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  1. Morning all. I have been following the showers coming down from Hull and Lincoln - in hope they will reach my area - but they seem to divert around me in Peterborough lol.?
  2. I know the feeling. I am in Peterborough and we had the same - there are still a few showers coming through, but quite hit and miss.
  3. The lightest of flurries in Peterborough now - don't think it will last!
  4. Shoreham isn't doing too bad at the moment. https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/england/west-sussex/shoreham-port.html
  5. LOL..well if you are within my area, will try and help as much as I can. Mainly Coastal now, but cover the odd fluvial duty now and then.
  6. Thank you and yes I did for 19 years, tupe'd across elsewhere but still have my M&F role.
  7. Evening all Am a newbie to the forums, and thought I would say hello. I joined as I issue the flood warnings from The Humber down to the Thames - and think this site would be useful, as well as to have general discussions too. ?
  8. Thank you! have been following for a few days, so thought I may as well join - have a interest in weather through my job.
  9. Morning, Am new here, so thought I would say Hi! Very light snow in Peterborough, but can see more moving north towards us from the South. Not that windy, but bitterly cold!
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