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  1. Looks good to me mate - right over the Vale of Belvoir en route to you
  2. I would really appreciate a downpour now just to cool me down a bit! Also, last year these events used to cause me excitement and stress. I love the whole weather watching aspect but lived in a house with a frustratingly leaky roof no matter how many repairs were made, heavy rain always used to find it's way in. Now, thanks to divorce I live in a much dryer house and have the freedom to weather watch as much as I like! Enjoy!
  3. I recorded a low of -7.9 at 05.15 this morning. But it looks a lovely morning as the sun is rising
  4. any chance of more snow showers tonight from the North Sea, or is that it?
  5. But it is already passing and I can see the blue sky behind!
  6. Really heavy bust here. But looks like it will pass very soon. But right now the snow is as heavy as any time I've seen this winter
  7. Snowing well here in Melton. Not huge flakes at the moment, but also wind seems to have picked up.
  8. yeah, we are doing well at the moment, probably about 6cm on the ground and snowing heavily in pulses - seems to be coming an 15 - 20 minute bursts. Am sat in the consevatory (or at least it was in the olden days - is now my home office!) about to start work and looking at a very snowy scene! Let's hope these streamers can share this snow around a bit!
  9. Yeah same. I'm no expert but I'm also stuck in the middle according to the radar I'm looking at. But I remain optimistic of at least some snowfall by morning!
  10. Nothing falling here. Just spoke to my son who is 6 miles to the south and it is shallacking it down there!! Small margins!!
  11. well the app says non stop heavy snow for the next 36 hours but that doesn't seem to stack up with what is going on oustside!!!
  12. I assume The Express has their USUAL bold headline BRITIAN to be SWAMPED by MASSIVE snowstorm? I'm not sure, since Nathan Rao blocked me on Twitter for slating his weather hyperbole!
  13. some decent flakes coming down now here in Melton Mowbray/
  14. yeah didn't quite work out. Woke up on the sofa at 3.00am freezing my bits off and decided to go to bed! And not much snow either!!
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