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    geocaching, walking, fish keeping (marine coldwater koi tropical)
  1. Cant believe we are getting more snow in Andover, the kids will be so happy if they can get there sledges out again. A good dusting here now i do hope we get enough for the sledges
  2. The snow has stopped in Andover so me and the dogs went out to see how deep the snow was and see if we could find any snow drifts.# Over all i would say the snow was 4 to 5 inches, we did find a few nice drifts nearly 4 ft deep (yes we jumped in them )
  3. Just been for a bimble to the shops so i can do a quick report on Andover, Snowing real heavy whilst on my walk, i would say overall depth of the snow is 5cm with drifts of up to 20 to 25 cm, Its showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. I am look forward to walking the dogs in the morning
  4. The water pumps into a massive vortex filter then onto 4 chambers for bio and mech filtering, i do have a cut off float switch so wont lose more than 20% of the water (around 1500 gallons) also need to keep an eye on the fish house.. but unless we have power cuts that should be fine. I have duvets ready to cover the tropical tank and reef tank......
  5. Nice to find such a good community, Snowing Well in Andover. Around 2 inches since Yesterday and some small little drifts. Just been out in the garden to check on my koi pond its well frozen over,but all the pumps and filters are still working but have to check on them every hour or so.. In all the years of having my pond it has never frozen like this before!! Now off to walk the dogs before it all gets to bad outside.....
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