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  1. @MattStoke if the radar is to be believed, it looks like you’re coming into line for some good showers? I’m still gonna be in the gap!
  2. You watch every single shower pivot at once in the wind, and just keep us in the gap
  3. Although, it looks like the winds are starting to move if I skip forward on the radar. Shifting the showers. Is that in any way accurate?
  4. God, just literally been in this gap for 2 solid days!
  5. You have a good eye for location The road drift photos were taken on Wirestone Lane, just next to Slack Hill. Shame we don’t get to see those kind of falls anymore!
  6. We have always had mega snow events here, until the last 5 years or so, it’s got really poor. My 5yr old hasn’t seen any of the amounts of snow that my 10yr old has. Yes, it was a lot in 2010. These first three pics are the only photos left on my iCloud from back then. but to be honest 2013 was even more epic! We got hit at the beginning of the year and then at the end before Xmas. The last 6 pics are a mix of beginning and end of 2013... I’d give anything for snow like that again. It used to be every year.
  7. Yes we did, 2010. I was heavily pregnant at the time and got quite nervous. It was mega snow!
  8. Loads more snow on the hills 5 min walk from our house. Wish it could fall a little lower too!
  9. We are right in the middle of all the streams so far. They are going above and below us. I’m guessing somewhere is getting the amber warning snow, we are just the unlucky guys in the middle of them. Ha ha. It’s snowing here now, but looks like just a short blast according to the radar.
  10. Been steady for a few hours now, not much settling though (we’ll certainly not amber warning worthy anyway) Let’s all hope for more activity later!
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