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  1. Annoys me how they only start as a whimper overhead here and only intensify after they've passed
  2. Few spells of torrential rain here, I see on lightning maps we had some lightning nearby but odd, I never heard it
  3. Will the next few rounds of the swirly bands give us some more convection or is that it for the day now ?
  4. As usual storms miss me and fire up in the sea instead... As I say that we get some overhead firing up hopefully get something better later though
  5. When I see that cell on the SE coast and compare it to what we had earlier it's just depressing, especially when what we had earlier turned into a supposed supercell
  6. Why is that Northern cell only developing into a monster now and not when it was over my head ?
  7. Yep proper storm here, constant lightning although only a few forks most was in cloud, wind picked up very quickly and we even had hail too, if only it was later in the evening it would have been quite the light show
  8. Not got a good view of it passing through ? Can hear the Thunder from it now
  9. And now it's gone, that was a bit meh, sky cluttered with cloud now too so I guess that's it for the sun and potential temps/storms for today
  10. Seems like it's starting early, lashing it down here now and some rumbles of thunder, really humid outside too
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