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  1. Thing is though, they've arrested 120 or so people so far. Imagine if that was a right wing march, and 120 got arrested, they'd all be labeled as racist scum etc etc! So why should "climate activists" be let off criminal damage and disruption?
  2. Anxiety has been around since the year dot. Its everywhere you look, and can be caused by many many different things! I dare say their parents could of had a rather more compelling case for anxiety back in the 70s and 80s, or their grandparents back in WW2. That woman saying she's worried about having a child because of the climate, fair enough, thats her choice, but imagine the thought of having children during WW2 or the nuclear arms race. Its easy now to say the nuclear race didnt amount to anything, and that WW2 could of been much much worse etc, BUT, at the time, it would of been a far mo
  3. What facts? Did the students not paint over it after all then? I don't understand your point? A poem by a well known author was defaced by a bunch of students, how is that not factual? Seriously can't believe this discussion has gotten to this point now lol, where some are defending these actions, simply because the students are making a "point". I rather think old matey boy in New Zealand popped into a mosque to make his point, but no one would or should defend that. Obviously its not comparable in scale, but how far will things go before suddenly criminal damage to make a point i
  4. You can't replace history lol. Pretty shocking in my opinion. Mindless vandalism is ok as long as it's done by students in the name of a "cause"!
  5. Middle aged people apparently. I believe it's technically defined as 45 to 65, but I think anything from 35 can be classed as middle aged it seems lol And as you say, snowflake however does not set an age range, therefore anyone of any age can be a snowflake haha (and how true that seems to be lol)
  6. Well I'm just shy of 30, so thankfully "gammon" doesnt apply to me either haha.
  7. Who are these self confessed geniuses? Have you asked them what they think?
  8. You were very vocal and frequent with your opinions, but all of a sudden the thread is trash? So why post in it then? I genuinely dont understand? I personally think comedy and music were better for previous generations, but it would be hard to find any statistics to back it up as 100% fact. At least we can agree on all the other points of actual fact though, finally!
  9. I think you might of missed the point. I doubt anyone actually thinks you're arrogant for putting your credentials in your signature. Fair play to you, and there's nowt wrong with doing that at all. BUT, you cannot accuse someone of being arrogant because of an observation they made, and then not be open to such an accusation yourself? The reality is, neither signature or observation are arrogant, but it does fit along the lines of the snowflake mantra where they can freely accuse someone of something, but cannot accept a counter accusation without shouting persecution persecution persecu
  10. Not quite the same lol. What would your reaction be I wonder, if you went into a cinema and were told that you aren't allowed to discuss certain parts of the film you're watching, and if you do then you'll be thrown out? You can watch the whole film, and you can talk to the person next to you about things you like about it, but the second you say "hmm, I dont like that bit" or "thats not real" or anything that goes against the film, then you get escorted out. Not quite free speech is it lol? I must admit I'm struggling now lol. Its a debate about snowflakes, and people are expressing thei
  11. Well once again you ignore all the facts you've been checked on lol, and bring up the climate, which isn't even being argued about here! And this is the last time I'll try explaining, but you're original argument was that this generation are worse off because the NHS is in a crisis etc. The facts are that it is better than it was previously. It's not petty point scoring, it's just pure fact! It is interesting observing the replies to this thread, and the "group" that keep replying in a certain manner!
  12. I personally think this reply is a perfect example of some of the issue's people have been trying to show. Kent never said that it applies to all young people. He said it was merely an observation. And yet he's jumped on for having an opinion. As for the young girls, why on earth is that a problem lol? He mentioned false fingernails, beauty products etc, so chances are they're girls lol...........or am I racist or something because I've just assumed a gender and a stereotype
  13. Well conveniently forgetting the points that were fact checked, we've gone back to CC lol. CC is not the point, its the "worry" of it that is. You said that this generation has the worry of it. "Worry" of this generation is not a fact, simply an opinion. Therefore you could argue that previous generations also worried about the climate, be it getting colder or hotter. Not so long ago, people would of worried about entering an ice age, whilst also debating with themselves that if the 4 minute warning sounded, do they duck and run for cover, or do they accept the inevitable vaporisation....
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