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  1. I remember El Gordo well. I lived in Yorkshire at the time but it did not stop me driving all the way to Essex in the evening to see the show. With the huge storms that looked likely I felt it was a worthwhile trip. I stayed out all night, slept in my car and was rewarded with.... nothing. By about 5am in the morning I gave up and headed home. As I arrived home I looked on the radar to see where I had been 3 hours earlier being pounded by storms several hours later than planned. It was a frustrating time but now I look back and laugh at my bad luck that night.
  2. As far as I could see there was no hail. I didn't see any and haven't seen any reports of hail. I started chasing near to Gravesend, hit the storm near to Faversham and chased it towards Herne Bay, although by this point it had largely died out/moved away. I think the worst of the storms were further east and I missed them as I arrived too late. I arrived for what was the second dose of storms for Kent. The first dose which headed through Eastern Kent appeared stronger from the radar and lightning charts. The best for me was near to Faversham.
  3. Although I cannot see anything stormy from the models I feel there must be something for Estofex to put the Southeast into a level 1 with the 50% lightning risk. I am no expert with forecasting storms, tracking/chasing them is my thing. I do tend to follow forecasts. That being said, I will stay at home tonight unless we have upgrades during the day.
  4. Aside from possibilities in Kent, or the coast of Suffolk and Norfolk I do not see any thunderstorms today. Plenty of rain for some of us definitely, and possibly the odd rumble, but no more than that. Severe thunderstorms across the near continent but these won't affect the UK unfortunately.
  5. Thanks mate. I do plough some money into this hobby and sometimes it pays off, others it doesn't. The downside of last night was how fast the storms were moving and the amount of rain. It made getting ahead of them and filming outside the car very difficult. I prefer it when I can be outside for a bit of it. However, the storms were quite the beasts so I expect I still got some decent footage. Good luck to you too.
  6. I spent all night in Kent last night. On the way home the tiredness took over and so rather than risk the long drive home I got myself a hotel room for the day near to the M11/M25 junction. Thus I was in position for if anything fired this afternoon. It was a big "if" though and I think the cloud cover prevented the cap breaking. Despite the fact its like a sauna with all the humidity. My next chase opportunity will be the weekend and so have my eyes on Saturday night/Sunday
  7. Yes I don't think it's over yet. I am watching that big mass over France too.
  8. Managed to catch a storm near to Faversham but was unable to get out as was on the motorway. Some incredible CG's and loud thunder in it though along with torrential rain. Now sat near to Whitstable and it's all quiet. I wonder if it's worth hanging around for round 2 (if it is happening at all).
  9. I am currently just outside Gravesend on the A2. Completely missed the storms that passed about an hour ago. I am hoping there are more or I will have had a wasted trip
  10. A little later than planned but currently just about to leave Newport Pagnell services after stopping for some much needed food. Heading south towards the M25 and will decide then what to do next
  11. Will it or won't it? That's the big question. It will come down to waiting for the first signs of developments and then radar watching I think. Still a bit of difference between the models. Although the forecasts from Nick F, Dan (Convective Weather) and Estofex in pretty high agreement of the South and East being best placed for a thunderstorm or three later on this evening and overnight. Keep on chatting in here, remembering to keep on topic. Old thread here:
  12. As we approach our first potential plume of the year it's time for a new thread. Going to lock this thread and start a new one shortly.
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