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  1. I'm really surprised that my area isn't in the Amber warning... I've already said, but we are getting hammered up here
  2. No streetlights where I am and only one security light away from mine... My cat, who normally loves the snow (he has either Norwegian or Siberian forest cat genes), would actually fight me this morning if I tried to do that We are getting hammered here and still falling...
  3. Thought I'd pop in here too, given my postcode is West Yorks Getting hammered here. More snow in a shorter time and still coming down...
  4. Yeah, and looking at what's happening here, my area should be under Amber warning I reckon
  5. I'm in this thread as my sis and brother in law live in Cheltenham.. this really tickled me
  6. Although, your profile pic is one of the coolest men, so you're allowed... So say we all!
  7. There's more collective snow now, in a shorter period of time, than last time... And still coming down! I'll get some pictures - I suppose really I should be posting in the Yorkshire thread.. but I've very on the border
  8. Morning everyone - Light / Moderate snow blowing around in the wind and settling in places
  9. I agree, this has caught me out a bit I know they said showers.... Ive just looked at the radar I use and its sitting right over us although it is easing here.
  10. just tried to upload a vid of current conditions, but its too big... Here's a picture from i think either Thursday or Friday morning. Lots of reporting on Scotland, wales, SW... Not so much on Pennines and places like Glossop etc.
  11. Snow overnight again (same as Friday night) - just another covering. Now misty and light drizzle, which turned into snow (little mini blizzard like), and now into light misty nothingness. Here's to being able to get off the hill later. We've had vans buried in drifts up here and cars were still getting stuck on Friday / Saturday. No boiler since early hours of Wednesday. I'm camped in front of the fire in the lounge and look like I've been to a 3 day festival
  12. Hi I'm really surprised there's no warnings for wind up here. Still fierce now and we've had a right dumping over the last few hours. the drifting must be immense..
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