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  1. Lots of rain and wind here, feels more stormy tonight than it did with storm freya, definitely not cold enough for snow though
  2. 18c here according to the car, certainly doesn't feel like late Feb
  3. Miserable end to a miserable "cold" snap that had daytime averages of 6c and only reached as a low as -2c, this winter has been horrible
  4. Same for here although the snow is probably 10x as far away Felt colder last night but it only reached -1.2c
  5. 2010 was when we had record low for December of -17, I remember in the 90's as well we had a good snow event too that wasn't as cold as 2010 but provided more snow before that I was too young to remember
  6. Seems we have the only coast in the entire world that needs absolute perfect conditions and planets aligning to get snow
  7. Still frosty here just but with the sun out for a few hours temps beginning to rise past the measly 0.5c it currently is
  8. Amazing the difference in climate in the space of 20miles
  9. Has me down for rain at a 2% chance otherwise just light cloud and max low of -3
  10. Been sunny all day, could see clouds in distance passing either side of my location that look quite dark and full of snow Temp has been mild too at 6 degrees
  11. Nothing here but damp ground, what a pathetic winter this has been and not holding much hope for Feb delivering either, hopefully the summer will be decent
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