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  1. Did you not get anything in 2013? We got hammered in January and March that year.
  2. Just sleet in my area of Belper with a slight slushy covering but a short drive to the south and it was really coming down with big thick flakes, much heavier than anything I saw over the weekend just gone. I would estimate a couple of cm's just north of Derby (Allestree/Kedleston)
  3. No storms over Belper this year and only about 2cm of snow this weekend. If I didn't drive I would be giving up on this years weather. A wintry mix expected tonight, but any elevation will help in getting accumulations and over the highest ground things could turn quite wintry with squally wind gusts and snow.
  4. A dusting of snow here 😂
  5. The snow has stalled 3 miles to my south 😣
  6. Moderate snow here but the real snow is not moving far enough north to get me. Disappointing.
  7. Euro4 unchanged from last night really, maybe marginally further north. I would definitely have benefited from a 20-30 mile northward shift but hey ho. Light snow just approaching. I may still squeeze out 5cm.
  8. According to the met office the northern Midlands is still looking at 5-10cm widely with up to 20cm in parts. I am feeling a little more hopeful now and have my fingers crossed.
  9. I use the weather channel app. The streamer is definitely further east, I expect areas on the western side of the Peak District to get a dumping but a better chance for us in the northern Midlands than was the case yesterday.
  10. Sunny in Belper but hoping the stuff from Blackpool to Preston can catch me in a couple of hours. Overnight runs have moved the snow south of me tomorrow but the local radio forecast going for up to 20cm across the Peak District so who knows. My weather app has upgraded snow amounts too.
  11. Just to confuse matters the latest Met Office forecast is much further north than the euro4 with the snow getting so far north it puts the sweet spot across northern England and north Midlands, putting all of this/your region and myself in the heavy snow. I think we need to wait a bit longer for this to be finalised. We definitely don't want any more shifts southwards though.
  12. I know i am classed as the Midlands but the talk in there this morning will be about how great these runs are because, for most of them, it is. Personally I am gutted too. Being the farthest north in the Midlands you can get I now look to miss out where a few miles further south they get bags of snow. It seems like it is always either further north or further south.
  13. Just driven down to Birmingham Airport to pick up a friend and lots of heavy snow falling long the A38 between Barton under Needwood and Birmingham during my journey. Sunday still looks interesting for my location.
  14. Fairly decent snow shower over Belper, given a dusting over all surfaces in 10 minutes.
  15. Cold and sunny here with the icing sugar dusting from last night still on the ground away from roads and pavements. Amber warning for Sunday now, please don't let this go wrong.