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  1. I have mentioned this in the convective thread but even at this stage there appears a lot of uncertainty. Certainly the risk is there though of something quite nasty tonight.
  2. Any death is obviously a terrible thing and is a reminder to just how dangerous weather like this can be. However can we keep this thread to talking about Storm Ali please and not let it degenerate into an argument/attacks over peoples opinions regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Incidentally the wind is howling even here, at around 200 miles south of Ali. I dread to think what it is like underneath the strongest winds.
  3. I will look in more detail when I get home from work but it looks like an intense feature could pass through parts of England and Wales on Thurs eve/night. Looking like the possibility of a vigorous squall line bringing a period of damaging wind gusts, torrential rain along with some thunder and lightning. Met Office have already issued a yellow warning for winds.
  4. Supacell

    Hurricane Florence

    Florence showing up nicely on the lightning/radar picture. If/when it hits Myrtle Beach then there is a good webcam here: https://www.earthcam.com/usa/southcarolina/myrtlebeach/?cam=myrtlebeach_hd It doesn't look too bad there at the minute, although I expect in the next 24 hours it could get quite wild.
  5. Brought a few loud rumbles to my work (not far from J26 of the M1) but the main storm has passed to my south towards more Nottingham way.
  6. Lightning being detected 15 miles to my SW and heading this way.
  7. No you are not missing anything. There is the risk today of quite widespread thundery showers across the country. Already the NW around Merseyside has seen some activity and heavy showers and a few storms will become more widespread through the day. CAPE is not huge but it is enough and there is some wind shear on offer but some uncertainty as to whether storms will attain enough height to utilise it. Even so, the risk of something a bit more organised but most will be pulse type storms. Best chance of organised convection probably across East Central and Southern England. Any storm brings with it the risk of gusty winds, hail and torrential rain. As ridging moves in from the west the showers and storms will be killed off so best chances will be diminishing by evening. A forecast has been issued by Convective Weather http://www.convectiveweather.co.uk/forecast.php?date=2018-08-10
  8. Absolutely. Unlike previous summers/autumns where the Atlantic steamrolls through and into N Europe leaving us under persistent westerlies.
  9. There is but unfortunately nobody seems to use it. For those thinking that the hot spell coming to a temporary end marks the 'waste' of all that hot, humid build up of air then fear not. SST's are higher than normal and the prolonged dry, hot spell means that the ground is still dry even if it does rain. Add to this the hot weather is never going to be that far away. I expect the hot air will be back (met office long range forecast hints at this) and it would not take much to rebuild the heat and humidity again. Hot summer's can lead to very thundery autumns, and I expect this year to follow suit with storms well into Autumn.
  10. It was very similar with the storms that hit where I was. Almost constant thunder. Although until the evening most of the lightning was either very feint or not visible at all.
  11. Completely agree with this. I would rather a year like this than a year with lots of weak thundery showers. With the storms at the end of April, the end of May and then last Thursday/Friday I have had an awesome year for storm chasing. The quality of the storms have been a step up from previous years IMO. We normally get at least one big continental type storm day in a year but this year I have chased on 6 big storm days and sometimes been treated to multiple big storms in a day. This past Friday offered up 6 storms in one day.
  12. I can see the updraft and inflow, was it producing any thunder? Rolling back the radar there are a line of heavy showers and thunderstorms to your west at this time, but not sure if they are too far away to be this as not sure how good your view is to the west. An hour later at 5:30pm, this cell may have been visible to your west and would be the cell you mentioned at 5:15pm.
  13. It may be just my eyes but also a rotating cell around 4:30pm (3:00 on your timelapse). It misses your location but I am sure there is rotation on that.
  14. Haha not quite. Somewhere I can film the lightning outside without getting rained on. So yesterday I found a cabin with a sheltered balcony in a park, but bus shelters come in handy too.
  15. I wasn't witness to the storm over Belper as I was already in Lincolnshire by that time. Sounds like you had a good chase and put the miles in too. Belper to Brigg to King's Lynn is some distance. Sounds like another storm chaser who shares my willingness to give it there all Also nice to hear Belper finally got a storm. There are some quite squally showers out there now and a few storms to our west so who knows. Can Belper do two storms in two days. I had the element of time on my side yesterday as there was a 7 hour baking hot dry spell in the storm sandwich. So I was able to check out some possible viewpoints to see night time lightning with a form of shelter ahead of the storms so I could avoid being trapped in the car when the storms move overhead.