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  1. Absolutely, September can produce some corkers. September last year produced a number of them.
  2. It looks like a wet evening to come with all that rain pushing into Wales. It seems to be breaking out showers ahead of it too. Unfortunately, although convective, I don't think it will produce much if any thunder. I would be happy to be wrong. Early next week throwing up some interest, but as this is post-Gert I don't think there is much point doing any more than giving it an occasional glance at the minute.
  3. Was watching the lightning barrage over Umag. Imagine seeing something like that over the UK!!
  4. Intense storm passed near to Tamworth earlier this afternoon, I can't actually recall the exact time as I was too busy chasing but I believe around 2pm. I will know the exact time in a bit when I go through the footage. For what looked like a fairly weak storm day this one was quite a bruiser with pea sized hail, big flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder. The hail was so noisy whilst driving through it. Not as strong as the 18th/19th July storm but one of the stronger storms of this season for definite. I also had my kids with me today and they were filming the hailstones on their phones. They are 13 and 10 and had never seen hail as heavy as today's storm Today also marks the 13th anniversary of my first ever successful, documented storm chase.
  5. It would appear that any thundery activity is staying Birmingham and southwards. A nice storm currently going on in the Cotswolds heading in the direction of Oxford. EDIT: Oxfordshire storm really spitting out sferics now!
  6. Good luck for today. Maybe a repeat of this from 4 days ago off the coast of Dorset
  7. A thunderstorm to the east of Aberystwyth currently, and it's only 9am. Looks like it could be a good day for a few thunderstorms today considering the promising start. It was clear blue skies and sunshine here an hour ago but now we have some big clouds developing to the south-west. Nick F has released a convective forecast for today. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=convective;sess=0.347880461110861 My fingers are crossed for a storm close to home as I cannot chase far today.
  8. I'm watching the Esztergom one, awesome CG's all across the skyline. Pity there's no sound.
  9. Hey Windblade, thank you I have just watched the video back of the storm near the Humber and I think the first is just scud, it doesn't drop any further than on these pictures and the general behaviour was more like scud than a funnel. If it was a funnel it was a long away off and too far to really get a good view on from where I was. However, the storm I was watching was quite intense on the radar. No rotation evident though, so I would say most likely scud. The second picture though is almost certainly a wall cloud. Nothing more happened with it though unfortunately. @Jasper Foxx, my initial thought is that they look like scud. However, seeing it moving would help determine. If there was rotation evident and it was formed out of the base of the storm cloud then it is likely it was a ragged looking funnel. If it was dropping and undulating below the base of the cloud and with no visible rotation then it was almost certainly scud.
  10. Some forecasts are showing interest for tonight and tomorrow across the middle of the country. Heavy showers and some thunderstorms move through Ireland and into Wales during the early hours and then across the Midlands and on into East Anglia through tomorrow. At this stage I would pick the West Midlands around lunchtime as a favoured area, but still time for shifts in the areas at risk or even if there will be a risk at all.
  11. A few days now with sunshine and showers, which have at times been thundery. The main thing for me has been the photogenic clouds, and there have been a lot of great pictures showing this from across the country. I went out on both Sunday and Tuesday on two storm chases. On Sunday I saw very little in the way of thundery activity despite being under a storm just to the east of Newark. Whilst driving under it I only managed to see two feint flashes of lightning. If I had managed to stop and get out I would have probably heard thunder, but I ended up stuck under the rain and I had found myself behind it and so didn't want to stop and let it get away.... inevitably it did get away as the showers were moving at speed. Even so, as I approached there was a nice rainbow on the back of the storm. Later in the evening a heavy shower developed and moved over me not far from Market Rasen. It had no thunder in it but was the most photogenic shower of the day with a very nice structure on it. On Tuesday I had a bit more luck, although not much. Then again, it was not exactly a day of widespread big thunderstorms and so to have seen two thundery showers is probably an achievement I should be happy with. I headed up to the Humber on Tuesday and parked up on the north shore in Hessle. A very decent storm was heading towards me, but unfortunately it would track to the south of the Humber leaving me having to watch it from a distance. What was evident was a very strong wind blowing out from the storm across the Humber and directly into me. The wind was strong enough that I had to keep hold of my camera as it was wobbling around when I tried to use a picnic table as a makeshift tripod. Unfortunately it was also strong enough that it pretty much drowned out the sound of the thunder. I managed to catch a few feint flashes the other side of the Humber but I was a little disappointed it had taken a last minute shift. The first picture is the storm moving in from the west (on the opposite side of the Humber) and the second is as it shrouds the other side of the Humber Bridge in a curtain of precipitation. After this I chased across the Humber and towards Cleethorpes as a storm was ongoing there, but again the speed it was moving put pay to me getting anywhere near it. By the time I arrived in Grimsby the storm was out in the North Sea and now just a heavy shower. Another heavy shower had formed behind it though, and this was following a similar path to the storm. It did not turn thundery, which surprised me considering how dark the clouds were. Check out the gust front that developed on the front of this shower as viewed from Cleethorpes. I had now all but decided to go home when another storm erupted all on its own to the east of Nottingham. This looked likely to track across Lincolnshire and towards Mablethorpe. As it seemed to be going strong on its path from Nottinghamshire into Lincolnshire, I headed down the east coast to intercept it, finally arriving in Sutton on Sea whereby I could see the storm approaching in the far distance (about 5 miles away at a guess). By the time the storm arrived it was still going, but it was a weak thundery shower, fairly typical of the day really. As it moved over I found that although there was a rumble every 2-3 minutes there was no visible lightning. Still, it was a photogenic storm and it was better than nothing. The rain core was clearly visible just to my north, and so I drove north just a couple of miles where the storm did briefly produce a bout of torrential rain, which seemed to leave a lot of standing water despite it only lasting a few minutes. The storm would move onto the coastline and then out to sea as I drove under it (or maybe just behind) it. As the storm moved out to sea it also died out, but I could still see the structure as it moved off to the north-east and another rainbow greeted me to my south. Driving home it was now getting late and the sun was setting. Parked up on the A46 out of Lincoln I took some photos of a spectacular sunset against the decaying shower clouds. A day of thundery showers, just what had been forecasted. Now I find myself craving a proper storm again though, when is the next plume due I wonder.
  12. Following sitting just near Cleethorpes I headed south towards Mablethorpe and caught a thunderstorm which moved directly overhead. It was strange in that there were lots of rumbles of thunder but only one flash of lightning, and that was just before storm hit. A brief storm (lasted about 15 minutes) with some torrential rain. Best thing about today was the photogenic skies, some great looking cloudscapes filmed over the flat lands of Lincolnshire
  13. I caught the edge of a storm rolling along the Humber about 2-3 hours ago. I was on the north side at Hessle and the core went south across the opposite side so didn't get much more than some flashes and rumbles. Since then my luck has ran out. Everything seems to be dying within reach of here (I am now near Grimsby after failing to catch up with the Cleethorpes cell). I'm a bit dubious about heading back home yet though, I have a feeling it's not over.
  14. Indeed, NE Germany looks to get hammered this afternoon. I just wished I had the money and time to jump on a plane and go there last minute.
  15. The following webcam may be interesting in the next hour http://www.citycams.tv/en/germany/frankfurt-am-main/