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  1. Been snowing almost constantly for a few hours now. Mostly light but with a heavier burst every so often. Settled on all surfaces even the main A6 road. Plenty of drifting too. If this carries on all night as forecast then could be a few cm by morning.
  2. It is a very messy picture today with an area of high pressure to the NE over Scandinavia and a couple of areas of low pressure to the west. An occluded front is currently sat through the middle of the country bringing outbreaks of light to moderate rain. Ahead of this resides some colder air as fairly strong winds blow in from the North Sea, behind it we have something milder and with slack winds. The chart below shows the situation by noon today with an obvious temperature gradient from north-east to south-west and rainfall most prevalent in the east along that front. It is in the milder south-western half of the UK that there seems to be a risk of some well scattered thundery showers developing. The charts below show CAPE and LI at 3pm and then 6pm from the GFS model. I have zoomed in to show areas that are at risk. The final chart shows Convective Precipitation only and so for simplicity it does not show the area of dynamic precipitation across eastern parts. The NMM shows a similar area with some CAPE build up this afternoon along with a similar area at risk of showers. To me it looks like the best set up so far this year for showers to develop and contain hail and thunder. With very little shear they will likely be "spring type" pulse storms and both Euro4 and NMM high resolution models suggest they will be isolated in nature. Lines of wind convergence could provide the focus for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. Showers and storms will be slow moving and this could lead to a risk of localised flooding in affected areas. My guess is that anywhere south-west of a line from Liverpool to Essex is at risk, especially where wind convergence (below are the NMM predictions at 3pm and 6pm) combines with the higher CAPE. For anything to happen today there will need to be some surface heating and so this forecast relies on cloud breaking behind the occluded front as it moves away north-east. Tomorrow looks a similar set up and with similar areas being affected. By this stage there will also be snow showers moving into the north-east.
  3. A nice early storm for some and perhaps more opportunities through the coming week. I expect thundery activity will die down as the showers push north but still likely to bring some heavy showers around here through the evening hours.
  4. Light snow just started with big fluffy flakes again Temperatures rose to the dizzy heights of 0c here today, making it the 6th consecutive ice day but also the mildest day for a few days. Lowest maximum's for the spell occurred on the 28th Feb and 1st Mar with a maximum of -3c on both days. Most snow occurred on 28th Feb but depths were not that big here - around 5-10cm in total. Much more over the nearby Peak District.
  5. According to the radar it is snowing lightly but as yet there is nothing actually falling. It is so close now, I am just willing it a few miles north.
  6. Just had a rather scary drive to Newhaven where I stopped and had a walk around (no choice as could not get any further). A number of lorries are stranded on the A515 just north of Newhaven and from talking to them they have been there since midday yesterday . I am hoping they have been able to get moving now. On the plus side there were diggers moving the snow off the road and tractors ploughing it. On the down side there is so much drifting that the snow blows back over the road again and even after ploughing the roads are still very icy. Regarding the snow tonight, the models appear to show it stalling just south of here. I really hope that doesn't happen, I want more snow....
  7. No more snow overnight here and it now looks to be done for up here in the far north of the Midlands unless my crazy weather app is correct which shows some snow tomorrow night - 7cm of it. Euro4 does show some snow flurries getting up this far tonight. Much more likely for areas further south and west though. Still snow on the ground but it has drifted so much overnight that my path is now clear but it is up the side of the wall instead.
  8. Just been for a walk in the fields around Belper and there is some amazing drifting going on. Snow depths range from a couple of cm to about 1-2 feet because of the drifting. Bitterly cold too. Lots of tiny flakes coming down now and recovering the road. I am hoping that the stuff further south can move S to N and then I may be grazed by that tonight.
  9. Still coming down nicely in Belper, light to moderate snow blowing in the wind
  10. I get that it is difficult when you miss out, I was starting to feel the same yesterday before the snow arrived. However, tell those people in SE Scotland that are completely cut off that is a "over-hyped non-event". Counties all down the eastern side of the country have had travel chaos. Later on we will likely be hearing about communities in the south-west cut off by snow. You only have to turn on the News to see this was not over-hyped.
  11. Been snowing all night here, most of it light but with some heavier bursts. Measured about 5cm outside, but that is in the centre of town. You can normally double that for the fields above Belper. Still snowing now too. I am hoping that the snow from Emma can come much further north and east than forecast.
  12. Yes, I could walk there if I wasn't too tired from being out today. Plus, the feels like temperature outside is now -13c!! The Met Office app has me for heavy snow from 11pm to 1am. I generally don't trust apps but it would take the tiniest of shifts north.
  13. What a day! Spent the day out and about with the snow showers, which brought temporary blizzards and white out conditions. The heaviest were between 11am and 12noon around Woodall services and then driving through Sutton in Ashfield near Mansfield at around 4pm (at a guess). I was stuck at Woodall until around 2pm due to the M1 being at a standstill. There were plenty more snow showers but these two were full on blizzards with very low visibility and strong winds. Temperatures were also very cold with my car thermometer never going above -2c. Most of the time the temperature was between -3c and -4c. During the blizzard near to Sutton in Ashfield the temperature got down to -6c. No idea what the wind-chill would have been, but it was bitter!
  14. Snow relentless here at Woodall Services and M1 is not moving so I am waiting it out inside where it is warm. Drifting is incredible but I am getting concerned.
  15. Absolutely incredible blizzard conditions hitting Woodall Services on the M1. I am parked up at the services and traffic southbound is not moving.