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  1. Happy New Year. I hope 2018 brings thunderstorms to those who want them and snow to those who want that. I want both, so I will put in order for both please.

    1. Mokidugway


      You on something old bean  :diablo:

    2. lassie23


      and drizzle to america, happy new year supacell

    1. lassie23


      if it snows like that non stop for another month, they will have as much as america:drunk-emoji:

  2. Been up in the Peak District today to see the first snow of the winter

    1. Chris harry

      Chris harry

      Been up edale myself today to view the snow. 


    2. Supacell


      I was a bit further south around Buxton. Plenty of snow falling in the morning, more graupel by the afternoon.



  3. Off to west Germany on Tuesday for a week and hoping to see a proper storm whilst I am there.

    1. lassie23


      have they built another wall:cc_confused:

    2. Supacell


      Haha, not that I know of but Germany is such a big country that I thought I should specify which side of it I am going to.

  4. Check out this for a good thunderstorm


  5. Chuffed to see three snippets of my videos used in the C4 documentary Britain's Wildest Weather 2016.

  6. Going to Zermatt on Thursday and hoping to see the Matterhorn. I am hoping the GFS is wrong as it shows constant cloud and snow/rain for the entire 4 days I am gone :( . Then again it shows 100% cloud cover for now and its sunny there!

  7. I think I need a break away from the UK

    1. Mokidugway


      I've just booked my hols tonight ..:)..

  8. Just purchased a new GoPro Hero3+ for the upcoming storm chase season. The rain won't stop the filming anymore.

    1. Mokidugway


      Use a go pro when off-roading on backcountry roads in utah ,great bit of kit :)..

  9. A very merry Christmas to all on Netweather. Let's hope for an exciting 2015 of weather with snow to start and then some good thunderstorms for all who want them.

  10. Thinking of creating a website to show my weather videos, which amount to more than 100!

    1. NUT


      Youtube would probably be much easier maybe? Saves you having to pay out on website fees per month so forth

    2. Bobby
    3. Styx


      looks like weather-history may have cornered the market (?)

  11. Just watched the replay on 40d of the Extreme Weather program about heatwaves and it has my lightning video in it :)

    1. lassie23


      You should have a cheque in the post!

  12. Does anyone know of a site whereby I can get archive BBC video forecasts for the last 5 or so years?

    1. NUT


      Youtube bbc weather there is a channel that got a whole bunch of forecasts although it stops at 2011 sadly but there's a lot of forecasts from 1993 onwards (you may have seen it though)

    2. Supacell


      Thanks I hadn't seen it. Pity it stops at 2011 though.

    3. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Weather History has a channel i think going back years S.C

  13. Does anyone know of a site whereby I can get archive BBC video forecasts for the last 5 or so years?

  14. Does anyone know of a site whereby I can get archive BBC video forecasts for the last 5 or so years?

  15. Been contacted by a TV production company wanting to use my storm footage in a documentary about weather

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    2. jtay


      Kerching £££££!

    3. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Another reason to hate the Shropshire storm shield- economic opportunities missed.

    4. Supacell


      Thank you everyone. It certainly is good being recognized but there has been no mention of money... yet. Most of the storms I see are outside of my own area.

  16. Considering chasing tomorrow. If I do it will be my earliest ever storm chase.

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    2. Supacell


      On current charts I would say Midlands south is more favored, but things can change.

    3. karyo


      I had a couple of decent hail showers this pm and I hope for some more tomorrow.

    4. Supacell


      Hail should be quite widespread for most of us.

  17. Happy new year my fellow weather enthusiasts

  18. Hard to believe there are rumbles of thunder 50 miles to my north. It is like a cold, crisp winters day here with clear skies.

    1. CreweCold


      We don't get true Nw'ly winds anymore triple. Always getting marooned 10-15 miles away from the shower stream.

  19. Absolutely tipping down!!!

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    2. Supacell


      Not far, just Derby. So not as good for snow, but I am still just a drive away from the Peaks.

    3. Bobby


      35mm here now. Torrential for past 30 minutes, my garden is flooded

    4. lindy2017


      continous rain here all day and winds ......

  20. Snow forecast for the summits of Snowdonia, the Lake District and Scottish Mountains. It's only mid-September.

  21. My finger is on the trigger to book a short break to Majorca in October.

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    2. karyo


      Menorca's north coast is better!

    3. Supacell


      I'm looking for quietish, somewhere to walk and thunderstorms. If I did Majorca it would be the Alcudia area, not a Magaluf or any of that shenanigans lol.

    4. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Puerto pollensa just north of Alcuidia is magnificent. The pine walk there along the sea front is very special - when its warm you see the Spanish enjoying meals on their balconys/gardens if their stunning houses.

  22. Hoping for one more thundery spell before we head into the beginning of the search for winter.

    1. Eugene


      So if its thundery next week you are then going to search for winter in September<lol ok good luck with that :)

    2. Karl83


      Same here Supacell!

  23. I'm not ready for the storm season to be over yet. I am hoping that after some anticyclonic late summer sunshine we can have another thundery period in September.

    1. wimblettben


      Yes. Today has been a bit dissapointing to be honest though we werent really meant to have anything anyway.

  24. Fantastic storm yesterday evening in Ashbourne.

    1. Supacell


      It hit Ashbourne around 9pm so I would imagine it would have been in Bridgnorth around an hour before, maybe less considering how fast these storms were moving.

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