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  1. We were up there from about 9 45 couldn’t believe how much was there !
  2. I think Kent will be lucky to get a cm or 2 looks further West is best
  3. My brother in law is a gritter, he has been put on stand by for the Easter weekend 50% chance of snow. Maidstone
  4. Well I’m in Aylesford and it’s the heaviest it’s been all day all be it mostly fine snow . Can’t crumble about any amounts this time of the year
  5. Great week reading everyone’s posts. I’ve enjoyed it and learnt a lot . 87 is still the year for me to beat but it was an interesting week to say the least. I’ve got this 8ft snowman in the garden shaded from the sun, so I should keep hold of some of the beast from the east for a number of days yet
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