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  1. The showers lose intensity as soon they leave Lincolnshire into Notts but there is a very beefy one around Grantham that I’d like
  2. Everything white again in Derby. Some hefty showers coming potentially. But a very frustrating spell.
  3. Even with the little covering I can see the wind blowing the snow across the road.
  4. It is very strange. Sure you’ll get something yet out this spell. Probably eventually more than here. It’s only just started. Be nice if the whole county got the same dumping just for once ha
  5. Been falling light/moderate here and it’s getting quite white here. Always strange when the city gets it and you don’t
  6. Is there anything falling out the sky or on the ground?
  7. Dare I hope Derby hits the jackpot not long after the 24th and it doesn’t get stuck up a few miles to the north like in 2010
  8. Good job I live in the North. Honours even that was for 2010
  9. Sorry to hijack this thread ha but this just pipped my interest. Is Derby itself looking to be in the sweet zone. It’s very close potentially it seems. Most annoying when it gets stuck up around Chesterfield
  10. About 13cm in my hillier suburb of Derby and still snowing
  11. Snow in Derby. About mile from city centre. Some settling on the cars which haven’t been out recently
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