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  1. You mean the 0z ECM didnt make much of tuesday lol
  2. Despise your pessimism. (meant in jest of course )
  3. Dont be afraid, its only your opinion, it wont make any difference to the weather!
  4. After that comment, I'll change my comment.....you'd be penniless instead lol
  5. You know, you could make an awful lot of money if you worked for all the global weather forecasting agencies!!
  6. There can be plenty of ramping for sure.....BUT what a lot of people forget (and I'm talking to the ones who accuse well respected posters of ramping and talking BS), is that the majority of posters who are supposedly ramping, are just simply commenting on the model output, and in fact the model output was showing the UK getting quite a hefty battering. If the model output changes overnight (which it frequently does) then it isnt the poster fault that what they said was wrong, because they simple commented on a particular run. However, saying that winter is over, and I told you so, I knew we'd have a dull boring zonal winter bla bla bla, based simply on an opinion, is just as bad as saying we're all gonna be snowed in for weeks and weeks. I dont mean this offensively, but I think a large number of people belong in a goldfish tank sometimes, seeing as they appear to have very short memories lol.
  7. Thing is though, nearly all the models have been hopelessly wrong, you cant pin it on the UKMO ****IF**** things still continue to go pear shaped.
  8. HAHA yep, exactly the same thoughts from me too. I mean there is a small element who only post good charts, but certain people are completely absent, and then suddenly they're posting bad charts as if they either know whats going to happen, or just want to rub it in. They're perfectly entitled to do that obviously, just find it strange, sad, funny, and a bit pathetic really lol
  9. If anything its more the other way round.....its so blatantly obvious that quite a few people are almost completely absent from the MOD thread, and then as soon as there's a downgrade, they absolutely love posting charts that show a slightly worse outcome. Its just people's nature I think, but I do find it funny. There's literally no words to describe that thread, and some of the people in it (from both sides of the camp)
  10. Good to know. Perhaps the climate will be ok after all then!
  11. Surely the Arctic is doing fairly ok considering?
  12. Definitely interesting to see how it pans out
  13. Dont you mean you doubt 2019 will be behind 98? 2018 is already warmer than 98 going by the JMA data.
  14. Out of interest, why is only ads data used, as nsidc never seems to get a mention? Nsidc always paints a better picture, but I've never found any definitive answers as to which data is the best way of measuring sea ice!
  15. Possibly yes, although it "could" be a close run 6th with 1998 going by the decline in global temps over the last couple of years. It'll be a few years after next year that'll be interesting to see if the temps follow the trend as they have previously and spike up again, or continue to drop.