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  1. Just had a light shower here in larkfield with a few bits of hail/ice mixed in
  2. This just popped up ! 3 years ago in Kent ! So it just shows you that winter can surprise everyone !
  3. So woke up to the most snow this winter and it’s still snowing lightly , larkfield . Thought it was just going to be a few showers then clear
  4. Well just leaving for work and surprised how much I’ve got . Larkfield , probably about 3 or 4cm and still snowing , nothing really heavy but been continuous all night .
  5. Well I was in the Amber area and not expecting 20cm but at least 5 got about a cm . So my faith is in this evening and tomorrow for some streamer action . Larkfield. I’d imagine now we are heading towards the later part of the day it will get colder for it to lay .
  6. Larkfield snowing for 2 odd hours now , laying in patches , not on road or pavements yet . I’d imagine this will change over the next hour or so .
  7. Just had a message from my brother in law said there is a little bit of snow now but only round the M2 area , I’d imagine bluebell hill sorry forgot he works for the council and is out gritting
  8. Well if I don’t wake up to at least it snowing and a covering here in Larkfield tomorrow morning , my phone is being flushed down the loo !!
  9. Well living in larkfield and in a north easterly direction is blue bell hill so we get a bit shielded . But I’d say I’d be looking at getting 5 to 10cm in this set up
  10. Well every day since Monday it’s been snow snow and snow for Kent . Still says snow , will be disappointed not to at least get a fairly good covering !
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