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  1. Definitely the autumn weather has been somewhat unusual, we’ve pretty much been -AO a lot of the way, so the patterns aren’t feeling normal, and against what the models thought on the whole. Counts for nothing really though, but if the blocking signals we’ve had a lot of the year can keep going we’re always in with chances of pulling in colder air this winter. And yes as you say if we still have low pressure systems coming in then the right set up can cause snow events. I don’t have a hunch yet for this winter though, too many things that seem to be conflicting.
  2. Incredible thunderstorm in central London here, extremely heavy rain with thunder and lightning
  3. Suddenly really windy - looks like I’m missing the rain here in Bromley though
  4. What’s the chances of that big lot building on the western side
  5. Test match at Lords been stopped for severe lightning ? — it’s feeling really hot, and a storm is on its way on the radar
  6. This line of showers in S London is developing so quickly, I’m just on the northern edge with no rain, but the sky is incredibly dark just to my SE
  7. Right under that intense line in Bromley and I haven’t seen heavier rain since that thunderstorms event around this time last year
  8. Spot on about South London / NW Kent, very steady torrential rain at the moment in Bromley - only one distant clap of thunder but it looks like I’m in the firing line for more
  9. Calling it a night as it fizzles out to light snizzle. With no expectations this has been pretty good for me in bromley - let’s hope that unlike this morning I wake up and it hasn’t reduced to a slushy mess.
  10. Just starting to get a little lighter now, impressed with how this has stuck around this evening. No great totals, 0.5cm at most but good fun considering it was a surprise. Ended up with slightly more than yesterday’s main event I reckon
  11. This point about the NE side feeding in is a very interesting one. Seems like this precipitation over me and south London, while sinking south, is keeping its northern edge roughly in the same place... or maybe it’s my amateurish radar observations....?
  12. Radar appears to be moving this awfully slowly... I agree with this not being gone by midnight, I reckon here in Bromley I’m just tapping into the heaviest stuff. Could be on for a decent covering if this continues for an hour or more
  13. Only started settling about 40 minutes ago - nothing major at all, 0.5cm at a push but still coming down. The ground was so wet before I reckon it’s only just become cold enough
  14. Steady going here in Bromley, heavier precipitation means it’s settling now but not all that fast as the flakes aren’t so big - heavier stuff still to the north but looks like it’s not getting any heavier as it sinks south
  15. Looks like it’s slowly slipping south, hoping it keeps up its intensity. Snowing small flakes but heavy in Bromley giving a slight cover on grass on cars but heavier stuff still looks further north at the moment
  16. Just really petered out here, just too far south of one bit and too far west of another -and nothing’s moving ?
  17. Frustrating - if it had snowed like this last night for as long as it very lightly snizzled I would have had a decent covering. As for now, it’s not settling in Bromley
  18. Still coming down in Bromley, very slowly settling on cars but it’s slushy
  19. Quite heavy snow here in Bromley, but it’s been raining all day so will be a real real struggle to settle - it’s trying on the cars though I guess
  20. disappointing to wake up and see rain washing the covering away ?
  21. That backbuilding area looks set to move into my area south London ? just got to hope it doesn’t fragment and peter out like all the rest of it has this evening
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