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  1. Looking at the big blob of rain heading our way I think there's no chance of seeing the Draconids tonight, seems to always be rain or at minimum clouds when there's something interesting in the sky
  2. The breeze on the coast here was chilly as well while I was out on my bike, was wishing I'd gone out with my fleece on, sun was nice where it was sheltered from wind though
  3. Looks to be a nice day today, not as cold as previous days no doubt the cloud will mug up the sky at some point but enjoying the sun at the moment
  4. Another cold start, only managing 15 at the moment even with sunny skies, it's starting to become that awkward time of the year though where midday to evening is t-shirt & short weather but morning & evenings are much too cold for it
  5. How about just cloud cover ? Got to be in top 3 for sure ? Starting to get noticeably colder now, feel like I need the heating on but a hoodie will have to suffice
  6. No Lightning here but we did get a nice bright rainbow with a duller double rainbow
  7. Just rain here not expecting anything else rest of the week looks pretty bland as well with plenty cloud
  8. Indeed it is! Today we're back to miserably cloudy although it's still feels fairly warm even though we're only at 20 degrees
  9. Yep, another nice Sunny & very warm day here like the last couple of days, beats all those cloud filled days the last couple months, just hope all this heat provides some more storms
  10. Is Sunday the next chance we'll get at seeing storms then ?
  11. Saw some flashes late last night out to sea but wasn't very frequent or worth staying awake for, nice & sunny again today though so maybe we'll get lucky later
  12. So when's the next sliver of hope for storms on the coast ?
  13. The cells look to be merging like Arome predicted ? So there's still hope ?
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