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  1. Big snowflakes now in Matlock. Just after the MetO cancelled all our snow symbols and turned them all to rain
  2. First big flakes of snow appearing here now, with still small amounts of rain mixed in
  3. Just starting to lightly rain in Tansley (a village above Matlock). Temperature dropping and starting to feel very very cold now.
  4. MetO have us down for heavy snow most of the day. The radar shows lots of rain heading this way though! We are on standby for rushing back to school to collect my eldest though!
  5. Yellow MO warning just issued for snow on Monday.
  6. As I’m a bit of a newbie here (joined during last ‘Beast’) can someone explain the Netweather forecast to me? We are not showing as having anymore snow tonight or tomorrow on any other forecasts. Yet the Netweather forecast shows us as 95% sure of snow each hour through tonight and until tomorrow lunch. What do they base their forecasts on?
  7. Getting very thick here now. About to enter another big heavy patch on the radar too.
  8. Getting a fair covering here now in the Derbyshire Dales.
  9. Done We’ve just gone from that downgrade to a massive upgrade now. Ha ha. MO can’t make up their minds! ? We are having big flurries now. Still not much settling though.
  10. Matlock in Derbyshire. All our nice heavy snow symbols have just changed to light snow, apart from a few still showing in the early hours of tomorrow. An hour ago we were showing heavy snow from 4pm today until tomorrow breakfast time.
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