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  1. Why should you? Well, because even though you might not care about the risk to your own health, there's a risk you could pass the virus onto other people who could end up seriously ill or dead. The advice has been given for a reason.
  2. Actually, when temperatures and humidity were like they were over the past 48 hours down here, it was impossible to get anything done without breaking into a sweat and feeling ill. It was hell. Not a single person I've spoken to was enjoying it. Perhaps the heat without the humidity but it was a bit overkill!
  3. Yeah, it looks like the stuff leaving Paris is joining up with the stuff further to the west and heading our way. On the last radar update there were a few showers starting ahead of it too.
  4. I reckon within at most an hour for something to hit the Medway area!
  5. Looking at the radar, there's some building up in France at the moment which might hit us in Medway a bit later. Hopefully!
  6. The Met office have just updated their weather warning to include most of the southeast now for storms: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2018-07-27
  7. And now, with the internet, moaning isn't limited to the next door neighbour, you can do it to an entire website! Current observation from the backgarden - Blimey! (32.6 currently)
  8. Not just you! The minute it starts raining (hopefully for a few good weeks solid, with some decent storms) and the temperature drops by at least 10c won't be a minute too soon. Roll on Autumn and winter. Mr Sweaty Jolly
  9. Summer 2018 you can disappear now, thanks, you're getting boring. Hopefully we'll get a breakdown where the rain & storms last as long as the last few boring weeks. Either that or 2 months of snow in winter!
  10. I've been lurking for a week or so but just want to say thanks to everyone for a fun few days! Kind of sad to see the beast departing but quite looking forward to seeing it warm up a little (although not too much as I hate hot weather - apart from when it storms....!)
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