average to cool. The agreement of the models this evening has been a while coming.
  2. Well there was the 2004-2006 and 2010-12 droughts though Summer being the exception of course in the latter. Unsure if people regarded 2016-17 as a drought but it sure was very dry.
  3. Not exactly. If you look at the 1st April Easter Sundays and the Summers that followed them (last occurrence of such being 1956 - terrible Summer), you'll find again a similar suit to what all those showed with a southerly tracking jet stream and northern blocking. It was mentioned on Twitter that the constant high pressure to the east since February maybe a good sign for the Summer because it combined with a weaker zonal flow means it's unlikely to change.
  4. That would be very good. Some heat, some thunderstorms. You can't go wrong. 2001 was not that bad. 2001 is one of the years that crops up the most in the analogues I've mentioned above along with 1876, 1934, 1947, 1963, 1975, 1996, 2008 and 2013.
  5. I can, 2012-13. Exceptionally wet, multiple months colder than average and dull too. January and March 2013 were yuck, never again please. Worst time of my life from personal experience to the weather to everything. I've not been finding 2017-18 too bad besides October, March and April rubbish here whilst August and September mediocre. November and February were beautifully sunny.
  6. No, it was a southeasterly. The first two weeks were dominated by easterlies leaving the south and east rather dull most of the time but very sunny and sometimes warm elsewhere especially up to the north.
  7. With the constant wet weather, it didn't feel that sunny here in April 2012. The 80s consisted of some very good Aprils like 1982, 84 and 87 but 83, 86 and 89 were all unsettled and very cold. 81 produced the blizzards in England at the latter part of the month. The highest I saw in April 2012 all month was 13c, no higher than that. 2018 I have not beaten that so far but I will next week. The simple reason is the colder than average seas surrounding us courtesy of the beast from the east dumping all that cold air here. It doesn't take that much to warm them up because they are shallow seas but the thing is, we need to get that warmer air first for a start...... Yes Kevin, Spring 1996 was terrible. March was very dull and in Ireland exceptionally wet. April was pretty average whilst May was awfully cold.
  8. Breaking news! I found a rare phenomena, I think it’s called the sun!
  9. April 2012 was as awful as this, felt like endless April showers and downpours with daytime maxima struggling at 8-11c mostly.
  10. BruenSryan

    When will we get a warm sunny month in 2018?

    The year started off very sunny here with both the sunniest January in 3 years and one of the sunniest Februaries I've experienced. February was absolutely beautiful. It was cold. It was dry. It was snowy. It was sunny. The ideal Winter month if you ask me. Of course, we've more than paid back for that with a very dull March and now what is so far a very dull April. This was coming after a very sunny November and a relatively sunny December but October was very dull. I don't know how to answer the original question of this thread because my outlooks for May were very uncertain and still are with multiple methodologies offsetting one another in creating a defined pattern whilst for the Summer, it's more clear cut for a poor season though there are always exceptions of course with any long range forecasting. I'd be surprised to see a May as good as 2016 or 2017 for a third consecutive year.
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