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  1. @Allseasons-si I cannot find your post as it is amongst the pages of posts from yesterday but I saw you asked about a storm near Belper. I was not at home though. Yesterday I was, of course, our chasing again. By evening I was travelling into Birmingham from the south as lightning was flashing to my north and the M6 motorway was awash with flooding. I was behind a storm but they were moving slow and so I caught it up. I saw lots of storms yesterday but the highlight was a storm over Cannock and then Stafford. The lightning was not as frequent as the previous night, but when it did come the thunder was so loud. I didn't see as many CG's either. However, the rain and wind was intense. I am certain I experienced a proper microburst. Whilst driving in Stafford the visibility was almost nil and the roads were flooded. I would not be surprised to hear of wind or flooding damage from these storms. Videos to follow, but i now have over 8 hours of footage to edit from the 2 nights
  2. Quite an unprecedented spell of heat and storms for some of us. Last night I was in my element. Frequent lightning and thunder crashes for hours from Stoke northwards into Cheshire and then back into the Staffordshire moors, onto Buxton and home. I have nearly 4 hours of video to edit, and I probably won't be able to edit out hardly any of it as there was very little down time. I am very excited about tonights prospects. I am not going to do a forecast as much more experienced and knowledgeable people than me have already done it. But, I am looking at somewhere between Worcester/Shrewsbury as my target area.
  3. Been out and about enjoying an evening of storms, and wow some of them were beasts. Started off around Stoke then chased up to Holmes Chapel, Congleton and now in Buxton. Lots and lots of frequent lightning with some good powerful CG's in there and very loud thunder. The rain near to Leek was so heavy I could not see the road. Just the occasional flash and IC crawler now to the North and East of Buxton. Although the lightning detector picking up more lightning around Nantwich and just seen a flash to my south again
  4. With what could be the most thundery spell of the season upcoming I think now is a good time to start a shiny new thread. A little early to go into too much detail on what will happen but some models are bringing in the risk of storms from as early as tomorrow night. There then looks to be a few days where hot, humid air residing over at least the southern half of England and Wales could lead to numerous rounds of thunderstorm activity. This could spread further north at times. Both homegrown and imported storms are a possibility, and with the magnitude of CAPE being forecast some of the storms could be quite spectacular. The old thread is here If you want to talk about a lack of storms then the No Storms Club is still open for business. Keep on chatting
  5. I will be starting a new thread tomorrow morning to take us into what looks like a storm fest for the weekend and next week. Let's hope it comes of.
  6. You can get big thunderstorms in September. For example there were some awesome storms on 13th September 2016 in the northwest and then in the south on the 15-16th September 2016.
  7. So you probably witnessed the same lightning i did approaching junction 3? Unfortunately that junction was closed, had it been open i probably would have got into that storm. End of next week and beyond looks good. Plenty of heat/fuel with increasing CAPE. Let's hope we get a trigger and it comes off. I'll be out again if at the weekend or work permits it.
  8. Thanks @Flash bang flash bang etc. Yes, not all storms are easy to chase, and the fast motion of Friday's storms made it quite difficult. However, I still got something. Storms do need witnesses. That being said, here is my video of the chase
  9. Sorry for the late report but I did a storm chase yesterday. I didn't expect to chase so wasn't at all prepared. I was convinced it would be only the far east that had a chance and so when I heard a distant rumble i went straight to my netweather radar to see a storm bearing down on Belper. I headed out but the storm was moving very quickly and so ended up watching it briefly before chasing it up the M1 all the way into Yorkshire. There was a lot of rain for pretty much the entire journey with some torrential downpours. Lightning was feint and so only slightly visible, clearly very elevated. It became more spectacular by the time I reached the M18/A1 junction near to Doncaster where I saw a few nice IC's and a couple of CG's. I was not catching the storm up though and I was under too much precipitation to get out. I was rain f****d. So I decided to stop chasing and reassess my options. I decided to head east in order to intercept a storm moving north through Lincoln. My target was somewhere around Brigg near the Humber. As I was driving east on the M180 a storm broke out right in front of me near to Scun-thorpe. This storm produced some spectacular lightning, but I was stuck in the car on the motorway. By the time I could come off the storm was heading over the Humber. The storm near Lincoln died out before reaching me, and all the activity was now heading north through North Yorkshire and north of here. All in all not a bad day considering I didn't expect anything. I saw some impressive lightning but nowadays I like to get out the car and film/observe. Not a patch on the storms in June but a nice end to the brief hot spell. The video will be up some time tomorrow.
  10. I didn't stop until after there, between Grindale and Burton Fleming but hello anyway. However, if it wasn't me then it could have been one of those gun toting lampers, thankfully I have not ran into any of them as yet. I've met a few of the angry farmers though ?
  11. Thought I would put up a short write up about my storm chase from Friday, along with the video that I have now finally edited and uploaded. Soon after midday I headed north from my location as I was of the thought that north of me would fair better with storms, my focus especially on Yorkshire. Unfortunately I had decided on north-east. I say unfortunately as it would, at least at first, be the areas directly north of me that got the strongest storms. As a severe storm moved through Sheffield, Barnsley and then Wakefield, I was near to Doncaster. I made an attempt to catch the storm by heading west along the M62, but I wanted to get ahead of it so I could get some footage without being stuck under rain. I headed north into Wetherby, then Harrogate and eventually Ripon in North Yorkshire but I just could not catch it up. It soon became clear that this storm was now moving slightly west of north and this was the killer blow that ensured I would never catch it up. As I drove in the direction of Leyburn I decided to stop and film the best I could get, which was a few flashes and rumbles on the eastern edge of the storm. The most active parts was many miles to my west, and moving away quickly. Feeling a bit dejected, looking at the Yorkshire Dales to the west of me getting a hammering, I felt there was possibly one more chance for me. Some thunderstorms had started building in Lincolnshire and I knew the main area of instability was pushing east with time. I wondered if heading east towards the coast would pay off. I decided to take the risk and headed east. I had thought I may be able to intercept some storms moving through Hull, but they died out before crossing my path. By the time I reached Bridlington, my eastward limit without a boat, I could see an anvil occasionally flashing from a storm out to sea but unfortunately any storms on land had died out. I knew (thought) that today would go down as a disappointment and decided to have a walk along the cliffs above Sewerby (just north of Bridlington) before starting the 100 mile journey home. But soon I was seeing the odd flash to my south-east (slightly inland) but many miles away. Within minutes that odd flash had turned into fairly frequent flashes, and on radar a new storm appeared, and was moving north a few miles inland. I no longer wanted to head home, and instead I headed back inland as increasingly frequent flashes lit up the dusk sky to my south. A few miles inland I stopped and was now seeing frequent flashes, and the odd nice bolt to my south. I would say there were around 10-15 flashes a minute. On checking the radar I could see I needed to be a little west of my location if I wanted to experience being in the storm, but the storm was moving fast and so leaving my viewing spot and heading west ran the risk of me missing the storm completely. I decided to take the risk, I headed westwards and pretty soon hit the rain. It was only a small storm spatially, so much so that through the rain I could see the moon shining just to my south. I wanted to be ahead of the storm, and so I raced northwards, but the storm was moving too quickly to outpace it and so I eventually decided to stop and let the storm move directly over me. As it did there was a brief but very intense bout of strong winds and large hailstones (estimated the size of marble to grape size). For a couple of minutes I could see nothing, and my car was being hammered with hailstones. From inside the car the noise was loud, it sounded like my windscreen was going to crack but I was too excited over what I was seeing to think to much about that. Within 5 minutes the hail and winds subsided and left just heavy rain. I decided to chase it in the direction of Filey, although I knew I couldn't catch it up. Instead I drove through flooding and drifts of hailstones as bright flashes of lightning lit the sky ahead of me. By the time I reached Filey the storm had long moved out to sea. The video is below, severe storm first appears at 23:55 into the video.
  12. June 2020 has surpassed June 2016 and May 2018 to become the best month for storm chasing since I started chasing in 2004. This taking into account the number of storms and the quality of them.
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