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  1. Well, my clobbered-o-meter is back up and running for that 18z GFS. Just the 12z ECM not falling right but hopefully in the next few days it’s back to the very cold theme. Seems like a little momentum has gained for some surprise snow tomorrow morning, at 60m up I’m not sure I’m high enough but here’s hoping
  2. It’s that connection looking like happening on the mean that’s keeping me happy right now, taking that ecm with salt and looking forward to the grit salt next week
  3. Certainly hoping for that, runs today anyway look a little more NE, not that that’s a massive shift it’s just a variation of the main theme
  4. Well this rates pretty highly on my clobbered-o-meter
  5. Thank you very much for this Tom, let’s hope for some easterly components then
  6. Now, 12z has been upgrades a few times recently... Where do we go?
  7. I’m going to allow myself another ramp post like yesterday. The SE really is getting clobbered — trend still there
  8. As the 6 o clock runs come out, can I just ask how is this wind direction for a Thames streamer? Would it still work or is there too much of a northerly component?
  9. That streamer produced the largest snowfall I’d seen all week, so yes I agree that if it’s cold and we’re close to the sea, there’s always the chance
  10. The MOD thread still loaded with positivity for our region specifically next week and beyond, snow still on the cards at the moment with these runs this morning
  11. I saw somewhere it was the best at long range predicting last years cold in February/March, so I guess that’s something at least
  12. Well for the purposes of ramping, the MOD thread, yes sometimes prone to exaggeration, is coming out with fantastic lines for our region about this 18z GFS. My favourite is “the SE is getting clobbered”
  13. Not to worry, this for next Thursday is screaming with snow shower potential for us lot on the 18z GFS Hope still there
  14. New GFS looks interesting for snow potential tomorrow, pretty close miss for me in London I guess but for those in East Anglia in this forum it might be a nice surprise
  15. Judging by recent trends I’m going to guess it’s definitely on the cold side but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did have a bit of support. Tell me if I’m wrong people