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  1. Sat 24 seems to show cloud movement shifting NE, anyone else agree or am I making this up 😂
  2. Apologies, currently in seaton, north east england. Will update profile
  3. Just out of interest what time would people say is best for storms to develop? Also, what time would you call it quits?
  4. Eagerly awaiting that massive looking cell around the leeds area here in Stockton-on-Tees. Hope it stays on track. Hope more to come too!
  5. Was in Lake Como in July last year... brilliant thunderstorms and beautiful place
  6. After been fairly cool this morning in the last half an hour or so temperature has certainly increased along with the humidity. Breeze is also increasin Hoping for good stuff. Stockton on tees, NE England
  7. I sit right within that big yellow circle... looking forward to it!
  8. I have to say this is a fascinating thread to follow and I really do enjoy giving it a read. Just to confirm my understanding, is the ice in the Arctic seeing a good year this year in terms of reductions in recent years?
  9. Well with Met office radar showing showers pushing east from the sea after a gap and the forecast showing heavy snow around 23:00 is this boring night about to get more interesting?
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