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  1. Raining quite steadily here now, feels quite mild! It’s created a huge slushy mess that is leaving big pools of water! Here’s two more daft pics from me, one showing me sunbathing in the snow! ??
  2. Ok last few pics of the snow, couldn’t resist turning the snowman on his head!! Quite pleased with my snow pile! ?
  3. Well the thaw has now set in! It’s been quite an event I have to say and my total of 14 cm has done me and the family nicely! Bonus two days off work as well, the factory shut down completely, unheard of! For me this has surpassed the last snowfall here, now out to enjoy the last bit while we can! Hope everyone stayed safe and enjoyed what they got, for those that didn’t fare so well, really bad luck, but I’m sure we will all be back soon! I shall return for more convective fun!! ???
  4. In all seriousness unless you have to, don’t go out, I’ve not seen conditions like this for some time. Pavements lethal roads not much better from what I can see around my region, here’s a pic of the freezing rain layer ?
  5. Wow it’s ureal out there! A day to remember for sure, snow accumulations building, much more to come!!
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