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  1. Going to be heading up the Peak District tomorrow for my snow fix. I've not seen snow since May 1st and that doesn't really count as it was in the Alps
  2. It looks like I will miss most of this snow, which suits me as I want to be able to get to work. Ideally though I would like there to be snow cover over the Peaks for the weekend so I can get out and about in it.
  3. Thanks Roger. I will lock this thread so as to avoid the confusion of people are posting in two places. Feel free to post your thoughts in the thread Jo has mentioned above.
  4. There were no overhead thunderstorms in Derby as far as I know but 5 days whereby I heard thunder, all of it fairly distant. 18 thunderstorms seen and heard if I include chasing (not all of them overhead though). Best storms were the afternoon of the 7th June around Bedfordshire and the evening/night of the 15th/16th September across Berkshire/Hampshire. Also chased some good storms on the 12th June from the Midlands through the Home Counties and into Essex and on the 28th May over Somerset.
  5. Chuffed to see three snippets of my videos used in the C4 documentary Britain's Wildest Weather 2016.

  6. One of the first forecasters that I remember when I used to watch the weather as a child. He used to make me laugh with the way he did his broadcasts, totally different to anyone else in that time. RIP Ian, one of the best ever.
  7. A widespread risk of thundery showers tomorrow across the UK but with weak CAPE it is unlikely that thunder and lightning will be widespread. Deep layer shear in the region of 60-80knts across England and Wales through the morning to mid afternoon could promote some more organised storm activity and this has the chance of producing hail, gusty winds and possibly snow over any high ground if the freezing level can be temporarily brought down in heavier precipitation. In fact, it looks like a squall line feature could develop across Wales and push east across England with areas such as North Wales and the Midlands being affected by a short spell of heavy rain, hail, gusty winds and the odd flash/rumble. GFS is showing a slight tornado risk with this and so it is possible things could become quite interesting for a time around the middle of the day. Best chance of thunder and lightning would be close to the west coast. At this time of the year it takes special conditions to produce widespread lightning inland but high SST's should aid over coastal waters. Friday is looking like a day of sunshine and showers with hail and occasional thunder still likely but less widespread than Thursday.
  8. To be honest, at this range it is much to early to tell with regards to thundery potential as thunderstorms are so difficult to forecast. GFS certainly shows a risk of thundery showers around the coastlines of W Scotland and the islands but all forecasts will have an amount of inaccuracy at 5 days out. The Met Office forecast for an individual town can be confusing when it comes to showers as they tend to scatter the shower symbol around on the map and if you happen to live in an area where there isn't a shower symbol it won't forecast showers, even though a mile down the road the forecast is showers. If there are showers forecast anywhere near you then I would go with that for now.
  9. Looks like an early morning wake up call for anyone south of Lincoln this morning. Image courtesy of
  10. If a storm is in progress then I am far from relaxed, full of adrenaline and excitement. However, I find the sound of rain on the windows relaxing and the sound of thunder and rain very relaxing if its recorded. If it's actually happening I feel compelled to watch it and film it.
  11. Showers really exploding in a line from Sheffield to Lincoln
  12. I had just arrived home about an hour ago to what I thought was thunder rumbling. Since then had a few rumbles (some quite loud) and weak flashes but nothing too exceptional. A nice little surprise though as didn't expect to see anything today. Most of the activity was just to my east though. Still counts as the first storm of the year over Derby itself.
  13. I know it was almost 2 weeks ago but check out this little clip of the footage I took from just outside Winchester- turn the volume up as loud as you can! One of many, but this was probably the closest and certainly the best captured
  14. This is an awesome video, thank you for sharing.
  15. Yes, the same cell. It moved into Newbury from Reading.