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  1. I'm not sure about that. I would say the NE had the action today, very little storm action in the Midlands. Infact the Midlands ended up one of the driest areas, not a spot of rain here after the early morning drizzle had cleared.
  2. Things starting to look more active across Northern England, numerous sferics along a line running from approximately Skipton to Newcastle.
  3. Check out this for a good thunderstorm


    1. Mokidugway


      Nice electroactive storm that  :D

    2. matt111
    3. Dami
  4. I can't wait until the true thunderstorms, only about another month until the proper storm season kicks in. It's gone dark here as the ex-thunderstorm from Birmingham trundles towards with it's residual rain.
  5. Well we have some sferics being detected to the SW of Birmingham
  6. Looks like this coming week may offer some early season storm opportunities from as early as Tuesday.
  7. A few sferics being picked up in those showers around Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Tomorrow looks like a day whereby there could be a few flashes and rumbles around the heaviest showers too.
  8. The shower moving out of London is moving directly due north towards Luton whilst the line of showers from Coventry to W London is moving NE. An active night for early March.
  9. I tend to find spring isn't that good here. May does bring some storms but there are usually more June/July around these parts. Whilst chasing I have witnessed storms in every month from April to October but have never seen a storm in March.
  10. Maybe a chance that someone will see thundersnow. If I do, it will be a first as not experienced it before.
  11. Still over 2 days away but I am keeping my eyes on Monday as a day where there could be a few "spring style" thundery hail showers around.... in winter.
  12. A short video of Storm Doris over the countryside around Belper
  13. I've just been out driving and walking around the surrounding countryside of Belper and lots of debris on the roads such as twigs, branches, rubbish and other small items. I came across some downed trees too. Some of the gusts seemed very powerful, especially up around Crich. It seems to have died down a lot now, still breezy but the worse appears to be over for here.
  14. Looks like a windy day tomorrow where I am. It will likely be already very windy as I travel to work but most of the action will occur whilst I am in work. I think I will be taking my camcorder to work tomorrow as may be able to capture some interesting wind footage over my lunch break
  15. Looks like the first real interesting weather of the year for these parts. The GFS 12z slightly delays it as compared to the 06z which has the effect of it deepening more over our shores than out over the North Sea. The strongest winds from Doris still look to be off the east coast through the afternoon. Wind gusts look to be in the region of 60-70mph across a swathe of N England and the N Midlands, plenty strong enough for some disruption but nothing too out of the ordinary. It will come as a bit of a shock though after what has been a very quiet Autumn/Winter for wind events.