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  1. I guess it only takes the smallest of changes to completely change a storm forecast. To be fair to the forecasters, every model I saw was going for big storms last night. All the forecasters can do is use the models that they have to hand. It is notoriously difficult to forecast storms and last night was particularly complicated. Admittedly I expected more, hence why I made a 400 mile round trip. Honestly though, I am buzzing right now because I know how easily I could have completely missed out last night. At one point i thought i was going to. Now that would have been a proper bust, around £70 in fuel and a sleepless night for no reward. As it happens I witnessed arguably the best storm in the UK last night which produced some lovely close bolts and sky ripping thunder, not to mention torrential rain and strong winds which temporarily turned the roads to rivers.
  2. In that case, a bust in the SE is equivalent to a storm fest in the north Midlands
  3. Quite a nice storm over Hastings just now. Some nice bolts out to sea but lightning died somewhat as it got within a mile. Still close enough though. Very heavy rain and gusty winds too. Still seeing occasional flashes out to sea. EDIT. There are more storms incoming. I made the right choice to come here.
  4. I am now near to Hastings and seeing distant flashes over the Channel, although it is quite misty out there. Storms still look to be moving north to my eye and so I should now be well placed I think.
  5. I have decided to head towards Eastbourne. Please don't let it be for nothing.
  6. Now just southwest of London at Cobham services. Considering the storms are looking like reinvigorating once on our shores, I am thinking I would be better off staying near to London as opposed to heading to the coast (Brighton).
  7. Made it to Luton. Can see that storms are crashing away over in France and so fingers crossed I will see a storm tonight. I won't stay here but need to decide which way to go.
  8. Hard to imagine when you look across Northern France that severe thunderstorms are expected, but they are. I will be heading out chasing shortly. Due to the fact that storms will be moving NNE across the Channel and then cutting a swathe straight through part of the UK I no longer feel the need to go all the way to the south coast, at least not initially. My plan is to head down the M1 to get into Luton around 9pm by which time I am hoping cells will have fired across France. Once this happens I will have a better idea where to go. I will either stay put or head south to the M25 where I can go either east or west.
  9. I haven't access to UKV so I don't think it is anything to do with being a Netweather mod. If it is, then I have been missing out
  10. Thanks for that. I would be willing to go as far as the south coast but I may not need to.
  11. I know you can't post a chart but would ukv favour east or west of London?
  12. I would think slightly further west would be best favoured but plume type thunderstorm set ups are very difficult to forecast with total accuracy. If I was going to stick my neck out I would say Brighton, through central London and up the M11 at a guess.
  13. I use netweather extra. You do have to pay a small subscription but radar extra is only £3.95/month. It is really good as it provides 5 minute updates and also offers location zoom and so I can see where my car is in relation to the storms.
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