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  1. I was all prepared to go full "Day After Tomorrow"! Still, we can still hope for something!
  2. Nathan Rao will be firing up his Apocolyptic thesaurus as we speak...
  3. well it sounds promising, even if not for my area but I've been disapointed too many times to get too hopeful. My polling station is at my son's school so can look forward to the school being closed for snow, but the polling station open!
  4. can hear distant (ish) thunder to the East here in Melton Mowbray
  5. Big call to cancel Boardmasters. I get you about roof woes! Have had problems this year with mine leaking but only seems to be in extreme conditions and when the wind is blowing a certain way. I think it's dry up there now but everytime it rains I have to keep going up in the loft to check!!
  6. last night was absolutely unbearable. My thermometer recorded a low of around 21.5 at 0530 this morning. Struggled to sleep and sat outside on the deck from 1am - 3am!
  7. I nearly went out of my mind when a tooth extraction went wrong. Had to wait 10 days for another dentist. I swear I barely slept more than an hour at a time for 10 days. When you're looking at a tube of ibuprofen gel (for muscular sprains) and contemplating squirting it in your mouth, you know what toothache is!
  8. when I say air conditioned, it keeps it at a reasonably comfortable level. But all the women in the office complain that it is freezing (it isn't) and then switch it off, or turn it up. I still have a fan for my own comfort but the girls are walking round with fleeces and hot water bottles (no joke - really) as well as until recently having electric heaters under the desk (got banned by H&S a couple of weeks ago). It's crazy!
  9. sat in an air conditioned office, so no idea how it feels outside, has been quite murky and misty all day here. Weather station at home says it is 20.3°C and 86% humidity
  10. I recorded a max of 22.9 C at my house. Not a lover of the heat, so perfect for me!
  11. To a layperson like myself, what are we looking at here? (I removed some of the images to avoid quoting them all again). Is it thunderstorm potential? How does it work?
  12. holy crap - don't let Nathan Rao from the Express see that.! "Britain to be DESTROYED by GIANT WHALE attack. Next week will bring UNPRECEDENTED TORRENTIAL RAIN and KILLER WHALES falling from the SKY."
  13. Thanks for this. I remember being at home as the skies darkened and I honestly thought the conservatory roof was coming in - the noise was phenomenal. We lived in a village just to the West of Melton Mowbray at the time so right "in the zone" according to the maps on these links. A few hundred metres from our house is the old Asfordby Mine site which was (is) now used as a storage yard for a car dealer - they had literally hundreds and hundreds of brand new cars written off due to the damage to windows, roofs, panels etc
  14. Remember it well. Here in Leicestershire, the sky darkened so much that the street lights came on and we then had a biblical hailstorm which damaged cars, caravans etc. My son was 3 at the time and is still traumatized by it!
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