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  1. Hmmm, a fast thaw would raise the chances of flooding - let's hope the temperatures are low enough to give a slow thaw
  2. One of my cats just demanded to go out...he got two steps out on the packed bit outside the door, took a step on the soft stuff and turned straight round!!! No snow here for the past 90 minutes or more....waiting for the next bit predicted by nw radar....
  3. I thought there might be something like that about selling it. Didn't realise it extended to giving it away. I thought I heard of a farm that had some sort of fridge outside where people could come and take raw milk, at their own risk, and in their own containers. I can't remember all the details but it got round the letter of the law....probably been stopped by now though, it was several years ago. I hope the lorry gets to you in the morning....
  4. Anyone listening to The Now Show? Apparently the forecasters were warning of snowmageddon all last week. First I heard was Tuesday this week....<shrug> that might just be that Radios 4, Wales and Bristol weren't panicking!! Does dim teledu gyda fi / I don't have a tv...
  5. And the 10 day forecast has changed from no snow in /brum next week to 40% ish Wed and Thurs. Bother...I'm supposed to be working up there next week!
  6. Here too - the laurels (it's a shrubbery! Ni!) are holding snow on their leavesI hope the bids find somewhere to hunker down...I have an untidy garden so there are places they can get out of the snow.
  7. Please tell me you're not sleeping in your van....
  8. How about making a bobble hat shaped cake and ...sorry... icing it?
  9. No way you can sell/give it to anyone locally?....or are you as unable to get out as the milk lorry to get in? Doesn't help the bank balance, but less of a waste. Alternatively, put it outside and make milk ice lollies Sorry, I know it's not a laughing situation.
  10. Just seen the wren outside, so dug around the cupboards and found some sultanas and linseed. Hope she, and the others are brave enough to come back before the bits are all buried....
  11. Looks like the place was built to cope, with that staircase to the upper storey. Hope you and the animals are safe.
  12. Stay safe...it looks like that patch ain't moving for a while.
  13. Thank you - I appreciate the help. It seems to be reasonably accurate here - we've gone from steady fall of big flakes to very fine stuff at 1500 as the "no ppn" hole heads to us on the 1450 chart.
  14. Properly snowing in Newport too...larger flakes plus some grains blown off the roof. At least another inch down. My neighbour was clearing the road and pavement outside his with a rake....so I popped out to lend him my snow shovel and he cleared my drive entrance too! All that's covered over again.
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